Monday, October 29, 2012

36 Weeks

Well.....I only have two weeks left. I'm feeling torn in many different ways about this. I'm not one to complain about pregnancy....ask anyone who knows me. But I'm having a really hard time these days.     I'm tired....yet I feel like I haven't done anything to warrant being so tired. This makes my patience level for #1 wane and I hate that. I am to the point that anything that falls on the floor is going to stay on the floor. Having to pick something up these days is like a beached whale trying to get back into the ocean.  I can still shave my legs but the trying to maintain the lady parts is like Helen Keller with a sharp object. It's just not right.

I'm tired of going out in public and have people stare at me and ask me dumb questions. I have no desire to talk to you about being pregnant, when I'm due or that I'm having twins. I have about 4 things that fit me right now. None of them look very attractive anymore. Plus, it's getting colder. I do not have anything for cold weather.....not really. Seriously, nothing looks good. You try being "stylish" while you're pregnant.....good luck.

My father-in-law asked me yesterday what the plan was if I went into labour while Turtle was at work. Hmmm...had not really gotten past getting #1 to my mother-in-law. I'd probably call The Single Gal and meet her at her office so she could drive me down. I can't pack a bag because I wear everything that fits me.

I am also struggling because I do not want to be induced. I want to go into labour on my own. They have expressed very clearly they do not want me to go longer than 38 weeks. Both babies are head down and I'm afraid pitocin will cause them unnecessary stress and possibly trigger a c-section. I do feel like I should stay pregnant until 38 weeks and would probably feel really guilty about this post if  I went into labour earlier.  We will see what hey say at the doctor tomorrow. It's cervical check week.  I'm sure nothing is happening and I will burst into tears on my way home.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!
The Housewife
The Housewife

Friday, October 26, 2012

R and R

Good morning! What a glorious week it has been! Granted, I may have been floating on a little cloud leftover from last weekend -- but I had a short work week and I am pleased to say that I have mandated a week long gym/running hiatus along with lots of rest and relaxation at home this week.  Since I am out of town this weekend my most important tasks were resting my body and being at home for as much quality time with Hogan as he can absolutely stand.  Em has been home a lot this month and I actually felt like I got to see her a good bit as well. 

Some things I have been enjoying: 

Reading! Even though my Kindle bit the dust I am still working on the 2nd book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series Dragonfly in Amber. It's not as gripping for me as the first book, but it finally picked up a lot for me midway through.  While I really recommend the first, I'm not so sure I will send you down the 1,000+ pages of the second one.  But seriously - I sat down and read for 2 hours straight on a weeknight! This never happens.  

Long chats, pizza dinners, and wine with Em at home! We tried the Dave Matthews collab brand and it was delish! Beautiful bottle -- and my most favorite Dave Matthews song "Dreaming Tree".  

A spur of the moment trip has also been planned.  Little A asked me ages ago if I wanted to come up for her 30th birthday when she was traveling and I really wasn't sure if it was in the budget.  But now that Em is my sometimes roomie when she isn't traveling I swore that I would not shop or even get Starbucks on the reg all of November so that I could go for a super long weekend.  Also, TDH is taking me off her hands later that weekend for our own bit of time in NYC.  I figure I can live through the cold for a few days to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations, drink hot chocolate, watch Little A shop, and eat wonderful food.  It's been almost a year since I got on an airplane. It's time.  

But for now...

This weekend I am headed down to Jacksonville for the Cocktail Party.  The weather is supposed to be terrible.  And the forecast for the Dawgs ability to beat the Gators is also terrible.  This, however, does not change the fact that I will be with my wonderful friends with plenty of cold beer and at least a memory of the last time I went to Jacksonville years ago when we actually won. 

Go DAWGS!!!! 

What do y'all have planned for this weekend? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Recap!

So...Monday morning I was incredibly sad to see last weekend come to an end.  Well, I was sad for like 4 hours until my flowers were delivered!

