Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Reading

I'm trying not to be fooled by these few nice days that we have had here in Georgia so I thought I would do a little reading post.  Even though they don't seem to be our most popular.  Just go with it.  I have hunkered down and really devoted myself to some seriously consistent reading the last few years (or maybe this isn't different from any other year of my life from third grade on) and just wanted to share some of my reading list! 

I absolutely adored this book about a quirky professor who essentially has Asperger's Syndrome and is looking for a wife.  It was very funny at times and also heartbreaking at times.  It's only $1.99 on your Kindle.   

This was a bit of a different book for me.  I usually read a bunch of YA Lit and historical fiction mostly but I really enjoyed this novel.  It takes you to a small university where a young guy goes to college to become a baseball star.  Except an accident during a game derails him.  There are 5 main characters that are all affected by this accident -- mostly dudes.  It was a very masculine read for me.  It didn't have a super quick pace but I really enjoyed straying from my normal routine.  


No book list of mine would be complete without some YA Lit.  I eat it up.  The books are usually excellent prices and great reads.  The genre has really come a long way since Twilight  (still a special place in my heart).  I loved this because it was about a girl who was a twin (le duh) who goes off to college and really struggles with the transition, her changing relationship with her sister and family who loses herself writing fan fiction.  I don't know a lot about fan fiction but thought the book was well done.  Plowed through most of it during what I will now refer to as The Great Sinus Infection of February.  Also note Rainbow Rowell's other acclaimed novel Eleanor and Park is only $5.00 for your Kindle right now.  

What are you guys reading while the weather is still gross?  Will winter ever end?  I feel like it won't. 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {guest list drama}

I have to admit I kind of scoffed at myself a little for even doing one of these posts.  And I actually don't expect most people to really care about my wedding.  That is super fair and I guess confirms I'm not as vain as I thought I was (although some may disagree).   Actually, since the wedding is so small and not super traditional there probably won't really be a ton of these.  Unless my mother calls again and makes me insane.  Like she did on Saturday.  So let's have some real fun and see if anyone is talking to me after this post.

This post is all about Guest List Drama.  

I had previously heard from some of my dear friends about Guest List Drama.   I thought it couldn't happen to me.  Guest List Drama is actually one of the things I have heard the most about from my friends that have already walked down the aisle. I can see why people elope.  They are truly the intelligent beings in our society.  They are probably the only ones that will survive nuclear warfare if the world ever ends. 

But seriously y'all -- I guess I just get super worked up because of a few things.  3 Putt and I are essentially paying for this party.  We are not into stress.  More people = more stress.  More people = more money.  (Obviously most of my good readers are following my storyline without that information as I know you to be very intelligent and respectable people.)  The one exception is that my father very kindly offered right away to give me some money towards my dress.  This is super sweet (read: Dad is SUPER excited that I won't be a spinster even if he did have to wait 30 years for me to marry) and a huge relief.  I am very lucky this is even on the table.  I feel very loved.  

Let me tell you what does NOT make me feel very loved: 

When you call me to ask WHY someone isn't going to be invited.  

When you call me just to mention to me and to make sure I know that so-and-so is just SO disappointed that they aren't going to be able to come. 

That you would assume that it was not incredibly difficult for us to not invite some people that maybe we would like to have there. 

If you really want to press all my buttons, you will suddenly say "Oh, well I will pay for that person to come!" 

So, you didn't feel kind enough to offer to pay for anything until I didn't invite someone that YOU would like to see.  To make the day something that YOU want.  Sure.  Thanks.  


Our entire guest list will only include 35 people.  This is pretty much immediate family and some friends that are essentially family.  3 Putt and I are actually included in this number so really only 33 people.   I actually want to challenge you right now to try to make a guest list of 33.  I just cannot believe in my heart that anyone in my family that I know and love would think that I am trying to be mean, that I don't care about them, that I don't love and appreciate them all because I just want to have a very small wedding.  And because this is essentially all the money I am willing to put into this celebration because hey -- I'd rather pay down my mortgage or build up my savings account for the future with my partner.  Because I am thinking about life past one day here.  I am thinking about a marriage. 

I'm trying not to let it get to me.  At the end of the day, I'm a grown ass woman and 3 Putt and I will make the wedding choices that are best for us.  I don't need anyone's permission.  I don't need to justify any of my choices to anyone.   But still it kinda makes me crabby.  

