Monday, July 27, 2015

Pushing Through Monday...

I feel like I need to come up with better titles for these blogs but you can't win 'em all right? 

You guys I just had to stop back by because holy cow I'm signing all these papers and sending all these tax returns for the refinance on our house and I feel like this is some sort of unintentional Name Change Shaming.  No, I haven't told the bank that I need my name changed on the loan (They get their who really cares?).  No, the card I am using to pay my appraisal is not in my married name.  It goes on.  I am just going to send the guy a copy of our marriage certificate and wish him well. I'll be busy making my chore list around the house before the appraiser comes. 

I feel really weird today - (like overheated or something?) and wanted to skip the gym...but hey I'm not drowning at work anymore so I sat in the parking lot today and I couldn't really think of a good excuse NOT to go in.  Snaps for back episodes of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast.  Hauled my ass up many flights of faux stairs. 

When we come back from vacation and close this refi I refuse to do anything productive or adult on anything until 2016. I'll just work and zone out on Netflix or something. 

Anyway, some name change fun for you...because one day I'll stop talking about. But that day is clearly not today.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Morning/ Pre-Vacation

I'm having some early Sunday morning quiet time before church and trying to prep for vacation. Friday we are off to Beaver Creek in CO for my cousin's wedding and then Vegas before we head home.  I'm super excited as this is our only big trip for the year  but does anyone run into pre-vacation stress? It is real! The house is a small disaster in our high traffic areas, organizing pet sitters, library trips, trying to pack and make sure everything is taken care of before we go so we don't come back and are miserable...I'm hoping big lists will help! If you could tell me why I thought it would be a great idea to go through refinancing our home right now I'd be grateful.  

I'm hoping that a great sermon today at Revolution, lots of coffee and a pedicure this evening with The Housewife will smooth everything out.  Matt is off pretty early today for a weekend so I'm sure we will have some quality time tonight too.  

  • In other news...I'm really enjoying a blonde moment in my life.  I really have bumped up the brightness in this mane for a much needed hair change.  I'm really feeling it. 
  • I read this book but it was just okay....but have this and "Girl on the Train" coming from the library today. 
  • The Housewife has me addicted to Podcasts and I seriously enjoyed some back episodes of Call Your Girlfriend while I was in the office for a bit yesterday catching up on some items. 
  • The JCrew sale did not hurt my feelings the last few weeks.  I'm having a moment with basics lately.  The sale is good people - this comes from a girl that normally buys all her J. Crew on Ebay.  I have the following en route to my house: 

J.Crew Amalia High Heel Sandals

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Tidewater

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coming Up for Air

It feels so good to have a little breathing room at work right now.  Not a lot but hopefully the rest of the year will be easier and I can catch up.  My desk looks like a paper tornado went through so I'm trying to organize one thing a day in that area because I may disappear soon and I'd like them to know I'm there and still pay me.   We actually have a half day tomorrow before leaving for a volunteer event at the Atlanta Food Bank and then a happy hour so I'm pretty excited about that. This week was so calm I actually made it to the gym instead of working out at home.  Snaps for me. 


  • Because you care so much so far I have changed my name with the Social Security Office, the DMV, sent off my Passport, gone to the bank to change my accounts, the gym, and put in the request at work (thank goodness they handle my licenses!). I still have my bills, the library, and any other cards I hold let alone all my shopping accounts.  It may never end. 
  • Since I love bandwagons and being late to parties I finally ordered this face mask to try when I had my last Amazon Prime haul. I read where a girl that lives in Chicago was getting facials prepping for her wedding and her girl swore by this. She looks fancy people.  Her facial routine probably cost as much as my wedding. I was extra excited about this because I usually don't do masks and they remind me of my childhood and having beauty night with Mom. Clearly I will wake up and not need wrinkle cream anymore...or maybe still...

  • It was Arnie's Gotcha Day anniversary yesterday.  Matt bought him a gigantic bone and to say thank you he threw up everywhere in the middle of the night.  I was against the bone so that meant I got out of carpet cleaning.
  • Read this and this last week while it rained. 

Happy Wednesday! I'll work on some more interesting musings. 

the married gal

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where I Share About Shoes and Carrot Fries....

I really loathe people who are always saying they are sooooooo tired/exhausted because really that's just something that real life throws on us at times.  I won't go there because I know that everyone out there is tired.  It's fine.  It's sometimes the nature of being an adult.  Mostly I do like being an adult.  Mostly...