My weekend started early.  TDH really likes to be the one to make the plans (no complaints here) but since he is an out-of-towner I always send a list of suggestions and he goes from there.  I was beyond excited to finally eat an actual meal at Little Alley Steak in Roswell {reviewed previously} rather than just sit at the bar, drink too much Chard, and harass the awesome bartenders.  I figured a nice steak dinner would be good prep for my race on Sunday, too.  Boy was it.  I had the small filet and successfully ate every bit of the mac and cheese on our table.  And maybe had a lot of wine.  We had a fabulous dinner! We were almost 30 minutes late for our reservation but I have yet to see a hostess that isn't immediately disarmed by his ridiculous Scottish accent so I knew we wouldn't get any static. 

Little Alley place cards!
*image from*

The only crazy part was that we had to make our exit right by Tall Stu who also happened to be right outside with some friends that night.  Awkward. I prayed he didn't see me but I think he did! It's not that I'm sneaking around but I didn't exactly feel like making introductions either. 

I was up late for sure but managed to eek through Friday at work and then speed into Atlanta to meet up for our reservation at Murphy's {I know, I know, we went there last time, but Murphy's is never a bad idea. Ever.}  We ate on the patio.  We drank beer.  The food was perfect.  The service, as always, was spectacular.  I also love that he recognized that I was hardly keeping my eyes open and I got to go back to the hotel and watch TV in bed until I fell asleep.  Speaking of sleep - I didn't get out of bed until well after 9 a.m. It was so nice to just pop out of the hotel and be right in Atlanta.  We walked around a lot, talked a lot,  had coffee, and then meandered to ESS for brunch.  Where we talked more, ate more, laughed more, etc.  {I even cheated and had a bellini the day before my race.} 

Anyway. He is super fun. And its always nice to go out with someone that takes care of all the little details where you don't have to worry about anything.  The accent, good looks, and perfectly fitted suits don't hurt either.  

Sunday was race day!!!

I already gave y'all the only picture I took when I did Monday's post.  So sorry about that.   I had such a great day! It was so easy to get to Athens early in the morning, they had plenty of free parking,  and there were only about 3,000 people racing.  My original goal was to shoot for a time anywhere from 2:10-2:15.  The last official time I logged was 2 years ago for a half and it was around 2:26.  I got my race results -- and I officially came in at 2:09:38!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I beat my ultimate goal of 2:10.  I needed a good race to get out the crazy bad juju that was the Las Vegas Marathon.   I am so proud of myself - especially considering I trained alone and wasn't even sure I could run that fast.  Again, I ran like hell to get that time.  I looked at my race photos yesterday and I basically have a terrible look of pain on my face when I crossed the finish line, but I did it! 

I came home and sat on the couch the rest of the day and watched girly movies with Em and it was glorious. So was the pizza we ordered.  And the beer we drank. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Obsessions: The Mindy Project + Some Other Stuff

Whew.  Y'all, The Housewife is right. I am exhausted. Or whatever is more exhausted than a normal level of exhaustion.  Serious thanks to her for keeping the blog going because I have barely been home.  

I am excited to be back.  I am especially excited to talk about my newest TV obsession - The Mindy Project.  I mean, as someone who is hardly ever home and usually doing a ton of other things that don't ever involve watching TV it's a pretty big deal for me to stop and tune into a show on the day it actually runs.  Mindy Kahling was good on The Office.  But she is fabulous on her new show.  I probably like this because I kind of feel like this is my life right now. 

Are you watching it?! Discuss. 

A few side notes.  I totally have a great weekend recap in the works for y'all! 


A few things that just couldn't wait. 

After two amazing date nights with TDH who finally made another appearance in Atlanta I actually rushed home for lunch an hour early because I had a call from a florist about a delivery.  I. Almost. Died.  Never, have I ever received a flower delivery.  And it's beautiful. And perfect.   And I can't stop looking at it.  Like I legit want to carry it around with me so I can have it in whatever room I happen to be sitting in at home. 

instagram of the day #1

and now I'm just plain gushing. 

I also took this before I started my race! Turtle and I had a wonderful early morning in Athens this weekend for the Half Marathon.  And trust me when I say, I ran like hell on Sunday.  And for me to do that when I have felt beyond tired since Thursday was a big day. 

beautiful starting line for the Athens Half. 

