Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo Dump Time! <single gal edition>

Been drinking and eating a lot lately. It needs to stop. 

Dancing with #1 at the Food Truck Park. Need to get some Toms like she has I think. 

Pretty skies on the way to Milledgeville last weekend with The Housewife. We know how to rock a road trip. 

Badly lit photo from my Aunt's 60th Birthday Party! 

Delicious food from Taste of Atlanta! And mayo of course. 

Pictures with friends, too! I am proud of my photo devotion! 

Managed a manicure. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Obsessions

This weekend was another whirlwind, but with some precious little ones birthday celebrations and a quick trip to Milledgeville with The Single Gal, all is well. Friday night Turtle and I caught most of CNN's documentary "Blackfish" about the killer whales at Sea World. It was eye opening, heart-wrenching and astounding. Please watch this if you get the chance.

Blackfish Documentary

I got my family pictures back. I feel good about them but of course it definitely confirms I need to lose another 10 pounds. I have been lazy, not eating as well as I should and with a busy month its been hard to go to the gym as much as I like to. Here's one little peek........time for Christmas card mock ups!

I do not know how to watermark. I ask no one steal this picture please or at least link it back. All images are my property....blah blah. Photo credit Abby Hennington.

I think I'm going to order this cookbook today. It has great reviews on Amazon and I enjoy her blog as well. Turtle and I decided we don't want to get into the holiday season and not be conscious about what we are eating. Y'all know I hate cooking dinner because I feed the kids all day long and I really don't even care what I personally eat once I even have the chance to sit down. Turtle suffers from what Single Gal and I call, "Me man. Feed me. Meat and Potatoes.". We are going to try to be very Paleo/Grain free for a month. Turtle needs to eat more veggies and I need to focus on my water intake.


If I can just get through this week and be done with all the October activities! I have 48 hours to rig up some decorations for my trunk for the preschool "Trunk or Treat" event tomorrow night. Le Sigh. I am not a Halloween person. Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas please.

The Housewife

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five {single gal edition}

1.  New desk came in.  And I put it together all by myself! It took a while, and I did a lot of things backwards and had to re-do them, but I did it.  The desk makes me very, very happy. I really may call the bedroom makeover of 2013 a success.  Except that would mean I would need to finish it before January...which is so not happening. Don't judge my 9 pm decorating attempt. 

2. This needs no words.  Pretty much been laughing about this since Tuesday. 

Wrecking Ball Pug Halloween Costume

3. Tried these at home workouts this week.  They don't look that bad when you read them, but harder than I thought. 

4. Work was super stressful and I was an emotional basket case for no good reason this week. You do the math. (And pray for 3 Putt)

5.  Confession: I ordered 3 $20 long sleeved shirts from Zara last Friday.  

Happy Weekend Y'all!

~the single gal~

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Race Recap: Athens Half Marathon

It's getting chilly out there y'all! I'm snuggled in bed taking my first sips of coffee and realized we owe you a race report. October could quite possibly put me in the grave. Our weekends have been off the chain crazy with birthday parties and other things. Well, the only kid birthday party Single Gal attended was #1's, but she has had many social responsibilities as well. The month is not even over yet either.

At the Arch after Packet Pick-Up

As we got closer to the actual day of the race and reviewed some of our training run times, I basically resigned myself to a 2:20-ish finish time. It's not that our training was bad but our times seemed a bit slow for our high hopes of running 2:10. We came to the conclusion that this would just be a fun race and we were happy to be lining up at the start together (and 3 weeks shy of the twins first birthday was a big plus for me). So we joked about our 13 mile "fun run," drank an alcoholic beverage the night before and coffee on the way to the race since we had to get up super early to drive out to Athens. Also note, I bought us matching tank tops on clearance from Target since it had not been terribly cold the last few weeks. We were a bit cold waiting for the race to start but shed our arm warmers quickly.

We started out pretty fast of the first mile, which I knew we would so not a huge deal. We both felt good and I tried to dial us back on our pace but we kept hitting times a good bit faster than our normal pace. The course is hilly at times but has some lengthy down hills, which is where we planned to make up some ground. I was very worried we would "bonk" or hit the wall somewhere around mile 10. We did make the call to stop for a bathroom break around 4.5 miles. There were two port-o-potties but it did not go as quick as we had hoped. Whatever, it's a "fun run". Single Gal was having some side cramping pretty much the entire race but she was gutting it out despite that. I was feeling awesome. We race together, but the deal is, if we need to separate we separate, see you at the finish line or in between. We also keep to a no talking rule, which you would never believe if you ran with us on Saturday mornings. Single Gal kept telling me to go on but I wasn't sure I was ready. We split before the bus barn around 8 miles. Time was looking good for me. I felt great and decided I would just go and worry about bonking when it happened. Never happened. I tried to pull out that 2:10 but just missed it with a 2:11 something. It was the first race I actually felt like I was racing. That I was really going for it and giving it everything I had. Single Gal cruised in at 2:16-ish, still a good race for her.