I won't bore you with how much I worked already this week but I will have a small celebration here for some recognition from my manager at our team meeting this week.  Snaps to him for the nice bottle of wine that came with it (we love wine at this house).  I also found out that I have a small bonus coming in August -- which after not getting a raise this year -- it could be all of $100 and I would still be ecstatic.  Even if it will be sent to grown up things like paying off debt or my Roth.  Or that pesky medical bill from a doctor visit in March that I'm ignoring because I hate high deductible plans (note an adult thing I do not like). 

I digress.  To fun stuff.

  • I made carrot fries on Sunday! It was easy and I really liked them.  If it helps sway anyone Matt advised me that even he liked them and carrots normally make him "dry heave" (what is it with men and vegetables?). 
  • I would like to bake this sometime soon.
  • Recently purchased these shoes -- I really wanted the Vince Allison mules that everyone has but many thanks to the blogger that linked the super similar  Shoemint Miller mules Kohl's. They are pretty much just alike.  
Really I want to stay home and drink coffee in a summer Thunderstorm tomorrow morning. I will say it's super nice that we have a short week and even get to close up early tomorrow.  We have a super low key Fourth of July planned and I'm really excited about it.  Catching up on cooking, reading, working out, and lake time! 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Checking In

It has really not my intention to be so far away from this little place of the internet that I do really like  -- but it's kind of the busiest time of year other than December at the office.  I worked just about 50 hours this past week.  It doesn't seem like that much more than a regular 40 hour work week but trust me when I say that it's really kind of crazy.  I almost logged in today but I decided that all can wait until Monday -- I am working towards not overdoing it with ALL THE THINGS since my husband will tell you I cried ALL THE TEARS the weekend before this one.  I'm not a machine.  So I'm doing ALL THE THINGS I LIKE this weekend and also checking in here. 

  • I am still really into barre workouts lately - this video is a killer for your legs and I've also had a lot of fun with Jessica Smith TV on You Tube.  Are we not all thankful for free things like this on the internet? It's amazing to me. 
  • Ever since starting to eat according to Macros I've become addicted to finding protein sources -- Quest Bars are my jam forever. Thanks Amazon Prime for mailing them all so quickly! 
  • The Housewife has been feeding me books lately and we really loved this one from Melanie Shankle who write the Big Mama blog. Great book about friendship and I think you would all love it. Ok, Ok -- the dudes may not be up for this one but STILL. 
  • I also need to let you know that I'm like one summer away from being a master gardener because I have managed to keep a ton of plants alive so far this year on my porch and back patio -- aka rosebushes and ferns aka things that are pretty much impossible to kill if you just keep watering them. (We won't talk about my little lavender plant that is struggling and the shrub by the front door that has been here since I moved in and is suddenly dead all over in a matter of one day...)
  • JCrew is having a sale so awesome I actually strayed from eBay.  Super surprised at how far my $57 took me! I got a bathing suit for $12! It's bright orange but I thought it would be fun when we go to Vegas.  
  • The first half of this year I have been working to better my soul and give it more Jesus -- I have been going to Revolution Church  (ok I was streaming the service a lot but now I really do get up and get my behind out there Sunday mornings) with The Housewife and I have found such a good home there. 
Ok...I swore I was going to work out now. Hope we haven't dissolved our lovely little following with lack of posts! 

~the married gal~

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Year Down...

One day we will update our blog header because it's really misleading now since we are 32...oops! (Who has the time?) I promise we aren't trying to play tricks on people.  We rang in 32 a week ago today.  Many things have changed, but some things stay the same.  Like your best girls making a trip to hang at the pool.  The Housewife (can't wait to share many more birthdays with you!).  I hosted our small birthday cookout with friends and family last Saturday -- it made the day a little hectic but I have been trying my hand at entertaining a little more this year especially since I'm devoting so much of my time to sprucing up the backyard.  I even allowed myself to buy groceries (sans any coupons) at Whole Foods because I wanted everything to be just right for our pizza cookout and it was my birthday.  It proved to be expensive but exhilarating.  It doesn't hurt that Matt is super into the Big Green Egg and we are having a lot of fun cooking. I have to thank Matt and his Dad for putting up with me and moving our kitchen table out into the back yard and back into the house when it started to rain a bit late into the evening.  

