Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How is it Wednesday Already?

I'm sorry to be so woefully behind on blogging! There has been a lot of stuff going on that I have wanted to share.  It's safe to say that the last month has certainly been a lot more high stress than the vacation/unemployment stage but it's a mixed bag of stress. New job stress I like.  It's mainly just going through the stages of change. I like to think that at 30 I am getting better at this and tend to be more accepting of the whole concept.  Some is not so good stress.  

3 Putt and I have been a bit busy. Between work and a big tournament at the club last weekend we haven't had much time together. Since he is off for a boys weekend Thursday we had a lovely long date night at The Union in Alpharetta. It's super tucked away but the food is amazing and the pre-rain breeze really enticed us to the patio. I ate more than I should have. But the wine was good and the company even better so I'll have to make up the calories some other time. 

Can I also take a nerd moment to let you guys know (again) that I finally got my library card and seriously I am OBSESSED! I currently have a really decent commute time and I have been loving audio books. Seriously makes the commute a million times better. I even thought about sitting in the parking deck on lunch to get more time in with my current selection today. Again, sorry for the nerdiness. 

I'm seriously freaking out about this state exam I have to take Friday morning. I've been studying SO much but it's hard to make my brain work correctly after work. I've passes this test before but again -- freaked out. I just want to take it, pass it, and be done with it. Then I can enjoy life again. And read all my library books! But I feel like Friday will be here super soon and I need to leave you and study more!!! 

How is your week going? 

The Single Gal

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Case of the Sundays

I would work on some sort of intro but I have seriously been so tired I cannot even think straight since Wednesday afternoon.  I had the pleasure of attending 40 hours of training for a state exam I need to take for work this week and on top of everything else going on I'm waiving my white flag.  I've been tucked in my bed since 8:00 p.m. and I'm hoping to nod off soon.  I was so tired this afternoon that I was too tired to take a nap.  Don't you hate when that happens? I mean my brain won't stop drifting over to worrying and insurance forms and new job anxiety and a number of other things.  2014 remains to be a year of great joy and celebration along with great heartache and hardship.  There is just no middle ground.   I have an eye twitch.  It happens when I get stressed.  Sometimes it stays for months.  OY. 

High points of the weekend -- morning runs, step class, taking a break from studying to go to the Atlanta Food Truck park to meet up with some of my favorite friends Saturday night, and a trip to the library.  

Low points: 3 Putt had a big tournament so we never saw each other except to say "goodnight" or "good morning", studied about 4 hours Sat/Sunday, and essentially just feeling really grumpy about life but only because I'm so sleepy.  

Other confessions -- I'm nervous about going back to work.  I guess now that my first week of training/getting set up is pretty much over and I've done my training class I have to actually DO stuff.  Which means I have to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I am seriously jazzed about a new career step but it doesn't mean it's not stressful on a large level.  We are pushing comfort zones hard in 2014.   I know this is good for me.  I know the reward will be incredible.  I know I am really lucky.   It's just hard for me to see this rainy Sunday night.  

Anyone else have a case of the Sundays? I'm hoping for a bright, happy Monday! 

the single gal

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scenes from Our Week

We bought a new dishwasher almost two weeks ago. Our current appliances are probably original to the house, which is around 10 or 11 years old. They are older , black GE models. We blew it out and got a Bosch. They don't have a heating element. Obviously in accordance with Newton's Law, our microwave range broke seven days after our dishwasher purchase. You can see the empty space behind No. 1. 

I was able to help out with No. 1's Easter party at school this week. We did a short egg hunt on the play ground, some crafts and a snack. My child explained, "You should work harder hiding the eggs next time." She loves a challenge. 

We spent the afternoon at my Mom's on Saturday. A rare side by side shot of the twins. They are 17 months old. They are both cutting the top and bottom canine teeth and it's been about 10 days of hell. Cranky and clingy to the max. The only benefit of whatever they are going through is that they have been day sleeping a lot. 

I'm counting down the weeks until they come to level our yard and sod it. We had all those trees taken down and now it just dirt, some grass and ant hills. I hate all the ants. I'm terrified of one of the kids getting into a big mound. New mission:kill.all.the.ants. Here is No. 1 "cycling." 

I'm just trying to breath deep, eat cleaner and exercise more frequently these days. Ready for summer. Anyone else? 

The Housewife 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Obsessions: Kendra Scott Marrakech Collection

Trapped in licensing class all week but Kendra Scott recently released a new collection and I am a bit smitten.  I had to share! 