This was a well supported race and even though the temps were cold, decent spectator support. I really enjoyed their funny signs! " You're running better than the government." I'm really enjoying the half distance right now and while I do think if will run another marathon I don't think it will be in 2014. I do think Single Gal and I will be ready for redemption from Las Vegas 2011 by 2015 though.

The Housewife

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Little Things...

- being able to hold the title to my car in my hands and read my name on it. 

-taking the time to roast some veggies last night for a healthy lunch. 

-nothing is perfect. And that's okay. 



-sweet kisses and nudges from the dogs.


-counting down to a weekend with my best girls. 

It's been a long week. And only Wednesday. What "little things" are cheering you today?? 

-the single gal-

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

1. I never watch TV and I needed another way to get some news other than Twitter.  So when I read about a site called The Skimm I was really intrigued so I signed up.  Basically two chick quit their jobs at NBC to launch the site.  Read about them here. It's a light-weight summary of some good political updates and goings on.  I get a quick email every weekday. And it explains the government shut down and other bits in layman terms.  I like it.  

2.  So I used to be all down on Marigolds because I thought they were gross plants that were stinky.  But -- the big one I bought is just pretty as can be and seems to be a hearty little plant that I can't kill.  I may just go buy another. 

3.  I'm prob going to be "that person" that is outside with her gold spray paint tearing up some baby pumpkins for a $6 tablescape.   Don't judge. 

4. The Housewife bought us matching tank tops to run our race in on Sunday.  Yep. We are super twins. 

5.  I don't feel at all prepared for this race but I do know that it will be fun! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

~the single gal~

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Randoms

So I guess I meant for yesterday's post to schedule on Monday instead of Wednesday when I originally wrote it.  Because -- hey sorry that I lied about that GAP discount.  

I agonized for most of the early part of the week over the guest room.  Over night stands.  Or a table.  Then I realized that was stupid.  I cannot make a decision on a room that I really have no plan/vision for yet.  It seemed much smarter to finally order the white desk I wanted to use as a side/night table in my bedroom and to then move the nightstand I am currently using into the other room.  Yep.  I feel like a genius.  

This is much more exciting than trying to force the guest room that sees like 5 guests per year. 

Target Hamilton X Desk 

As far as my resolution to not buy clothes I barely scraped through all the Columbus Day sales with my sanity.  I was even at TJMaxx the other day after looking for house stuff standing in the aisle holding a sweater.  I reviewed my budget and there was some extra cash which is going to my credit card.  Big. Girl. Panties.  I have them on.  Like a true addict I'm just trying to take this week by week.  Small goals rolled into big ones -- does that work for anyone?? 

As winter comes and I see all those poor bloggers lament about their dry skin and how they just whip out that La Mer cream (I mean seriously...) I really do feel like I need to jump on getting a humidifier and wait for it to rain Sephora gift cards so I can get philosophy Hope In a Jar everything.  All the jars. All the hope. Night and day creams. Masks.  Whatever they have.  I am looking raggedy.  I am 30. I need help. 

Ok. You get it. I know.  How is your Thursday? Someone give me some face cream you can swear by from the drug store.  

~the single gal~

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday {things that are gray}

I know it's not exactly sweater weather yet, so I'm hoping that by the time it arrives I will feel like I went shopping all over again once I get to wear some of the items I invested in for fall/winter already.  Nonetheless in true shopoholic fashion I wouldn't mind adding this Zara sweater and this vest from The Gap to my closet.  The Gap puffer vest is very similar to the JCrew Factory herringbone vest that sold out in like 3 days so if you loved it and didn't grab it this is a great option!  It's also worth noting that Gap is having a Columbus Day event through today and you can get 40% off your purchase. 

Zara Square Cut Cable Knit Sweater 

Gap Tweed Puffer Vest
I've been caught up this week reading a book rec from The Housewife and I'm really enjoying this one.  Didn't think I would but I was immediately drawn into the story. 

buy here
I've been very anti-nightstand lately while looking to update the guest room.  My guest bed is high and every nightstand I see comes up to my knee.  Lame.  I did find this at Target and was thinking it would be cute for the bedside and provide storage.  The Threshold line is pretty much my jam.  I want it in the "gray wash" color. 

Threshold Apothecary Cabinet 

Really I just wanted you to know about all these things since I have no money to buy them. Enjoy! Also, I'm sure none of you need to be reminded that our posts are not sponsored and all these opinions are our own and really just wanted to confirm that we do not get free stuff here.  Only things that are exchanged for dollar bills. In a retail setting.  Ok, you get it. I'm going. 

