Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Obsessions - Bargains

Happy Monday! I survived Bachelorette weekend! I had tons of fun and I definitely don't feel as dead as I did last week -- even though we didn't roll back to our hotel until around 4 AM Sunday. Oops.  I am really hoping to get some pics from the girls and do a little recap this week.   

I broke shopping hiatus and bought some Vince Camuto Hillari booties at Nordstrom Rack this weekend along with a mirror for the house that was $20 at TJ Maxx.  But that's pretty good right? My Vince Boots are taupe and I still am in need of some black ones but clearly need some budget wear.  I am definitely going to give these Forever 21 booties a try when I get my bank account back in order after a crazy weekend. 

I am really feeling home updates lately -- I think that has helped me not shop actually.  How amazing are these storage baskets from H&M Home?

I also really like this Urban Outfitters Taj Wall Mirror. I know you can find a lot of mirrors at Homegoods but I have never found one this shape.  

I'm definitely looking forward to a low key week! We had last week off from our running schedule and October will be full of long runs.  Maybe I can make time to actually register for the Thanksgiving Half....

On other note -- it's my mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday Kay! 

~the engaged gal~

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hitting the Wall

Guys, I so want to find the energy to do a really fabulous weekend recap because it was so fun and amazing -- but also incredibly busy and not filled with sleep.  I'm entirely off my game this week.  Totally packed up for a morning at the gym in my office building sans undergarments today.  Forgot to put out the meat to thaw for dinner.  So, I stopped on the way home to grab some along with my dry cleaning.  Except I drove off without ever seeing my dry cleaning lady.  It's not really a bad week so far -- it's just that it's not flowing normally. 

So small recap -- our shower was SO fun and amazing.  We stayed up late.  Opened a few gifts.  Ate lots of food.  Drank lots of wine.  Ate breakfast at our fave Waffle House in Brookhaven. Sunday -- we ended getting some free tickets to see Garth.  It. Was. The. Best. Concert. Ever.  Too bad I was so hungover I was not even able to stomach a beer.  We came home at midnight - hence my lack of a brain this week.  

Other tidbits -- my Bach is this weekend.  So I really should be catching up on my sleep every night this week but I am still trying to squeeze in workouts, actually take some time to cook dinners, write copious amounts of thank you notes, and I have to get some cavities filled at the dentist.  

Bright side -- I met a twitter friend for lunch today.  We ate a Cafe Jonah and she was beautiful and wonderful and just so sweet! I hope she liked me too and we can meet up again.  Yay internet universe. 

Ok short post today.  Even though I am exhausted I am so full of love this week. 

-the engaged gal-

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday! We made it through another week (and another week of me not blogging).  I am really working towards better time management.  I know, I promise this every time.  But I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of life. The pending arrival of fall has me inspired.  I hope you all had a lovely week!

1. I know I gushed about our wedding invites but hey I'm lazy and waited until the last minute so I didn't exactly order a sample from Wedding Paper Divas so I was a bit nervous about how the gold border would turn out on the invite...sometimes gold can look a bit chintzy to me.  

2.  Matt and I were walking the dogs Labor Day weekend in the neighborhood and went by a yard sale and I found 2 wing back chairs that were $40 for the pair.  They have a wonderful shape and were in great condition - minus their mustard yellow corduroy upholstery.  Last Sunday I went to Joann's and I was able to get 16 yards of fabric on sale for $150 (If you have never looked at fabric before you won't know that's a steal -- but it really is!)!  I have to wait a few weeks for the rest of my order to come in but I cannot wait to send them to be recovered.  

3.  We are having our wedding shower this weekend! I'm so happy to spend some quality time celebrating with family and friends!!! 

4.  I'm dying over these boots.  I needed a short black pair for this upcoming fall season and these Loeffner Randall rain boots seem so versatile and like I could wear them even when it isn't raining.  They would be PERFECT for our London/Scotland trip at the end of the year!!! 

5.  I feel like September has been a magical month of checking a lot of things off my wedding "to-do" list.  It makes me happy and way less stressed.  I need to keep up my momentum! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventures in Food {a long overdue update on what and where I've been eating}

I have had SO many foodie items I have been wanting to share with anyone who will listen to me that I've finally tried to sit down and gather my thoughts.  I've been to several new places around Atlanta and beyond and I must share -- the good, the bad, the mediocre; etc.  The only thing I know to do here is to dive in and get right to it.  

apologies as I am unable to locate source for this photo. it is not mine. 

What I Loved: This place is just amazingly beautiful inside.  Great Buckhead location and incredible ambiance.  I've been for lunch twice.  

What I Didn't Love:  My first trip I had an appetizer come out that was cold in the middle.  Don't get me wrong they were great about it -- brought us a new one ASAP and even comped it (not that we asked them to) from the check.  Still -- I just feel like this is something that should happen at TGI Fridays, not a Ford Fry establishment.  The second time I went on a Tuesday afternoon around 11:30 and was told that since I didn't have a reservation I had to wait for a table.  I went with M to wait at the bar -- and pretty much saw a million empty tables and lounging wait staff.  By the time they decided to come give us a table we had already had an appetizer and just decided to stay at the bar since we were already settled in. 

The Food: I hate that I had so many service issues because I feel like their pastas and desserts were very, very good.  But again -- due to service I have not been back and probably won't go back for a while. 

Savannah, GA

On our way to St. Simons Island we managed a pit stop in Tybee Island and went into Savannah to make a special trip to Hugh Acheson's newest digs.  

What I Loved: the people I was with, our very nice server who triumphed in a seemingly chaotic Saturday night rush, wine knowledge and lists, lots to choose from on the menu, beautiful dining space and open kitchen. 