I also came home to some sweaters I ordered from The Gap in my mailbox today. 

I may have just had the best Monday of my life.  I hope you all did, too! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Fridays

Last weekend we took #1 to a local Fall Festival and picked out some pumpkins. We carved the big pumpkin last night and she was very excited about that. Turtle let her stick her hand inside the pumpkin and feel how "slimy" it was- she was not a huge fan. Once we got the pumpkin carved we put a candle in it which to her meant it was the pumpkins birthday and we sang Happy Birthday to the pumpkin several times.

Meet "Jack," short for Jack O Latern. We put him out on the porch with her little pumpkin now known as Jack, Jr. There were lots of tears when bedtime came around because she couldn't stay outside with Jack and Jack Jr.

#1, Jack Jr and Jack

I hope y'all have a good weekend. The Single Gal is pretty much going to have to be hospitalized for exhausting from too much dating. Hogan is coming over for a slumber party tonight. Someone tell The Single Gal she is running a half-marathon on Sunday and not completing a dating half-marathon.

Still need to get some minor baby stuff accomplished this weekend. The nursery is basically done and I'm waiting on a sofa to come in for the room. We still have practically no diapers for these babies.  That's what you do as a second time parent- just simplify the prep by not prepping at all. I figured when we actually go to the hospital or have our scheduled induction we will just Amazon Mom several boxes to the house along with anything else we might still need last minute. Isn't the internet the greatest?

The Housewife

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where I Divulge that I Now Pick Up Men in Parking Lots.

Hopefully you have all made it to Hump Day unscathed.  I wish I could say the same myself.  Tuesday was pretty nasty.  It's one of my worst days at work every week (seriously Monday is cake compared to the crazy).  I woke up a little before 4 a.m from a particularly harrowing version of my recurring 3 Putt nightmare.  I had to get in 7 miles to get my long run in before the race on Sunday.  And I couldn't even get home at 7 p.m. in a reasonable amount of time because there was a gas main break or something near my house.

On the bright side, I went to bed at 9 last night and was able to get up super early to blog for you fine folks.  I think another reason I have been so tired is because my social schedule is even busier than I anticipated earlier this month.  For one -- I gave Super Tall another date.  

Also...met another dude.  I don't really have tons of details because I don't know either dude very well at this point -- but I thought you would all enjoy the fact that I am here to tell you about how I have given up on the bar scene and internet dating.  Because I pick up people in parking lots that I don't know from Adam. Or they pick me up. Sort of. 

Long story short -- I went to meet a friend after work for happy hour and while I usually valet my car I used public parking down the street.  It was a busy day. I didn't feel like getting a $20 out of the ATM just to give the parking guys $3 and I hate pulling out empty handed even though its "complimentary" valet.  

So friend and I sit down to have 2.5 margs and lots of good convo for a couple hours.  When we were walking to our cars this delicious guy jogs by with his dog.  As a dog lover I naturally want to pet all cute dogs that run by me.  Whatever. They leave.  Friend and I are still talking in the parking lot when dude comes back by....and since we have had 2.5 margaritas we shamelessly accosted him so that we could pet his dog.  And then we end up chatting with him for 30-45 more minutes.  Under more sober circumstance I may not have given this guy my digits in a parking lot, but it definitely happened.  

This completely derailed my original intentions to grab stuff at the grocery store to make dip for #1's birthday party the next day. You can imagine how thrilled The Housewife was when I ran in an hour late with store bought dip and a story of picking up a man on the street instead the next day. 

Concerns: He is 2 years younger than I am. He is a personal trainer.  He is from Boston.  He's pretty darn good looking and I don't know if there is room for two pretty people in any relationship I have. {Kidding. Sort of...}

On the other hand...

- He is a personal trainer. So if you stand real close to him, it's kind of like standing next to a rock.  A really hot, tall rock. 
- His dog is super cute and adorable. 
- He is fun.  We have had dinner/drinks twice. And he is a twin! And seems pretty smart. 

So...moral of this story? Not sure yet. Verdict is still out.  Thoughts? Advice? Judgements? Leave 'em. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Summer is Ending

I got out the camera the other day and managed to get some pictures.