I'll take one of each please! 

~the single gal~

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Randoms

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all with loved ones doing something fun today! I survived my first week at work and it was nothing out of the ordinary regarding trying to get logins, sending numerous IT tickets, setting up VM, and doing online corporate training videos.  I'm trying to relax tonight before licensing class (round two) starts Monday for the full week. 2014 is still throwing curve balls at me so even though work went really well it still seems like other areas of life are lagging behind in the "wonderful news" area. Also, I need some sleep.  As such, we are keeping Sunday reads light today! 

First off -- JCrew Factory is seriously getting me this season.  I have been ordering a lot of their stuff for work and with the 50% off sale that goes through April 21st I may or may not have added some more items that are on the way here.   Sad story -- they had some striped bow pumps that were amazing but I can't even link a photo because they didn't have my size last night and I guess they are completely sold out.  BUT -- I have been searching for some metallic pumps and for 50% off I thought I could at least see if I could work these into some outfits. 

 JCrew Factory Isabelle Metallic Pumps $59.00

Here is some outfit inspiration I found on Pinterest: 

Let's also note the weird come back of pull-on shorts which I feel is very 70's.  So obviously I'm on board.  They have solid pull-on shorts for $21.00 on the JCrew Factory site through tomorrow.

Outfit inspriation: Could this be me every time I go out this summer? The printed pull-on shorts from Factory were adorable but appear to be gone now. Sads. 

Other things -- I've been binge reading YA Lit lately.  Definitely really enjoyed these two books that I got from the library this month! I'm actually dying to run back to the library to get the next in both of these series but I am making myself concentrate on studying for my license exam this next week (adult problems). 

What are you ordering/wearing/reading/ lately? 

~the single gal~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Five

1. All of the parental hard work for the preschool year is finished. I wrapped up with volunteering for the Easter party today. 

2. Hadley is teething like a boss. She is very clingy and fussy to the millionth degree. 

3. I almost waged war on society Thursday in the name of all moms who made a mistake. We had an Easter Egg hunt at a friends Wednesday afternoon and it felt like it was 90 degrees. So I *might* have dressed the kids for warmer weather than we were having at 9:30 on Thursday morning. As two people kindly pointed out, that my children might be cold. I am here to tell you no one had a luck of frostbite from the walk to and from the car or the climate controlled gym environment. 

4. I got new running shoes! Ready to put some miles on them with The Single Gal.

5. The Single Gal and I had a really fun meet up with another set of identical twins Sunday. It was super fun and we can't wait to have a quadruple date with all the men as well. Although, I'm sure we will live to regret allowing them to gang up on us innocent twins. 

Was that even a Friday five? Did I do it right? Next week I will post about the random question proposed to the Housewife by strangers of, "do you need help?"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap: The Single Gal Goes Back to Work

Well, I did it.  Monday marked my day of rejoining the working world.  Like most first days go it was very painless.  I was prepared for my decent commute with my audio book and a cup of coffee that I carefully sipped without spilling on my new office dress.  Obviously I was already off to a successful start and I hadn't even walked through the doors yet.  

Ended up in my gray office dress -- here was the pic once I got home (hence all the wrinkles). 

These people must think I am legit.  They are letting me order business cards and I have a laptop! And my boss already came up to let me know he wants me to go in and meet a client that will be in town this week on an account I will be working on with the team.  I work on the 23rd floor in a big building in Buckhead now which is such a different environment than where I was my last few claims jobs.  I think getting into the new routine is going to tire me out this week but I feel so happy and excited and blessed to have this opportunity.  Sad news -- I sat through a week long licensing class when I first started working claims and then took my adjuster's exam.  I now have to sit through the same class all next week and sit for an agent exam.  Sigh.  But very cool they are paying and letting me go during the work week -- some offices don't do that for you.  Everyone at the office was incredibly nice to me, especially my new boss.  I legit think we are going to really get along and that he will be a great mentor for me.  

Hey look it's my cube! Needs some decor. 

I am sure I will have some rough days ahead because I will be learning a lot and I am bound to make mistakes but for this week I am determined to hold on to my rosy and hopeful outlook for the future.  Thanks for all the sweet calls and emails and texts and tweets wishing me luck on my first day! Y'all really know how to make a girl smile.

I think the funniest part of the day was that the pay period ends on the 15th at my new company so I came home after one day of work and had a tiny paycheck in the mailbox already! 

