Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014: In Review

2014.  I can't even put into words how much I have loved you -- and how much of a roller coaster your were.  It has been one of the most agonizing and incredible rides of my life.  Truly.  2015 has big, big shoes to fill.  In reality so much happened that I'm just going to dive in.  We cried many tears.  We laughed and smiled harder than we ever have.  The stress was unreal.  The joy was fierce.  Love abounded.  Doors were shut.  Opportunity knocked.  I went places I never thought I would ever go.  

Matt and I got engaged.  I was absolutely not expecting the proposal at all.  It was the greatest surprise of my life. 

Paris!!! Scotland!! 

Lost my job. Made my first (and hopefully last) trip to the Unemployment Office.

Decided to make a career change since I had no job anyway. Lots of job applications. Time at the gym with The Housewife. 

Sold the car I had for 12 years.  Purchased a new (well, new to me) one. This was a big deal for me. 

Had two really big interviews. Accepted a dream job at a large insurance broker. 

Started some of the big wedding plans. 

Had to sell my Masters tickets to pay bills. 

Our Hogan was diagnosed with throat cancer.  We spent many worried, sleepless nights and all our time making him comfortable. Eventually begging him to eat twice a day. 

Found my wedding dress. 

Sad, dark month for us.  Lots of change and growing pains at my new job.  We lost our Hogan on May 2.  

June - September
Turned 31. 

Summer.  Lots of lake days.  We made a hard effort to get to SAV a lot.  Matt begged and begged me and we decided to adopt another boxer from Atlanta Boxer Rescue and brought Arnie home. 

Had a small vacation to St. Simons Island.  

Ran a lot.  Had a lovely wedding shower.  Had a super Bachelorette. 

October - November
I FINALLY start to feel like I know what I am doing at work.  Lots of college football.  

Became really good friends with two of our neighbors! 

We may have had a few wedding arguments.  But not many.  Birthdays for my sweet nieces. 

Half Marathon! Not my best time but a great effort. 


Our wedding day was perfect to me.  We had a ton of family in town.  Our first married Christmas. London.  Scotland. 

A hand to hold mine forever. 

I suppose we should get around to changing the blog name.  And the fact that we are not "twenty somethings" anymore as part of our 2015 goals. I'm sure we can come up with something! 

~the married gal~