She has grown so much and will officially be two in a few days.

We love our chalk...........

and we love to roll around in it.....

we like to draw ghosts

must stand close to mommy when dad comes by with the lawn mower


Y'all have a great weekend. 

The Housewife

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bump Update: 33 weeks

How can it possibly be that I'm 33 weeks and 4 days? Basically 4 weeks to go. I'm still feeling pretty well though. Turtle's office put together a surprise baby shower for us and had me come down to the office for it yesterday. He was very surprised and they were more than generous by gifting us a double B.O.B jogging stroller. I mean, that's an insane office gift. AND everyone was at least nice enough to tell me how "tiny" I looked to be that far along with twins. I got a manicure later and the other customer in the salon was also telling me I looked tiny as well. Weird change of events but I'll take it. I would also like to wear my new outfit everyday please. Old Navy skinny jeans and this Liz Lang Maternity Top from Target.

33 Weeks

I look like an impostor to the Housewife as I'm actually not in work out clothes and have done my hair, right? Weight gain is not so bad I suppose.....40lbs. Meh. I really want to make it to 38 weeks with these girls. We had a minor scare from Tuesday's appointment but apparently it was nothing a same day visit with a maternal fetal medicine specialist couldn't clear up after a referral over there. Sheesh.

Good news is the nursery got a good bit of organizing last night since #1 is with her grandparents. I need to get car seats, swings, and bouncy seats in order as well. Getting there slowly but surely. I'm running out of things to wear and trying not to buy much since it has started to cool off. I'm hoping I can make it with my one pair of jeans and a pair of leggings.

Well I have to go to the store to get some ingredients to make play dough for #1's classroom for the month. It needs to be orange for the month of October. I will also try to do a potty training post soon for anyone interested.......not that I am any kind of expert but will be glad to relay what I did and our experience. And for those this bored I'm sure the Single Gal will have some more dating shenanigan posts for you soon.

The Housewife

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

I was originally going to throw some of this stuff into my Sunday post, but it seemed too long and unorganized.  Again, aside from that awful, awful GA game {we can add that to the ever growing list of things that I'm not over yet} there was a lot going on.  

I finally caught up with a good friend from my old office who just came over to work at my new office with me {yay}.  We still sit by each other but work is so busy we just never get to sit down and talk.  We had a fabulous time and fabulous margs at my fave place PURE Taqueria. 

Because the weather was going to be fabulous on Saturday and Big John hasn't winterized the boat yet me, Dad, and Pammi opted for a Champagne Breakfast Cruise on Lanier prior to #1's Birthday party.  Because it was so cool that morning I brought Hogan along for his very first boat ride! I did have to pick him up and put him in the boat because he was scared, but I think that he had a wonderful morning as our co-captain {and designated driver}.  It went really well until we were docking and he jumped out of the boat and tried to run away. Luckily he turned right so he was headed for a dead end and I was able to grab him on his way back.  Needless to say he got a long lecture about his life with me where he rides in boats loaded with champagne, has healthcare, plenty of prescription food, toys, and a warm dry place to sleep at night in my care.  

So. Stinking. Cute. 

I literally raced to The Housewife's house for #1's Birthday party right after {but an hour late. Oops.}.  I was supposed to make my popular party dip but only had time to buy artichoke dip at Publix because I stayed at happy hour too long Friday night and never made it to the grocery store.  {Sorry Housewife.  I got single probs.}

I didn't snap any great photos because I was toting around The Housewife's fancy camera in hopes of getting at least 5 good shots from all the birthday festivities of her and her family so she didn't have to worry about taking them and could be in the pictures as well.  We had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends! 

A few other tidbits: 

I did finally work out some of my own chambray style.  I like what happened here. Even if the photo isn't great quality {read: I have a job and a real life so no one follows me around to photograph my outfits like other blogs you read}.  I'm a big fan of that skirt and would also like to find something else to wear with it. 