I don't think 32 looks all that different from 31 (Except coming into it with a new last name!).  I will say that post-marriage Matt and I have been doing all the grown up things lately.  Talking and working more with retirement goals. Purchasing life insurance.  Having "Make a Will" on your To Do List seems kind of crazy! My head is filled with thoughts of re-financing the Tiny Affordable Town Home (TATH). Adulting.  It's a thing. 

If you told me I would be obsessed with trying to keep my few outdoor plants alive and spending a lot of time and energy staying healthy 10 years ago I really would have laughed.  There is so much to enjoy about being young and in your twenties, but I have to say that things get better with age.  There is so much comfort to just being myself that I did not have at that time in my life.  I don't really see this part of my life as "settling down" so much as settling into myself.  There is definitely a great happiness and security here. 

~the married gal~

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday

{ Not really five because blogger does not work well with the iPad. It won't allow me to place my cursor below the sunscreen. It's attitude is iWont. }

I pulled the trigger on the Uber Clutch from GiGi New York with my birthday money. They are having some specials right now if you have been eyeing them. (Just search any fashion blog and I'm sure you can find the code. I think it's FRIENDS15 and no I don't get anything from links.) Also, might be free customization this weekend but I'm not sure when the Friends and Family ends. I chose the black pebble leather and added my monogram. 
Image via 

This article on happiness. 

Any Moms out there looking for a decent show their kids can watch check out Amazon Prime's original series Tumble Leaf. It's more on the educational side, with the characters figuring things out on their own and then discussing what worked and what didn't when problem solving. I know, television is the devil, but this Mom needs to get dinner on the table and potty trained twins. 

This sunscreen is my go-to during the summer. It's not greasy, provides good coverage and seems to last while the kids swim. I get mine off Amazon, however, my Dad found this at a Publix in Florida. It's the only thing that keeps my kids faces from burning. I picked up some Honest Company sunscreen from Costco a few weeks ago and it is just okay. I mainly dislike that the formula is so greasy. It feels like I have just slathered lard on my kids.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My First World Problems

It's been such a long time since I have checked in here. I'm not exactly sure how to explain my missing self. Turtle and I have been, for lack of a better term, renovating our basement, among other life things one usually gets caught up in. I don't like the term "renovating" because to me that seems like we are ripping out everything and starting over which is SO not the case. Also, when I say "we" that means "we" are doing it. We did have to hire out the flooring because the area was large and probably not the best idea for beginners who don't really have the time to do it. (No. 1 just explained the keystroke noises are "annoying." How does she even know that word and what it means?) Just to re-cap we had two separate minor floods in the basement over the past 10 months and the basement was insanely ugly to begin with. Don't you love those forced home projects?

School has been out a little over a week which means I have entered potty training bootcamp with the twins, also known as hell. They are honestly not doing too badly with it besides the fact Turtle traumatized Hadley by having to clean her dirty diaper (which is what the bootcamp book "instructs" you to do) so she didn't poop for FOUR days. It was very pitiful and I had resolved to give her a diaper if that's what it took for her to poop but she eventually cried and went on the baby potty. We have broken barriers equivalent to taking down the Berlin Wall. It's just tough because I still feel that I cannot venture out for very long periods of time. Our yard seems to be breeding ground for poison ivy/oak this year and we are working on killing it but it's difficult to keep the kids out of it. Short of bringing one of my baby potties directly into the playground area because it seems frowned upon to leave a 2 year old and a 4 year old unattended while you take one to the bathroom, I'm not sure what to do. Getting one potty training child to the bathroom in time is a feat in itself, much less trying to corral the other two who do not have to go, to come with you. This also results in you having to tell the Comcast repair technician to wait on your porch for five minutes while you run around like a mad woman trying to locate clothes for your children.

I can definitively tell you we have poison ivy in the yard because I have contracted it. I can't tell you how, when or why but I have it. Now, I do not seem to get clusters of bumps that are very indicative of the rash. I thought I had some bug bits on my neck, but then they seemed to be spreading. I had to drag potty training toddlers to Urgent Care one morning where I was told I had a food allergy. I'm terribly freaked out and started to do a Whole 30 because I had no idea what was giving me a reaction. I had a dermatologist appointment the next day to remove some stitches in my back and decided to beg politely for a second opinion, where the news was delivered to me I do indeed have poison ivy. I paid a $50 urgent care co-pay for a quack doctor who cannot tell me I have poison ivy folks. Then I might have recalled being rubbed with a "tree star" that Harper found but I'm still not sure how I got the poison ivy. The stitches were from a mole removal that was biopsied and came back with abnormal cells that were not cancerous so they wanted to take out the margins. All clear now even though it's not healing well.