What I Didn't Love: There didn't seem to be a lot of parking (although we found a space easily). 

The Food:  I'd definitely be willing to return to this place but we definitely had a few food low points here.  But also some high points and great service.  We tried a fish dish, a pizza, lots of small plates, some entrees, and dessert.  The bread plate and beef carpaccio were very good.  Pizza was just ok.  M had the roasted & confit pork -- very, very good.  I will say my meal ended on a bad note with the peach tart I ordered for dessert.  I hate to be so super harsh but it was truly so dry it may as well have come from a vending machine.  A friend ordered the cannoli which was incredible.  So get that instead. 

A notable mention for our trip -- Tybee Island Breakfast Club which recently got a small mention in the Garden & Gun food issue was a fun treat before we headed out of town and continued to St. Simons.  Go early so you won't have to wait as long! It's not fancy but it's good and has super large portions if you are starving. 


What I Loved: Echo is located at The King and Prince resort in St. Simons and it has a special place in my heart because The Housewife got married in St. Simons and her reception was at the resort.  This is a new place to me -- I'm not quite sure when they opened but I can't wait to go back.  Service -- fantastic.  Ocean front views if you want them.  Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & cocktails.  I loved the food. 

What I Didn't Love: Hey look -- it turns out I don't look for things to complain about. I loved everything about this place. 

The Food: It was all SO SO good.  And I truly don't think that it was due to the fact that I was starving from an intense and long beach day.  Please try this place if you are in the area! 


I know it's sacrilegious to be from the South and say that I don't necessarily live and die by good BBQ -- but this place may have changed my mind.  We were on such a good kick of hitting some restaurants we wanted to try out that we squeezed this one in on the way out of town.  I do not regret this stop at all. 

What I Loved: Simple, good service, quaint atmosphere, ate it all outside in the August heat next to their smoker.  I had a classic pulled pork on a bun with slaw on top and a side of hush puppies.  The hush puppies shattered my soul (in a good way) and I forced the entire sandwich into my body even though I was incredibly full after eating only half. It was that good. 

What I Didn't Love: The only thing that makes me sad is that this place isn't close to my house! 

The Food: They had a really extensive menu and served items other than BBQ. Per Garden and Gun rumor is sometimes they have Sunday Brunch items -- like cornbread waffles.  Someone mail one of those to me as soon as possible.  In true fat-kid fashion we couldn't just leave without taking one of their pimiento cheese sandwiches with us.  I popped it in the oven the next night and we split it for dinner -- it was incredible!  

I seriously may never be able to eat BBQ anywhere else again. I just don't think it will compare. 

I'll try to get my other places up in another post. This one got away from me with length! One small mention should go out to supporting local coffee in St. Simons at Wake Up Coffee. Super cute, wonderful scones, and delicious iced coffee! 

Also -- where are you eating right now? Seriously. I want to know. 

~the engaged gal~

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday

Ah! I'm so happy I'm squeezing in a Five on Friday post! 

1. I'm still happy to report that work is going really, really well.  I'm not an expert at anything yet.  It's all still really challenging -- but I love my office and what we do and all the wonderful people I work with.  I feel so lucky to have all these feelings.  

2.  The Housewife and I are happily training for the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon! It feels SO good to be running and I've been really devoted to my mileage.  I ran 48 miles in August and hope to run even more in September -- but we have an off week for a long run so it may even out.   My running fitness is really coming back -- hopefully one day soon we can run on some cooler days. 

3.  The stuffings/insides of our wedding invitations came today from Wedding Paper Divas. I'm really excited about them! I can't resist sharing the beautiful suite we used! "Gilded Romance". I definitely can't wait to see the actual invites in person on Tuesday! 

4.  I'm happy to report that I've actually made a real effort at not shopping.  I'm working to get at least into October without buying anything.  The wedding is getting super close (just about 90 days out) and we need all our pennies.  Especially for my London min-moon blow out.  

5.  I spend a lot of time working on my library hold/request list.  Today I got a notice that a book I've wanted to read forever was waiting for me at the hold desk! What a great day! 

Happy weekend! 

~the engaged gal~

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Obsessions

Oh hey there! I'm trying to crawl back from the dead.  For real.  The job really is starting to feel "normal" even if a lot of my day to day still seems really challenging and hard because things just don't come very naturally to me yet.  I really miss blogging and sharing with y'all and now that I've finally crossed some more stuff off of the list for one of the smallest weddings ever I think I can resurface.  

I figured we could start with some obsessions! I recently made myself revamp some of my makeup bag after holding off for what seemed like forever and I'm super pleased with two new things I am trying. 

I'm super picky about my foundation because I need full coverage.  I've been getting by with some Revlon items and liked those okay -- but I was ready to bite the bullet for something better.  However, as I was looking at my basket and thinking of my budget I did a quick grab for this Sephora 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation.  I have to say -- I am SUPER impressed.  Definitely the coverage I want, a ton of colors, and lasts pretty much all day.  And for only $20 I may be a customer for life. 

In my heart I really wanted to also get some Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer but damn it's $43.  I wish I had it.  I do.  And I was going to buy it anyway but then I saw this illuminizer.  I'm really pleased with this also and it's only $28.  It gives a really nice glow.  I have mixed with my foundation and used alone.  

The last few weeks have also been awesome because Outlander finally started on Starz.  I've read the book and was so excited to see how this show turned out.  I have not been disappointed at all.  It's actually nice to watch some tv again! I never make time for tv during the week.  #claireandjamieforever

My parents got me an initial necklace for my birthday like this and I can't stop wearing it.  I feel like everyone else needs one now, too.  Especially for $38.  

Since it's been so long since I have blogged I could probably keep going but I won't.  I've missed my little special outlet here.  I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

~the engaged gal~