My Kendra Scott earrings that I ordered from a Gilt sale while on vacation arrived.  They are stunning.  Really gigantic, but stunning.  I have already had so many complete strangers stop me and ask where I got them.  I can't find them on the website currently, and I am not even sure what the style name is so I guess they were cleaning out some old inventory.  This is an Instagram because my other photo didn't really make the colors stand out.  They are purple and blue. And look much better in real life than this picture. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Kid Clothes

While I sometimes like #1 to be dressed a little like a mini-hipster when the holidays come around I'm back into a smocked obsession. If I could afford it, I would always have her dressed in a few brands that I just love. I don't put a ton of bows in #1's hair because I just don't own hardly any (this will be changing with the twins big time) and never seem to remember to order/go buy them in every color imaginable. I also seem to have problems with other people helping keep the bow in her hair. I love that my friends little girl always has a big bow- and you better believe no one would dare dress her without putting that bow in.

I ordered one of these from etsy for a comfortable Christmas option for #1. The shop is Julianne Originals.  Pair with some cute tights or leggings. I can't wait until mine ships.
photo via google/ via julianne originals

I'm a huge fan of Baxter and Beatrice. These are very comfortable for the kids to wear. I wish I had several of these for #1. Check out the site for more looks and if you check the Miss T V U ones they also have some holiday outfits.

I always scan through The Best Dressed Child for smocked options. You can actually find a lot of good sale items where they are probably clearing out last seasons overstock-just depends on the sizing  you need.

This is just darling and also looks really comfortable.

Lezame Girls Pink/Green Corduroy Pants Set

Rosalina Scotty Dogs Pants Set

Don't roll your eyes, I know none of these are "cost effective" and your husbands will flip their shit at the price tags just like mine does. You can find some good stuff on ebay if you have the patience to bid, etc. I do not have that patience. Usually there are some consignment sales that go on twice a year around here and you can luck out and find some of the smocked items at better prices and they are only gently used. However, this is a serious underground network that I am still trying to work out. Trust, it's a complicated thing. Do your google homework and prep yourself, mark your calendar with the spring dates and call the babysitter. 

Kelly's Kids and Shrimp and Grits Kids are some other clothing sites I really like. If I had a boy I would be buying a lot of Kelly's Kids. I find I can stomach the price tags because at this age kids don't grow quite as fast as they do during the first year so you can get more wear out of the clothes. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Am I There Yet?

Happy Sunday, Y'all.  It finally feels a bit like Fall outside. I legit got my first hot coffees of the season instead of my die hard summer order of an iced coffee at Starbucks the last two days.  I got to wear my arm warmers for my first four miles {12 total} of running today.  I am starting to need long sleeves to walk the dog.  The Dawgs lost to the Gamecocks in a game so terrible that I couldn't bear to finish watching.  The windows are open. So yes, it's kind of official.  It's October. 

It has been a week! I took a minute to look at my calendar for this month and I am already booked solid.  Between #1's Birthday Bash at The Housewife's, brunches, training for half-marathons, actually racing the half-marathon, "getting back out there", dinner with the girls, and a trip Jacksonville for the GA/FL game I am seriously, seriously busy.  {And already planning for November stuff!}

I bring this up because I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed.  And, the week before Em and I went to dinner in Roswell on Friday night which turned into an all night affair.  Short story -- I met a nice dude.  Who is super tall {this never happens to me}.  Anywho -- I did it.  I bit the bullet and had an actual Post-3-Putt-First-Date.  We met up and had a really nice dinner at Salt in Roswell.  He asked me how Hogan was doing {brownie points} after his test results that I was awaiting.  He was a total gentleman.  He's employed.  I felt short standing next to him {unreal}.  

I cried all the way home. 

I wish I could tell you what the hell is wrong with me.  Or I wish someone would tell me that this is normal so I don't feel so badly about it.  I mean, I'm sure those 3 giant glasses of wine helped but sheesh.  Dude didn't even do anything wrong.  

