Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My "I want it NOW" List

The Single Gal is harping on me to post my birthday wish list, so here it goes. But before I really get into that I will tell you I am being a classic Gemini and feel terribly indecisive. For real....I'm not sure what I want to commit myself to at all. I do know that I would like my fridge to stop making noises that sound like an airplane intermittently throughout the day but that's another story for another day.

I am really excited about what I'll be purchasing for the Single Gal. I hope she adores it and doesn't turn her nose up at it like Baby when we gave her some Kate Spade bangles for her birthday.

Since I'm indecisive in the words of Kenny Powers I would like some dolla dolla bills. Then I can buy a jet ski whatever I want. And that list would include the following:

Ole Henrickson Sheer Transformation Moisturizer (notice the "natural" symbol for my new granola ways)

The Turtle would love to give me an iPad but I don't want one. He's a "technology pusher" as I call it. But for the techy in me I choose this: a Nikon D3100 DSLR. This would be the mother load as in raining leprechauns and pots of gold on my little Housewife heart.

I need a new swimsuit. Desperately. However there is a change to that request because I now know why Victoria Secret makes push-up swimsuit tops. SO....sign me up for one of those this summer. (* in case there was confusion I am NOT pictured below*)

This Lilly Pulitzer Day Planner/Calendar will help me keep track of the workouts my coach is giving me when my training starts for Las Vegas Marathon 2011. So I can officially document how close to death he brings me each day. (Not sure if this is a current design but you catch my drift.)

Last but not least a new pair of Nike Structure Triax 14's. These keep my feet happy and painless and me injury free. Basically I will die if Nike ever discontinues this shoe. Not super fun.....but super necessary.

I'm also out of my make-up BFF- HD Forever Foundation and some other items which can be purchased at Sephora. See.......I just can't decide.

The Housewife

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