I will try to be back, though I'm sure the only one who has missed my presence is the Married Gal. I've had some technical frustrations from a very busted up iPad that doesn't blog well and a slow and old computer. Turtle has advised me to just use the Google Chrome and not go through Safari. This is just downright irritating to me as a woman though because Safari SHOULD work, am I right? I don't care if the Chrome works. I have an iMac. It should WORKKKKKKK!!!!

If you need me I'll be managing what is sort of a Blue Lagoon meets indoor plumbing, my island rash and my lack of being able to use modern medicine to heal a cut in my back. Party on Wayne.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


...not worrying about the fact that all floors and surfaces need to be vacuumed

...researching eating according to macronutrients

...reading "The Opposite of Lonliness" 

...making a conscious effort to be minimally scheduled in the month of May 

...a week behind on most emails but can't make myself open that damn laptop after hours

...wondering what in the hell is eating my rosebush

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thank God for Weekends

It's been one of those weeks where I am drowning in work and cannot see the end (even though I know there will be a reprieve), I haven't made it to the gym at all, it's been raining all week, traffic has been utter hell, I haven't been able to find the energy to read a single page in the book I wanted to start this week...I could go on.  But on the week of my 1 year work anniversary I cannot help but remember how lucky I am to be employed and for this lovely reminder of how freaking great weekends (and wine) are.  Even though I'm sad that Matt and I have been passing like ships in the night and will continue to do so this weekend I think I needed to come home Friday night to an empty and quiet house. 

  • I spent Friday doing a few chores to get ahead of the weekend and catching up on some internet reading.  Jaclyn Day's blog is by far one of my very favorites -- she posts really good shopping finds, links great articles and generally never runs out of interesting things to put forth into my world. 
  • I am really taking advantage of Spotify lately.  This playlist was pretty neat.  I like that I usually listen to something random that I never would normally listen to when I'm on the site. 
  • One of the highlights of my week was getting my hair colored.  I ventured out to the Aveda School because we have one here in Atlanta and the prices are insanely good for the students. I have not had my hair really highlighted since I was in college other than  my dabble in ombre the last year or so.  It feels crazy but at the same time I'm strangely wanting more blonde already. I got a cut and full foil for $90. 
  • I joined a Pug Playgroup that meets once a month.  I missed April's meeting up but May is Pug Prom.  My heart may explode.  (Did I mention this already? I am so tired I can't even remember!)
Tonight Matt and I are spending the night at the Housewife's place and watching all the little ones until tomorrow morning so she can have a fancy date night in the city.  Other than that I'm grabbing a few plants at Home Depot and doing some more work to hopefully get caught up for the upcoming week -- apologies to everyone that comes in on Monday to emails from me on Saturday. I'm sorry that I have to be that person. 

Happy weekend! 

~the married gal~

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it! I'll try to keep it short and sweet with the Friday Five today. 

1. I'm going through a true revolution mentally with my time.  About two weeks ago I got tired of hearing myself say "I'm so busy" or "This week is just really busy".   How am I almost 32 years old and realized this is just life?  All these things I am categorizing as "keeping me busy" or tied down were just part of life.  Then it sort of hit me that I don't want to refer to all the stuff I do daily or weekly to be busy items.  And you guys -- I'm not even lying or trying to hard to be cool when I say that it has really changed me and my daily outlook.  It is a lot more positive and for someone who gets stressed out really easily removing "the busy" has gained me an incredible amount of freedom.  This week has been a little harder than the last due to a full calendar but I am stopping myself from using the B word when it pops into my brain.  My world is new.  TRY IT. 

2. Matt and I went to The Masters on Wednesday.  It is so rare that we get a day together like this with no other obligations, neither one of us is at work, etc.  We had an amazing day. This was me before my makeup melted off.

p.s. they will not allow cell phones in Augusta National and the only allow pictures Monday - Wednesday.  We had quite a laugh digging out my actual digital camera and I forgot how good the pictures can be! 