So the thought of the week/month/year is: "Am I there yet?"  I worry this is a sign that maybe I am not ready to be "out there" {read: super scary awkward dating world} yet.  I've got a lot of other stuff going on and I just don't know if I can deal. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Friday, October 5, 2012

See the Beauty

I follow the Styleberry blog on Facebook as well as in our reading links and she linked up to this Huffington Post article by Allison Tate. As mothers, how many of us are always behind the camera instead of in front of it? I really enjoy taking pictures but to be honest I'm hardly ever in any pictures with my daughter. My husband on the other hand is in about 4 million of them. Why is that? I'm sure part of it is me and the other is that men just don't think about and I never push it. I never say, "Here, please take some pictures of me with her."  I'm especially feeling the way Allison did in the article because I'm pregnant. I don't see the happiness in my daughters face in the photo. All I can see is my chubby arms, that my hair doesn't look good, that my face is much fuller than normal and plagued by terrible melasme (aka pregnancy mask) no matter how many times a day I put sunscreen on my face.  #1's birthday party is this in tomorrow. (Let's not even talk about how much Turtle and I need to accomplish before 11 am.)

Do I want her to look back on her 2nd birthday and not have any family pictures from Saturday? I'm sure I won't like any of them. They will always be at "the wrong angle" or the most "unflattering." Her first birthday was fine.......I was in marathon shape and actually got up super early with The Single Gal to get my 20 miles in before her party that afternoon. This year I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant. Every time I go into a store I can feel people staring at me. More than likely it's because they are afraid I will just go into spontaneous labor as due to my size I look "full term".........because that's such a realistic occurrence. To just go into active labor in the middle of Barnes and Noble when you walked in just fine (usually it's men who appear afraid of this scenario).

The thing is, #1 doesn't know the "f" word- as in FAT. When she looks at a picture of us she sees "MOMMY"! And when she's older I'm sure she will still feel the same way. I dread the day when she no longer sees herself and begins to be critical of her appearance because of what she thinks she should look like. I'm sure those years are very far off but I'm sure they will come. How can we expect our children to be any different when at our current ages we still fight the same fight?

I vow this weekend that I will be in pictures with my daughter. In a few weeks time it will no longer be the three of us but the five of us. It's my last pregnancy...I will love my belly and the rest of my body.

The Housewife

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hogan Gets Good News. And Stars in a Home Video.

Well, the vet called! {finally!!} Hogan's bump is not a mast cell tumor.  Now, it is either a reg tumor (not sure the difference) that just isn't releasing cells hardly ever or Fibrosis (scar tissue stuff?) which is uber harmless.  Obviously they wouldn't know for sure unless they lanced that sucker off and did a fully biopsy...BUT the vet said due to the location of 
the lump if they biopsy it they would have to remove his outside toe. Based on what they told me, I talked with the vet and we are just monitoring the lump.  I don't see any need for a drastic surgery that would end up removing a toe.  Now, if it starts growing, bleeding, or appears to be painful to him -- that's another story.  For now, we are keeping all limbs and not worrying much about The Lump. 

I knew Little Baby Jesus would not have me crying any more tears than have been necessary for 2012! I waited until after our walk last night to tell Hogan the good news and took the opportunity for a home video.

A few precursors to your viewing - 

1. I apparently thought I had to speak really loudly for the microphone to pick up the sound of my voice. Wrong. It sounds like I'm yelling.  Sars. 

2. We are not cinematographers here. No judgement.

3.  Seriously don't try to tell me that Hogan isn't legitimately smiling at the news! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the {very happy} single gal~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Baby List (on a Tuesday)

I thought I'd post a list about some of the things I loved when #1 was a baby. Some things were found by trial and error and others were gifted from the seasoned mom. Keep in mind every baby is different and this is what worked for us but I encourage you to go with your mom instincts and if you like/want to try something don't let someone else tell you it's terrible. I really wish I had gotten a moby wrap for #1 and I didn't. Someone told me babies suffocate in them which obviously freaked me out. Now, I should have been an intelligent Housewife and said to myself they would not be on the market if that was true and with anything they sell you have to be careful.