~the single gal~

Monday Obsessions: Apps

I'm not even a real techy person but lately I have found some neat apps for my iPhone that I really love! Or rather, that I found really useful.  Do you have any apps you can't live without? 

This app is amazing! I had to sign and scan my offer letter back to my new company and 3 Putt and I cannot find the cord to his printer that somehow got lost in the move.  I didn't really feel like driving to Kinko's and suddenly I thought maybe I should see if there was such a thing as a scanner app.  I know I'm probably really late to the game on this but it's totally worth $4.99 and you can even download a free version that will let you scan a limited number of item.  It's so easy to use and saved me a ton of time! 

Password Manager Free

I haven't had much of a chance to update this but with the new job and a ton of new systems passwords and always trying to frantically find my planner when I am forgetting one I need this.  Badly.  Really looking forward to getting everything in one place...hopefully by the end of the week.  

I blame The Housewife for getting me addicted to white noise while I am trying to fall asleep.  It is the best thing ever.  I really think it helps quiet my mind and relax me.  I was worried that 3 Putt would really hate it but I think he likes it just as much as I do now! It's $1.99 but totally worth the price! You can even customize your own noise with 3 different sounds out of all the different ones they offer! How cool is that? 

~the single gal~

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five

Did we like that this week fell away from me so much that I posted "Wednesday Photo Dump" on Thursday? Sheesh. It's been a lovely, busy last week before work.  We are hosting 3 Putt's mom this week before she travels on to Palm Key for work.  I sent them to The Masters today without me since we are dress shopping tomorrow.  As much as I love and worship The Masters it's a really long day and I want to be as fresh as I can so I can make a decision tomorrow morning. 

1.  Since we are entertaining we have been making all the rounds out to eat this week.  Luckily I have had time for the gym so I've been able to enjoy lunch at Murphy's and  Salt Factory, dinner at Nino's, and a lunch at King + Duke today.  It's also worth noting that King + Duke will start offering brunch this month as well! 

2.  I'm still looking for my white jeans in case anyone finds them.  I refuse to buy another pair! 

3. Iced coffee is my life this week. 

4. Fresh flowers in the house just make life a lot better.  

5.  The Dogwood Festival is here and will be through Sunday this week! I'm stopping by with Elise and her little one this afternoon for some sun, fun, art, and maybe a few cold brews! Check it out! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday Photo Dump: Edinburgh

I forgot that I never shared some pictures from our last Scotland excursion! Life got busy! On our last full day Matt and his parents and sister were really good sports about being tourists and we all went into Edinburgh to see Edinburgh Castle. It was definitely one of out colder days out but it was really fun and beautiful. 

Picture right before we entered the castle. I believe the tour is about £20 per person and we participated in the little free tour which was short, fun and informative. 

One of many selfies. We were trying to get the lovely view but we filled up the screen. 

3 Putt and his Dad. 

Finally - blue sky in Scotland!

3 Putt and family!

I thought 3 Putt was taking a photo the other way and not a selfie. Accidental bomb there. 

Probably my favorite picture of all time. Love 3 Putt's Dad in the background with the piper. 

After our tour we wandered into the Greenmarket area (I think?) to find a pub for lunch! We ate at the lovely Beehive. And lunch would not be complete without a family photo. We didn't quite get everyone in but we tried! 

Happy Wednesday! I think that wraps up travel posts (two months after our trip!). 

-the single gal-

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bathroom Project: Painting Linoleum/Vinyl Floors

After our gallery wall success and due to unemployment I became what I would call "project happy" at the house.  Crusing Pinterest one Sunday over coffee I spotted two tutorials that involved painting floors.  This one was about painting linoleum/vinyl floors and I got my pattern idea from this tutorial where tile was painted rather than linoleum/vinyl. I had a long debate on stipes vs something more complex and in the end I am glad I went with the x design in the second tutorial. If you are low on time I recommend stripes. I'm not really big into DIY but figured this was a good project for an unemployed gal. Seeing as how I am still not finished I guess it is a good project.  Too bad I start work on Monday and don't have time to finish it this weekend. Oops. 

Taping off baseboards for initial coat of primer after I de-glossed the floors.

Primer coat one. Note: this was a porous surface which makes it a challenge to paint. I didn't spend time trying to get my two coats of primer even before trying the white floor paint coat. This was a mistake. The floor paint was much thinner than the primer and I could still see uneven spots so if you don't want to go back over you work take some time with the primer. 