And now I've written the post and everyone will be like this: 

Love you. Mean it. 

~the not-so-single gal~

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Updates {single gal edition}

I know what you're thinking -- you just got a life update from me.  But cohabitation adjustments are certainly not everything happening here.  I know I don't go into super detail but y'all know I worked for a small insurance company.  We were also working with a small group to get a start up business going to process claims 3rd party.  Well, the little company that was supposed to sustain us until we got the other stuff going has folded.  As of last Friday I am jobless.  I always knew this was a big risk.  So, it wasn't a total surprise, but I did think I would have more notice.  So that's that. Turns out I am on early vacation.  

The last week went better than expected.  I filed for unemployment for the first time in my life, so that was an experience.  I imagine it will continue to be one.  I'd like to think I have a pretty good professional network built up in the industry so I'm trying not to totally FREAK OUT on 3 Putt on a daily basis.  Turns out its good that he is moving in.  Too bad he has a dead-beat fiance.  I kid. Sort of.  I have been a real gloomy grumpy person but I think that is mostly because of my nasty sinus infection.  So, I anticipate a hard few months, but I think we will be okay.  Monday was a hard day for me.  I am always working.  Have been for many years.  

I think for now the big stressors will be: saving for the wedding, hoping we don't have to have any large/unexpected vet bills, and selling some of my fave jewelry and purses.  That kinda sucks but I have super good credit and I don't mess around with that crap.  And, I know that in time these things will come back to me.  This is temporary. (Hopefully super temporary.)

The good: I am excited to see me and 3 Putt work through this together, praying a lot, got a tax refund to tide me over, and having a bit of time off work since I have been working for years with little vacation.  

Good thoughts are appreciated! Anyone been through this before? I guess the house will just be super sparkly clean all the time now.  Maybe I will get back in shape? 

~the single gal~

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Obsessions

I ordered this necklace on Friday. All the Wire is the jewelry company Tori Gonzales, from Courtney Loves Dallas, and her sister started. I am having #1's birthday stamped on one bar and the twins birthday on the second. I can't wait to receive it. 

*offering 25% off for President's Day*
code MERICA at checkout 


// Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor //

I have a fancy Garmin which, I do love, but when I'm in the gym the satellite won't always sync up so I can get the heart rate to record. It keeps reading, "searching for satellite." It annoys me severely. Since my little tax deductions are pulling their weight this month I ordered this. Single Gal wedding count down is on. It's time to work. I've been slobbing around and super grumpy with these snow storms keeping us  Southerners trapped inside for days at a time. I ordered mine off Amazon. 

I've been finding some fun instagram accounts to follow and when hellotosha posted this picture I immediately thought of The Single Gal. Granted, I want one too. These are limited edition so if you like it, better grab one. It's $25.00


We are so looking forward to the warmer weather this week after snow, ice, rain and a small earthquake from last week. That's Georgia for you. I did order the phone cover I blogged about from Mulberry Press Co last week. I'm going to try to stop eating all the things and drinking all the wine, which is no fun honestly. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

{cohabitation update}

I totally have SO much to update you guys on -- seriously, I do.  But today I thought I would  donate some time to new relationshipy-stuff.  Before I continue, please forgive my sudafed-nose spray-overdosing brain today.  I have some sort of gigantic sinus flare up that I am trying to kill before my trip.  I haven't had a lot of sleep, my stomach is wrecked and I just feel plain gross.

Ok.  Back to relationshipy-stuff.  (Hopefully 3 Putt won't take the ring back after he reads this. I kid.  I hope...) 3 Putt and I both knew that we would definitely move in together once we got engaged.  Although he is not technically moved in he has really been at my house ever since.  In my defense I have lived with a boy before...but holycowitwasa reallylongtimeago. It's actually been really nice -- mainly because he is so helpful and its super nice to just open the pantry and see that the garbage has been taken out or seeing him walking in the door with a pile of mail for me (I never really check the mailbox unless I'm expecting a package.).  But wow y'all -- I just kind of assumed that we already spent a lot of time together.  But I guess we really were not all up in each other like I thought. Really and truly this isn't a bad thing -- its just REALLY different.  You just get used to having shit your way all the time when you live alone.  So, yes it's a good different; however having said that I was kind of losing my mind on our snow days/me working from home days.  I'll just give a few examples of adjustment:

a) I normally go days without ever turning on the TV.   With 3 Putt I'm pretty sure that thing is always on in the background.  I had to walk out and shovel the driveway Thursday.  And tell 3 Putt it was driving me super nuts.  Because OH MY GOD ALL THE TV.