In this household we are huge proponents of sleeping babies like any new parent. We use this sound machine and it travels with us everywhere.  I found mine at Target. Soon you won't be able to sleep without the Ocean/Rain white noise.
Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby Relaxation

When you're at the hospital you think you are the most awesome blanket swaddler on the planet. You think, "I've got this down and believe me, I'm a swaddling super hero." Then you get home and the hospital magic disappears. They only keep you there 48 hours and after that the baby goes through it's change. The one where it starts crying, can't get settled and above all wiggles out of the swaddle every time. Receiving blankets are shit for swaddling. Big J swears #1 was so strong and practical born holding her head up; she got out of everything. Then your husband will bring you a quilt like blanket for you to try to swaddle with on your first night home but you explain to him that WILL suffocate the baby.  Buy any swaddle with a velcro/zipper. The Swaddle Pods are also good. Another tip- don't try to survive on only one of these because it will need to be washed. Get at least two or four. Or 8 million if you're having twins like me I guess.

Summer Infant Swaddle Me

We tried to do the cheapest diaper pail possible and it did work for a long time but the top broke a few months ago. Turtle is big on walking around the house and asking me "What smells?"  He is like a smell-aholic....or akin to a bird dog or something. So I purchased the Arm and Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pail and we've been pretty happy with that so far. I know you have to buy bags for it but it seals in everything and don't they say a happy husband equals a happy home?

You know this post wasn't going without a cloth diaper choice, right? This was my first post on cloth diapers when I got FuzziBunz for #1. I loved them and they served me well and I will still use them for the twins eventually. However, FuzziBunz has changed their design a little bit with their new Elite One Size diaper and I can't say I love them as much as my original FuzziBunz. So I ordered a new diaper, BumGenius AIO Elemental Organic, to try out on #1 before I order about 12 more. I chose the all-in-one because Turtle expressed that he didn't like having to stuff the pocket diapers (like he did that anyway but whatev).  The downside is they take a long time to dry but they are very absorbent and I believe these are a little more user friendly for any family members or babysitters to use than the FuzziBunz because they only have to deal with the top snaps which are essentially just like diaper tabs. Don't worry, I probably won't be cloth diapering the twins until they are 4 months and things are a bit more predictable and not quite as insane.

Baby sleep books are kind of a personal choice but we really like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth. I am currently reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. One thing I wish we had done was read some of the sleep books BEFORE #1 came around and we were sleep deprived but reading books every spare chance we could to figure things out. You will find some people swear by other books out there and I'm not here to say which is the best just what worked for us. Don't be afraid to combine methods of two books either. It's about what you are comfortable doing and what serves your family needs. The Turtle was truly a sleep nazi when it came to #1 and it bothered me some when we would want to go do things but in his defense I do think she is a decent sleeper and it probably has a lot to do with him pushing for a strict bedtime and bedtime routine.

We had a Summer Infant monitor that is still going strong however they do not make the additional cameras for the model we have anymore. This weekend we upgraded to the Motorola MBP36 and are really pleased with it. The ability to pan the monitor side to side and up and down are fantastic- especially when #1 decides to go rogue in her room when she should be sleeping. It also has a talk back feature so you can speak through the monitor to your child or partner who might be in the nursery. I think you can add up to four cameras. I had a 20% off coupon for Buy Buy Baby and a 20% off BRU which will save you lots when purchasing a monitor. Technically the BRU 20% off excludes Motorola products but Buy Buy Baby used it for my additional camera with no issues. We got the 3.5 inch screen.
I thought these were the best baby towels out there- so soft, thick and absorbent. These were my favorite and I wish I had more. Pottery Barn Kids Gingham Hooded Bath Towels

I'm trying out a few other new things and I'll let you know how those are once the twins get here. I promise there will be a nursery post some time in November when it's finished. We made some good progress last weekend and have some items on order that we are still waiting on. I can tell you on the disposable diaper front I hated Pampers if they had the baby dry in them which equaled diaper rash. I had a Chicco car seat which was great in all aspects except how it fit in a shopping cart and they were not very compatible on other brands of strollers if you wanted say a Bugaboo or BOB.

All is going well here and I'm 32 weeks and 1 day today. I am having more braxton hicks contractions lately and having to be very careful about my activity level and making sure I am drinking gallons of water. I think at this point we just take it week by week but right now I don't see any reason why we wouldn't reach 38 weeks.

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