Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday Funday = Monday Bumday

The Housewife has seriously been wearing me out with all this running! I was so tired from 17 miles on Saturday that I made a lackluster attempt at having a few cold ones on Saturday while we were watching football (Sooooo sad about The Dawgs!).  On top of that I was a little overzealous yesterday when I was @Phipps Plaza patio lunching and shopping with my bestie EBM (does it get any better?). Ok, I was really overzealous.  A bottle of wine and 1 vodka soda later we happily ate our Tavern Chips and cruised the mall for hours.  Except that I felt like utter, complete poop today at work.  Seriously--I think I drove into work with the sweats at 7 this morning. I had to put the air conditioner on full blast for my entire commute. And I am a morning person tried and true.

No joke, this was the brand of Sauv Blanc we were drinking.  Should have listened to that label -- but this could be a legitimate instance where "no means yes". 

In reality, other than the accomplishment of the longest run of my life (to date) it was really not a productive weekend for The Single Gal -- unless you count the awesome Lilly Pulitzer sale items I snagged at Belk. A lot of DVR was conquered, some laundry, and a serious day o' fun with a friend on Sunday.  But here are few things I totes meant to put up last week when I never got around to blogging. 

Found a new Essie color -- "Over the Edge"! I am seriously obsessed with all things gray and this shade is so gunmetal without being too Twilight...I think. What are your thoughts -- is it too "Sons of Anarchy"? Does my hand look fat because I cut part of it off in this photo?

Starting a new collection for the gold stack. Sure, would I love all the new Michael Kors stuff? Cha. But Hogan would be starving if I bought any of them. And me too, probably. These beauties can be found at your local Forever 21 store. I know the panthers/jaguars/whatever that is are kind of out there. Fashion is hard y'all. I'm taking some chances these days.

Also, currently reading and fairly disappointed in the following:

One Day by David Nicholls


Now I'm off to prep some beach necessities for The Housewife -- ironing some cover-ups for her and making a pile of goodies for her to wear while on her vacay.  Now that I am back from St. Simons and most lake days and pool days are gone with the advent of Fall it is only fitting I send them with her for one last voyage.  After all, all good things must come to an end -- even this blazing hot summer we have had in Georgia this year.  

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