Started the design with big X in the center. I worked out from each triangle by taping a triangle and taking up every other one. This means the tape does the measuring for you. Pretty genius. Thanks Retropolitan tutorial. 

Rocky was supervising. 

Finally all taped up. It really wasn't as horrendous as I thought it would be. Kind of therapeutic. 

I decided to use satin floor paint from Sherwin Williams in Naval. Big fan of this if you are searching for an awesome navy color. Notes: my first coat was done by brush because I had so many edges and a toilet to paint around. My second and touch up coats were done with a small foam roller which I found to be an excellent material to use with satin paint. The coats where I used the roller went very fast (finally!). 

Issues: peeling up the tape was very tricky. I had a lot of bleeds -- again expected issues due to a porous surface. They are hard to see in the photo but if you came over you would see I need a hard day of touch ups with my white paint. And some with the Naval paint color. 

All in all I'm not sorry I did the project. It will take a few days if you work or even if you don't because you obviously have to let the floor dry every time you paint it because you must walk on it again to do a new coat. All that's left after I touch up is to seal it and it was cheap while also worth the effort to camoflauge the linoleum floor. Lord know why I tiled my master bathroom when I had this town home built and left this one off? How much more could it have been to tile this small area?!  

What projects are you into this Spring?

-the single gal-

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Catching Up

Well, I'm not sure what happened last week but sorry for the disappearing act. Things were a little busy with the bathroom project (more on this later) and spending Thursday and Friday at The Mart helping with Fall market for some extra bones.  I have to say I had a nice time at the Mart.  I managed to score some cheap parking both days downtown and since I had actually never been allowed entry into the Mart before it was really neat to go to our big one in Atlanta.  I even got a nifty black utility coat out of the deal.  Can't wait for it to come in. I also perused the wedding dress boutiques.  Note that Sherri Hill reps were SUPER rude and ridiculous.  Never send your money there. 

I was trying to think of what to write about and realized that I could still gush about my little black dress from H&M that I sported at my cousin's wedding this weekend or Flash Bronzer but we have already done that. I'm winding down unemployment and trying to fit as many things as possible into my last week while also spending time with 3 Putt's mom while she is in town.   It's going to be hectic but I guess that's a good warm up for being gainfully employed again.  I'm super scared to start something SO new but also super excited.  Lots of "super" in there, I know.  

This is actually a huge week so I'm going to try my best to keep us all updated.  First, it's Christmas.  And when I say Christmas I mean it's MASTERS WEEK.  We had tickets this year but ended up selling them because I didn't have a job.  I knew that would mean I would have a job by the time the tournament got here but we decided that the money would be better spent paying bills.  So, hopefully I will win the ticket lottery again and we can go next year!  

We also have ALL THE BIRTHDAYS this week...#3 Putt's mom, my dad, and my little sister.  Really looking forward to actually seeing everyone on their birthday and lots of celebrating on Masters Sunday with the fam per tradition.  The Housewife and I are meeting some internet twin friends for a weekend brunch and there is also wedding dress shopping this weekend.  Until then I'll be at the gym, spending time with the dogs, and taking as many long lunches as I possibly can.  

Happy Tuesday! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Obsessions

We missed Monday but I've come across some recent items that I feel are noteworthy so we are doing obsessions a day late.  We ended up in Savannah this weekend visiting our good friend so we are behind schedule. 

My step mother gave me this sample the other day.  I applied it right after the shower and it's really good.  Went on easily, decent color, didn't make my hands look weird, doesn't smell bad.  I've been working it up for a wedding this weekend so my legs don't scare people.  I ordered the real size yesterday for $40.00.  Totally worth it because who knows when I will get to lay out with this crazy weather.  I ordered direct from Lancome this week with 10% back on ebates and a code for lots of samples. 

Also with tanning gel season we get Jorts season.  I grabbed these on sale.  I sized up on purpose because I wanted to be able to breathe and relax in them and not have them tight.  I'm glad I did but the reg size probably woudl have fit okay too.  These are a steal for $25.00!

I can't link up my other obsession but I'm here to share that I've lived in my town forever and have neglected to get a library card.   I'm going to have a bit of a commute in the mornings and I went yesterday do register and checked out some books and an audio book! It was super exciting and fun.   I'm a nerd.  

Happy Tuesday! 

~the single gal~