b) I'm still trying to make myself realize that we have not combined household items yet.   His clothes are here.  That's it.  It's a big adjustment to make the space.  To even think of it really.

c) I know dudes think bitches be cray but we HAVE to work on pre-bedtime straightening.  Poor guy is coming into a really anal and particular (yet not hostile) location.  But in all seriousness we cannot come downstairs in the mornings with all the pillows still on the floor that were moved off the couch during evening TV time.  

d) All good times can be spoiled by The Great Wedding Ceremony Debate.  This may be a recurring 2014 theme.

Having given these examples,  I kind of want to interview 3 Putt for a pseudo-guest post about all of the adjustments that poor guy is going through.  I really kind of pity him for having to live with me. I am not the easiest roomie.  I am sure that even though he really may be the most relaxed, gentle, kind, thoughtful guy I have ever met he has had several moments of great frustration and reminders that I can be straight batshit crazy over things like vacuum lines, the exact position of a chair in a room, and any spot that ever got on my new bedding or that may be on it in the future due to humans not being observant and preventing the dogs from doing stupid shit around said bedding.  Or the fact that I try to give a grown ass man specific linen washing instructions down to the number of times the large king size blanket should be dried.  

There are good lessons to be learned here.  I need to make a special place I can go while 3 Putt watches the TV.  He is a great roomie.   He folds laundry that I leave in the dryer.  He makes a real effort at making the bed and putting the pillows the way I like them.  He thinks every dinner I make is good or at least he doesn't say otherwise.  He always makes breakfast on the weekends and doesn't turn on the TV during this time.  If anything, this should be a lesson in what I can do for 3 Putt and help make his transition better and more comfortable.

Still,  it's not always easy to live with someone.   If anything, this relationship has taught me about deep breaths and priorities.  And I want to appreciate adjustments more -- this is the first time we will move in together.   I want to live in that moment. We won't have it again.   So remind me of that when I come downstairs tomorrow morning and the pillows are off kilter.

~the single gal~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow days

Well the weather here in Atlanta certainly isn't improving. Par for the course this week for me. I am lucky enough to be working from home which is a blessing. I also took the time for some networking and tax completion. No workouts so far and that's going to get me crazy really fast if I don't try something to get my blood flowing tomorrow at all costs.  

Here are some pics of late.  Is everyone weathering the storm? 

Made some awesome chicken tacos on the fly with no recipe. 

Took some snow pictures. 

Sent awkward selfies to Little A to show her my new plaid scarf. 

More selfies. This one from our little sister's baby shower this past weekend. Had a good hair day. Can't ask for more. 

Ate a lot of leftover cupcakes. 

-the single gal-

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I love Project 52 posts in blog-land. I'm sure this is nothing I can keep up with and clearly I posted three pictures, not just one. 

I took my camera out, for the first time in a long time, a few weeks ago. #1 loves the big fancy camera and HAS to take pictures "on her own." You can see me in all my glory doing, I'm sure, what my husband thinks I do all day long. Leave it to kids to catch us doing those things. 

"Mommy, let me take your picture."


Mom's going to let you watch TV because you won't nap and some days are just harder than others.  Even though you yawned and it's 4:30 in the afternoon. You are so afraid you might miss something. 

I wish I had photoshop or something because after that damn Snow Leopard update bullshit I can't seem to get my iPhoto icons back on the computer. Lame. Love it when updates make things harder. I don't use the auto option on my DSLR. Just some everyday scenes. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Obsessions: Housewife Edition

Not Hadley screaming at 5 am non-stop. Not sure what her problem was this morning. Definitely not the start I had anticipated for Monday morning. Just a few things I've been thinking about this week.

1. Mulberry Press Co iPhone Case
I saw this on Tori Gonzales' instagram account. Check out Mulberry Press Co, this was one of my favorites.


2. Lamb loves Fox Blog
This is just the cutest blog! I love the pictures she takes of her children. She is a photographer who lives in Australia. Inspires me to take more pictures of my own bunch. 

