Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where I Share About Shoes and Carrot Fries....

I really loathe people who are always saying they are sooooooo tired/exhausted because really that's just something that real life throws on us at times.  I won't go there because I know that everyone out there is tired.  It's fine.  It's sometimes the nature of being an adult.  Mostly I do like being an adult.  Mostly...

I won't bore you with how much I worked already this week but I will have a small celebration here for some recognition from my manager at our team meeting this week.  Snaps to him for the nice bottle of wine that came with it (we love wine at this house).  I also found out that I have a small bonus coming in August -- which after not getting a raise this year -- it could be all of $100 and I would still be ecstatic.  Even if it will be sent to grown up things like paying off debt or my Roth.  Or that pesky medical bill from a doctor visit in March that I'm ignoring because I hate high deductible plans (note an adult thing I do not like). 

I digress.  To fun stuff.

  • I made carrot fries on Sunday! It was easy and I really liked them.  If it helps sway anyone Matt advised me that even he liked them and carrots normally make him "dry heave" (what is it with men and vegetables?). 
  • I would like to bake this sometime soon.
  • Recently purchased these shoes -- I really wanted the Vince Allison mules that everyone has but many thanks to the blogger that linked the super similar  Shoemint Miller mules Kohl's. They are pretty much just alike.  
Really I want to stay home and drink coffee in a summer Thunderstorm tomorrow morning. I will say it's super nice that we have a short week and even get to close up early tomorrow.  We have a super low key Fourth of July planned and I'm really excited about it.  Catching up on cooking, reading, working out, and lake time! 

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