Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Long Weekend Hangover

I didn't exactly overinduldge in anything except maybe for food last weekend but whenever we get that extra day I feel like the work week drags and I have a hard time getting started. It's the Long Weekend Hangover. Traffic was terrible, we forgot to check schedules and coordinate dog walking days, and yeah the bathroom could be a lot cleaner.  Thank goodness for frozen fish filets that work for a quick taco dinner that wasn't completely off of a healthy dinner. 

We had a great weekend though. I helped with a wedding, sat by the pool, grilled out, spent a day on the lake and went to bed really early on Friday before all this happened. 

Backyard weddings are kind of the best! Congrats Kate and Scott! 

I let myself have McDonald's breakfast the morning after the wedding. I haven't had drive through breakfast in forever and it absolutely did not disappoint! (Seriously I'm STILL thinking about it.)

Dad always flies the Stars and Stripes but it was especially fun to do this weekend on the boat! We had a perfect day! 

Rocky isn't hungover that's just how he hangs out. 

Are you dragging this week too? Thank goodness we only have 3 more days! 

Love you. Mean it.
-the single gal-

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Five

1. I love that the little cafe in the other building sells Arden's Garden juices. Easy stop for light eating day going into a holiday weekend. 

2. Looking forward to my first real attempt at getting some sun on these blindingly white legs. Let's hope I'm not a tomato on Sunday. 

3. My audio book "Sisterland" by Curtis Sittenfield is super good! Highly recommend! 

4. Sudafed is my BFF the last two days and I will ignore this nasty sinus infection for the long weekend. 

5. Attending a backyard wedding of my BFF's little sister to help with detail and such. I've missed my true calling. Round two of pretend Wedding Coordinating. I got this. 

Happy Weekend lovely readers!! What do you have planned? 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Things {birthday edition}

I keep thinking my birthday is at least a month away...but 31 is actually pretty close.  I don't know if it helps that I have had to buy gifts for other people and try to get my budget back on track since unemployment but I have resisted SO many shopping urges lately.  I also think it makes it easier to know I will at least get a few tidbits around my birthday from a few loved ones.  And even if I don't -- that's fine, too.  

I've really been loving the Outline the Sky T-shirts and tanks I have seen Tori Gonzales wearing on her instagram (The Housewife and I love her!).  Outline the Sky offers you simple, good feeling fabric 

that's comfortable and allows you to represent your favorite city.  Obviously we heart Atlanta and this tank would be perfect to throw on Saturday mornings or late summer days on the way back from the lake.  Also -- with a price tag of $27 I'll take two.  

find here

It's also noteworthy news in this household that Dolly Parton dropped a new album maybe sometime last week.  Seriously must get a hold of this soon.  Just $11.99 on Amazon. 

If you are a runner like me or are constantly hating having to carry keys and a phone while you just want to juggle a coffee and walk the dog in the park you will know that this would be an awesome little gift! I give you the Flip Belt. 

Flip Belt on Amazon - $28.99

If you are on a budget like me and want to hunt down some make up to last you this could be the blush/bronze combo you need forever.  $3.00.  Good stuff.   Can be found at Target! 

the single gal

p.s. as always, none of these people or companies know us from Adam.  Just stuff we like. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

I feel like after a month at the new job and coming up on our 6 month marker in June I should really get on top of some wedding items.  As small as our celebration is I am trying not to get behind on anything.  Again -- prior brides how did you do it all? 

Last weekend I finally reached out to a local florist recommended by a friend of mine that used her for her wedding.  I love how people are now requesting some Pinterest images for your inspiration. It's SO much easier for me to send a picture for an idea of what I want to visually guide her.  And then tell her to try to do a more cost effective version if she can.  I've been pleasantly surprised at all the winter wedding inspiration I have found -- even though I am hoping for one of those December days in the 60's...

//photo from alexa n events and will source bouquet//

As far as registering...we need to be thinking of that. I think I'm going to do that new-fangled online registry where you can link up a ton of stores so that I can have a more eccelctic and gathered collection of home items.  Have any of you used My Registry

As far as a honeymoon -- that's going to happen way later since we are paying for our own wedding. However, since we will be off to Scotland to celebrate with 3 Putt's family just after Christmas we will be taking about two days for ourselves and staying in London before heading up.   If any of you have any recommendations for the quickest trip ever please send them over! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Obsessions: Housewife Edition

This is really an embarrassing confession to make on the internet but after having three kids and being in various states of weight gain/loss and nursing, etc it has been about four years since I bought a bra. It's horrible! I just walk around in a constant state of one or both straps falling down because I actually think they still have some elasticity left. As I was ordering my yearly swimsuit from Victoria's Secret, I decided to purchase two t-shirt bras. I really like them. I'm not sure that will mean much to anyone since I told you I haven't bought a new bra in four years. 


My new best friend, besides cheap red wine, is talenti gelato. Run, don't walk, to a frozen novelties aisle in your neighborhood grocery store. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is my current favorite. The Single Gal and I are simply working through all of their wonderful flavors, because why not?

I'm living in my J Crew Factory Denim Roll Up shorts these days. Hence, the t-shirt bra purchase. My new summer uniform. I'm considering getting another pair, probably in a darker wash. 