3. Warby Parker Welty Frames
I adore these! I ordered two pairs of frames from Warby, these Welty frames and a pair of Baxter frames. The plum marblewood is gorgeous. They are a bit large but I called their customer service and they had some helpful suggestions. Also loving that they donate a pair for every pair you buy.

4. Top shop Andie Faux Leather Skater Skirt 
I was cruising Nordstrom online and this skirt is kind of catching my eye. Maybe a small obsession with black leather? Maybe.


What are y'all obsessing over? Looks like Atlanta may get another good dose of snow and ice this week. Fantastic. I always want to be stuck at home for several days with 3 children, 3.5 and under. Said no one ever.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Window Shopping

Is there anything greater than "window shopping" with your Sunday morning coffee? I don't think so.  We had a fabulous little shower here for my baby sister yesterday (cue Single Gal crazily mopping floors at 8 am on Saturday) who is expecting in March so I am seriously taking it easy today.  I have had a long week at work, a long week talking to God, a long week counting gratitudes and blessings, and trying not to worry about some future changes.   So let's slow it down this morning, shall we? 

//pug sweatshirt from H&M//

This pug sweater from H&M! I die! I kind of wanted to beg 3 Putt for it for Valentine's Day but we are paying for our wedding in December and have our trip in two weeks so let's just keep it in the window.  3 Putt if you are reading I am super serious about that last statement, this isnt' a ploy.  I also LOVED this floral version, too! Wish I had for my trip! They are only $19.95. 

GiGi New York extended their sale.  This uber large clutch in dark green -- swoon.  Down from $130 to $65.  It's kind of like they are giving them away.  And you can add a monogram.  What else are you waiting for? Order by Monday. 

//J.Crew Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater//

I love all tunics, lately. And J. Crew.  Kind of wanting this sweater in 3 different colors.  Love the bright yellow to move into spring. $88. Use code BRINGSPRING for extra 25% off.  

This Lilly Pulitzer Robyn Short Sleeve dress is everything.  Need for summer.  I love that you can throw this on and feel completely put together for dinner, day festival, whatever.  Anything.  And the price point is awesome too -- $98.  

None of these will be in my closet any time soon.  But it was fun to look! 

~the single gal~

Saturday, February 8, 2014

{girls brunch}

Sometime in December as my regular brunch date approached with my friend Elise I thought -- "You know, I should have people over for brunch one day."  So I got a small list together of a few girlfriends {hopefully I can have another one soon and invite a different set of my favorites!}.  I wanted to invite everyone but my house isn't huge and I was doing all the cooking.  Also, budget is tight so I wanted it to be a number that was comfortable and fit those categories.  It worked well and I am happy to report I got to have quality time with everyone there because it was super small!   

I had a great time and made The Housewife come over and take pictures with her fancy camera.  Mainly so she can practice for the wedding stuff early in the day before I meet up with my photographer, amiright

Not magazine worthy but I thought I did a pretty good job. Didn't break the bank and didn't spend my entire week worrying about it or setting up for the big day. And it really was super fun.  Thank you Housewife for being the best photographer sister ever.  

 lemon ricotta bruschetta with honey and basil

//recipe here//

I also made some homemade cinnamon rolls, popped some baby quiches in the oven (house of Target), and made a fruit & cheese plate.  I also had a lot of mimosa supplies.  

I made a chalkboard menu...but my handwriting is not the best.  "A" for effort though.  I mean what is that little dorky try at drawing a champagne glass? I'll wait for you to find it.  

stripey straws courtesy of Homegoods. 

See -- in the real world we don't wear shoes when we host Brunch.  Just socks.  The scarf is prob not the best idea when cooking. Fair warning because that just screams "fire hazard" to me.  

Thanks 3 Putt for sending me a bunch of photos of flowers at Kroger and letting me pick them out virtually while you paid for them and brought them home.  I love that. 

All in all a fun day for the five of us! Maybe I will be braver and try more people the next time.  The dogs were also really well behaved! I was very proud of them especially since so many new people were there for them to be excited about.  

Was this post totally boring? I hope not. We all like pictures right? Enjoy these because I'm going to make 3 Putt take like 3 million of me if we are able to reach the Eiffel Tower while we have our layover in Paris in two weeks.  Prep yourselves now. 

love you. mean it. 
~the single gal~

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happies from Tuesday but Divulged on Thursday

This was originally going to be Tuesday Happies but I got busy (read: I did not allocate my day property).  So now it's Thursday.  Since I am essentially working for a small start up while we work claims runoff from a dwindling carrier we had to move our office to something much smaller.  And we ain't got nobody to do it for us.  So Tuesday was spent unpacking file boxes and breaking nails.  But really it was super glorious to have a legit excuse not to work a single claim or take any phone calls.  I also find unpacking to be really euphoric in the fact that everything feels super organized when you are done. It is like crack for me.  