~the single gal~

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Lots of lounging for the pups after a big Vet trip! 

Pajama party and brunch for #1's Birthday! 

Gigantic pot of chili and lots of cornbread to soothe after that loss to Mizzou. 

Sunday night fun at Dunwoody Country Club for the dinner benefitting Turning Point Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Center.  I really enjoyed the live auction! 

-the single gal- 

Monday, October 14, 2013

I Couldn't Have Said It Better

My husband sent me a blog link this week. You may have already read it, but if you have not read Matt Walsh's Blog Post  on Stay At Home Mom's you should. It's an interesting perspective. One I find most people don't take. He wrote on his Facebook page that some people claimed it to be very "controversial" and he didn't understand why.

There are many moms who cannot stay home, specifically for financial reasons. I'm not going to criticize a woman's choice for choosing to go back to work. However, he makes a great point. Yes, I may have to sit and play blocks or read the same book to #1 and her pretend puppies she says are sitting next to her 10 times. There is always something to do. Somewhere we need to be. I can't leave my "desk" at 5. I don't have a lunch break. I don't get sick days and I don't get vacation. Granted, my husband does let me have some getaways. Those require very strategic planning and sitter scheduling if he has to work on a day I'm gone.

Americans are "granted" probably the shortest amount of maternity leave, 6-12 weeks. In other countries women are given a year to stay home with their child without fear of losing their job. Now, all of that might not be paid or paid at 100 percent salary. I'm no international HR. Why do other countries have such great vacation time? Three months? Taking off a month or 6 weeks at a time? Unheard of here......unless you have a baby. I used to rarely even take an entire week off when I worked claims. It just wasn't worth the two weeks of stress when you got back to catch up and listen to people stop yelling at you, because heaven forbid, you took vacation.  You're a claims adjuster. You should work from 7-7 and on weekends because these people have been "greatly inconvenienced" by a bumper that needs replacement.

The choice is not easy either way. Work or Stay home? Stay home. Work?

Anyway, read the blog. As I said, he says it better.

The Housewife

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Musings

Sunday.  Supposedly the "Day of Rest"...but rather the day of unrest here at The Single Gal casa.  We pushed the long run from Saturday because of #1's birthday party (super cute and a super success if you ask me -- and it was super simple) and I ended up staying late at The Housewife's to spend some extra time with my sister and Mom after the party so not much was accomplished yesterday.  Just under 10 miles in for the day, 1 mile walked with the dogs along with copious amounts of vacuuming and mopping downstairs has left me exhausted and counting the minutes until I can scarf down a gigantic lunch. BUT -- it does feel good to be done with my run and to have conquered a big home chore.  

I really wanted to catch some lake time with my parents before they put their boat away but 3 Putt and I have a charity dinner for a golf tournament he is in tonight and it was just going to make my day to hectic.  I'm trying to learn to say "no". I just can't do ALL the things I want on the weekends and maintain sanity.  I just can't.  

A few things from the weekend...

3 Putt and I had a small wedding reception to attend on Friday night for some of his friends that recently married in the UK.  We decided that we would try Uber Atlanta for the first time.  I have to say -- we really loved it.  All of it. The app, how you can review the drivers, the nice cars -- and the prices were pretty much the same as a cab ride would have been.  If you want $10 off your first Uber ride you can use promotion code 9zddc

I saw this on Pinterest and just kind of love it: 


We are just over 6 days away from Ath Half! I'm not quite sure I'm going to beat my PR from last year due to my lack of strength training and running in some SUPER old, janky sneakers but I do know that it's going to be a lot of fun! It's definitely a race I highly recommend if you are in the Atlanta area. 

In other news, I'm not asking the Universe for cold weather, but some nice sweater + warm beverage weather would be nice.  Help a girl out. 

What did you do this weekend?! Am I the only one wishing for more of a "season change" here in The South? 

~the single gal~

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Five

The Housewife has been on hiatus.  It's been all birthday party prep.  You know how Pinterest has succeeded in making us all feel like our houses look like crap and parties for one year olds need "themes" - yeah a lot of prep for that.  I'm totally guilty of it too.  Like I am still trying to figure out how to make some guest room magic happen before 3 Putt's parents come.  Let me tell you - I spent $421 at the vet on the babies this week.  I doubt much decor is happening.  Sigh. 

1. There is nothing that is much more rewarding and exciting than sending snail mail.  I've been upping my game lately.  It's been fun.  

2.  When I was at the vet Wednesday I was so deeply flattered and happy at how complimentary the vet was about my sweet pets and the care that they get.  

3. I'm trying not to break out in hives at the though of scraping money together for plane tickets to Europe in 5 months.  It's going to be a small Christmas to say the least.  