In other news, I've been dealing with some nerve problems in my right hand/arm. I am right handed and  after visiting with the orthopedist too many times (my time not that they weren't quick with a diagnosis) it was determined I suffer from Cubital Tunnel. The ulnar nerve is cramped somewhere and it causes my pinky and ring fingers to go numb/tingle and I have pain in my wrist, elbow and above my elbow. I have spent 6 weeks doing physical therapy (dragging ALL the kids with me to therapy!) and it has helped. But now three weeks without therapy my symptoms are returning. I'm going back to physical therapy but I'm afraid I will eventually have to have surgery. We all know I'm not scheduling surgery before I go to the beach in September or before Single Gal's wedding. I'm not nearly in good enough shape. Think some good thoughts for my follow up with the orthopedic the first week in July as big decisions could be made. Who is going to take care of the rug rats?!? Seriously. 

I'm out. 
The Housewife

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Five {single gal edition}

1.  I took a moment to be an educated individual this morning and read this article in the Washington Post about LBJ and the 50th anniversary of his 'Great Society'.  

2. I'm not sure who sent me this Garden & Gun magazine subscription but I hope to be able to properly thank you when I discover you.  Even if you don't get the mag check out their amazing and fun website.  Their blog is really awesome, too.  {duh}

//georgia trout with salsa verde article by jed portman//

3.  I don't have a lot of birthday wishes this year because I'm still too grateful about having a job and am getting serious about getting my budget back on track after unemployment but I would just adore these necklaces from the Gorjana + Courtney Kerr collection.  She named them after her sweet dog Fancy. Need. 

//image from thecourtneykerr.com//

4.  In other news there is a rando fly that has been in my house for like three days. I cannot catch him or kill him.  I guess he lives here now.  

5.  The Housewife and I would also like to thank whoever invented or made group text happen as our lives are now incomplete without it.  If only you would stop making that feed jump to the bottom if I am out of the loop trying to catch up on 36 messages.  

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Checking In

It's been a really hard, transitional, busy, and emotional last few weeks.   We continue to completely pass middle ground this year -- everything is either really great and awesome or pretty darn craptastic as we have gone through 2014.  I know The Housewife informed you that we lost sweet Hogan about a week ago.  I'm not quite ready to write a lot about it but I will and I'm sure it will help the healing process.  He was 11 and I'd like to think we gave him a really great life and the best care he could have while he was on earth.  I'm trying not to be a 3 year old about the whole thing but my general view lately is "I want my dog back."  But I also know human nature is to always want more time than we have and I'm working really hard at being incredibly grateful for the time that we did have together. 

We have truly had all the emotions lately though.  The new job is going really, really well.  If I could have just picked the most ideal situation/result to come out of my unemployment it would have been to land in the exact place that I am now.  Truly.  Obviously life isn't perfect.  I've got a bit of a commute and different hours but we have banded together on the home front and we have a dog walking service that comes several times a week when we need them and hopefully soon I'll be making a few dinners, making time for more workouts and feeling more comfortable with my completely new job scene.  Change is hard.  I keep telling myself that if I spouted gospel in my interview trying to win my position about wanting to push my boundaries I better grab hold of the opportunity and dig in to get exactly what I want out of this incredible job opportunity.  I do feel like I will be really happy there.  But at the same time even though I am still in insurance I am completely out of my comfort zone so I need to take a deep breath and relax.  I need to keep telling myself "I will get there". 

This has been a better weekend than the last.  We stuck pretty close to home again and with the rain and cloudy weather I have been able to catch up on all the chores and house stuff that were completely ignored last weekend.  It's definitely the little things -- wandering the mall with Emily, looking at my little patio plants that are still alive, fresh flowers, fresh manicure, and home cooked meals.  Now I'm trying to regroup on some wedding items like flowers, what the groom should wear, hotel room blocks, and a hair/makeup girl. 

I've missed you guys! Working to get back on track with regular posts! 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You'll Miss These Days....

I get the gist of that statement. There are many things I will miss about these days. However, as much as I love those darnedest things three year olds say, there is the equally challenging problem of trying to reason with a three year old. Which is exactly why we should send some in during any diplomatic negotiation with foreign countries. They do not take no for an answer. They will ask you, "Why?," about ever point you make. They will cry hysterically when you "mess up their game" even though said game has caused an injury resulting in lots of tears and hysterics. Three children constantly crying must be worse than Chinese water torture. It has to be.

I left my children to their own devices in the basement for ten minutes. You can see the results above. I thought it was somewhat comforting no one was issuing the scream of death. So far today Hadley took it upon herself to demonstrate self responsibility and remove her diaper. Her dirty diaper. Harper was also kind enough to break a small snow globe, distributing glitter and shards of fine glass everywhere. 

I do need to report that No. 1 took her first nap in maybe 50-ish days Sunday and slept for four hours. I did this...

I made my bi-weekly run to Costco to load up on fruit yesterday. The lady behind me in line asked me if I was making jam. I said, "No. This might last me a whole week. Maybe." I even had all the kids with me (obviously, when am I ever without them?). Bless her heart, but she gave me a good laugh. 

Cheers to Hump Day. If you don't follow either of us on Instagram send some hugs out for Single Gal. She lost sweet Hogan last Friday. I'll let her give you the main details. 

The Housewife