We also went to Baldino's since I work off Buford Highway now (when I'm not working from home).  Best subs ever.  And pepperoni rolls.  

I did get off work a little early on Tuesday and felt like going home but couldn't really skip the gym since I legit had time to go.  Oh hey jammie pants that I had to wear grocery shopping because its super hot in the gym so I have to wear shorts there, but super cold outside.  Whatever. I'm engaged. I've let myself go. 

Tuesday I came home in the pouring rain to a surprise from the love of my life.  How cute is it that he surprised me again and got my doughnut.  That one has a sense of humor, no? Anyway, I loved everything about this. 

I also had this random urge to cook after a long day (which really never happens) and also really had a craving for butternut squash.  Super random. Seriously.  I loosely looked on Pinterest and noted that I saw some kale in the fridge and had some quinoa so this recipe was our winner.  With just a little bit of chopping and a few fresh ingredients this Kale, Quinoa, and Butternut Squash dish came to life.  It lists a vinaigrette but we went with a touch of soy sauce and some siracha for me.   SO GOOD. SO EASY.  I'm keeping this recipe. 

What made you happy this week? I want to know!

~the single gal~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm easing back into things this week. Thought I'd just post a few things that have been catching my eye lately. 

//still pretty obsessed with pictures of stacked wedding and engagement bands. obvs.//

//jaclyn models her oversized plaid scarf. [gimme!]//

Blogger Jaclyn Day has started an Etsy shop selling plaid scarves.  Price is decent and if you are dying because you didn't quite grab that Zara one (you know the one I am talking about) AND you want something just a little different than the colors of that Zara scarf  this shop is for you.  Make sure you stalk -- her stuff sells out in about 30 minutes.  I was able to grab mine because she alerted via instagram. 

Read some really great reviews on these. Trying to sell the rest of my closet items on Poshmark so I can buy them before my trip.  But it's a doubtful scenario. 

~the single gal~

Monday, February 3, 2014

Playing Catch- Up

Hello lovely readers! Sorry I totally fell off the planet. That snow/ice storm really did a number on my week.  It was basically a scheduling disaster.  It was super amazing that when I realized the roads were gridlocked and icy that I could turn around and go to Emily's house -- but I had to stay for 2 days.  I had no toothbrush, no other clothes, nothing.   It was a real blessing that Emily was able to provide me with almost everything I could possibly want or need -- you know, like a pair of boots to wear instead of heels.  I probably could have made it home sometime on Wednesday but I was scared to drive all the way back to the office from my house and was already very close at my friend's house.  3 Putt was home with the dogs so there was really no reason to take unnecessary risks. 

So, clearly I only made the gym on Monday.  I ate all the bad things.  Drank all the wine due to being stranded.  Had to help move my office Thursday and Friday.  Couldn't get into work until much later in the morning.   Had to get set up to work from home.  I had no recovery time because Friday I turned around and went back to Emily's for our girls weekend that we had already planned.   We had a lot of fun but I have been rushing around since Sunday night trying to play catch-up.  And come to terms with the fact that I cannot eat bread and cheese all day every day sans gym time. Sads. 

Working from home has gone pretty well today! I will be here 2-3 days a week! Crazy! But really nice to be here with the dogs and then be able to leave and go do stuff without feeling all the mom guilt for keeping them cooped up all day.  We had a few kinks that had to be ironed out but I was pretty much full steam ahead around lunchtime.  

I'd like to get back into my grove because hello -- I am leaving for Europe in 15 days.   And I would like to finalize one or two wedding items before we leave.  I'm basically trying to sell my whole closet on Poshmark also.  We will see what happens.  Sometimes clothes are hard to sell.  Any tried and true tips? 

I feel like I wasted some precious blog time watching that lame Super Bowl last night. Sheesh.  No good commercials.  Not a good game.  I ended up reading in bed at half time and turning the volume down.   I promise that I will have my act together this week.  Sorry for the absence of late.  

Happy Monday! 

~the single gal~