4.  I'm baking my favorite homemade cinnamon rolls this weekend.  Happies. 

5.  Let's raise a glass to late bedtimes this week.  Retiring at my normal hour just ain't happening.  So let's embrace. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Things You Do.....

We had our family photo session this past Saturday. It was okay. It was way more exhausting than I envisioned it to be with three kids, namely two that can't walk and one that enjoys eating grass, leaves and sticks. Also possibly exhausting because I ran 12 miles Saturday morning. Take your pick. I tried to chalk this up to #1 as an adventure. We were going to a cool place to play and let a nice lady take our picture. Enter a generally uncooperative #1 and she may or may not be in pictures. Photoshop is most definitely this photographers best friend. If she's not photo shopping #1 into the actual picture then she is spending hours editing the leaves and moss from Hadley's mouth in every.single.picture. We will always remember this Christmas card as the year we sweat our asses off in winter clothing while it was currently 86 degrees in North Georgia. In October. I didn't expect it to be 50 but I could have stood  some weather in the 70's with a nice fall breeze. I also laid down in the woods. (Was that the correct form of laid or did I make this creepy?) In the Single Gal's brand new J.Crew sweater she just bought. As in, I took the tags off of it before I wore it. Thank God nothing got on it that didn't brush off. Some out takes from our sweat session. 

11 months old today by the way!

Playing in the creek afterwards
Checking out the cows

Guess what I will be doing this Wednesday? 
My dear friend and I are taking our girls to see this. My friend did it last year and said her daughter loved it. #1 will be receiving a birthday present early, her Rapunzel princess dress, and we will be heading down to Phillips Arena. Lord help me, I hope the screaming is less than when I went to Barnes and Noble for a Stephanie Meyer book signing during the rage that was Twilight. I still love Twilight.....just not screaming teenagers. 

And now I have the rest of this week to have anxiety about #1's birthday party this Saturday. 

The Housewife

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Cruising the bookstore or reading on my lunchbreak...

Dealing with a pug that seems nocturnal...

Lots of red wine and patio dining with this guy...

Lots of wear for my face neon pencil skirt...

Slowly working on curb appeal....

Trying to be more relaxed. Hogan sets a good example, no? 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five

Um, hey -- I know this is only my second one, but I'm kinda liking the "Friday Five" business! I enjoy wrapping up my week/day like this! 

1. I've been thinking a lot about what I've been reading in "The Happiness Project" (see prior post) and something happened today that aligned a lot of the information I've been plodding through.  Long story short this girl left our office and she had like the best cube real estate ever and I had been meaning for over a month to move all my crap over there.  Computer, files, papers, etc.  So, I come in today and the two admin girls had moved all my stuff after I left work.  Like they took the time to hang up my dog photos.  I was overwhelmed.  It's pretty much the nicest courtesy anyone has extended me in the professional world.  It was so simple but I will feel so grateful and happy every time I sit in my new spot! I need to focus on doing little things for others like this! Key - spreading happiness.  Do good. Feel good. 

2. I'd like to take a real moment and celebrate the success of keeping my summer plants alive all season! I'm still enjoying pretty views and relaxing mornings (when I make the time to actually SIT) on my patio! 

3.  About my leggings -- they came in the mail! (Yay mail).  I initially held them up and thought I would immediately have to give them to my three year old niece.  Because they looked about her size -- but lets take a moment this Friday to reiterate our love for STRETCHY PANTS.  I really like them! 

4. I've brought cottage cheese back into my daily food rotation.  I'm not hating it.  Do what you will with that tidbit. (and really the next)

5.  I've tried to ignore all Miley's antics of late....except I am super into her new song "Wrecking Ball".   I've linked the video -- let me also say that while I like the song the video is very distasteful in my opinion.  Not for children.  You've been warned. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday {single gal edition}

I missed Monday Obsessions so I figured I'd jump in on Wednesday with the important stuff.  I'm trying not to buy all the things so I'm trying to post about real life and not wanting ALL THE THINGS but I broke down this week.  Like I do every week. 

I went to JCrew this week to return these pants (didn't hate them, but didn't love them) and ended up trying on this sweater that I'd been stalking since the fall stuff came out.  It was sold out online and they had one small in the store.  I tried it on -- I couldn't leave it.  And now I will be eating beans and rice the rest of October. 

I've also been thinking about this bracelet a lot.  {read: Christmas is coming} 

C Wonder Skull Bangle

In other news I resolved to read at least two non-fiction books before the end of the year.  If not 3.  I am currently reading The Happiness Project and while I am late to the Malcom Gladwell fan club and have never read any of his other works, I picked up Outliers this week and I am oddly really excited about it.  

What are you reading? What are you loving? We'd love to hear from you!

the single gal