3.  Last week I had Craigslist success stalking a mid-century dresser.  Paid a little more for it than I wanted (still less than asking) but the guy was literally only 10 minutes from my house and I have searched Goodwill and the list for what seems like eternity to find a dresser in this condition.  I was just ready to commit.  Note this is my "under construction/storage area" guest room. Don't look for many updates anytime soon. :/

4. I'm finally forming my vision for the guest room and these euro shams are speaking to me. Too bad it may be a while before I can splurge.  They are of course, out of stock (and freaking $75 each) right now -- which is pretty true for most things I find that I actually like.  Sad face. 

5.  I get so many audio books at the library now for my commute -- but then I get really into them and want to listen at the gym, at home, etc.  Of course I can put them in my DVD player at home but what about the gym? I could kill some cardio with them.  

Y'all -- I am really considering bringing back the Discman. They legit still sell them and I could Amazon Prime that little guy right to my house by Monday.  Matt has basically told me he is completely ashamed to be seen with me for even thinking about this. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Inspiration

Guys, I know I am super obsessed with Ted Talks lately. I don't even know who I am anymore -- except that I've been working really hard to be truly purposeful with my down time and making sure I'm doing something positive, productive, and in a lot of instances doing something to better myself. 

I hope that you are able to take the time to view and listen to this one in its entirety.  I have to admit, I mainly clicked the link because of my inherent curiosity on what Monica Lewinsky would even say.  But her discussion on our culture of shame and the monies made from public humiliation is spot on and worth a listen.  I used to read US Weekly, People Mag, etc.  Over the years, I pretty much refuse to engage in these publications and try not to pay attention to a lot of the garage in the media.  My last forray involved looking at a cover that had Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston wearing the same sunglasses or something to that effect.  That's when I realized I had better things to do with time and that there are better things to read.  Even still, I am avid Twitter user, avid Instagram scroller and can certainly not say that I haven't wanted to cast judgement and shame on strangers involved in scandal.  This was a great Sunday listen for me this weekend.  I hope you can glean something from it also. 

~the married gal~

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Inspiration

I didn't want to get too heavy on a Monday but I came across this article in the Washington Post this weekend and it really resonated with me.  I have been working a lot and in between progress and feeling discouraged at never ending emails I really enjoyed this article.  

{via linked article}

Lillian Cunningham interviews University of Houston professor Brene Brown (they also link some of her Ted Talks...must look into these also) about vulnerability in the workplace.  Really thought this was a great read for my Monday and wanted to share. 

Here is the link to her Ted Talk  on Vulnerability in the Workplace that I promise myself I will listen to at some point this week. 

Thoughts? Anyone else feel like they can never get it all done? 

~the married gal~

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Months Wed

Just checking in to report that we have made it through 1/4 a year of marriage without killing each other or anything very dramatic.  Being married remains fun and awesome but I'm here for Real Talk all the same.   I have been working a lot and Matt has been out of town a lot so I did get some takeaways from the last month for sure. 

-it remains in life that we are able to get too "busy" and too "tired" at the end of the day to connect with anyone.  We have these days like everyone else.  Especially since I have been working a lot since January.  We do a great job catching up at night before bed but I want to be better about the Cell Phone Devil and rolling over and scrolling away before I fall asleep.  

-we still do a great job at the "little things".  Sweet notes around the house.  Taking care of dinner or making dinner together.  A kiss every day before we leave each other whether the other person is asleep or we decide on a minor make -out in the garage as we leave together. Asking Matt to go see a movie because I know that is something HE enjoys and even though I don't love movies it's still important for me to recognize the things he loves.

-I think what I love most about marriage is what it will really show you about yourself -- the good, the bad, the ugly.   I'm not perfect and the reflection you see of yourself when you live the days so close with another can really bring some things to your attention along with the recognition for some change.  Little things like living in the moment, not worrying about a huge to do list, and worries about being defined by how productive I am are some things I am working on.  

-in other news -- I still haven't managed to change my name.  But I'm working to remedy that this week -- I looked online and I believe that I can just mail in my request with my pertinent documents.  I have the application filled out. Baby steps. Then onward to the DMV and my second passport issue within a year. Hopefully I don't get flagged as a terrorist. At first I complained a lot about the hassle of a name change but I was driving to work one day and remembered that I'm incredibly lucky to be the girl Matt picked.  Having this last name is a fantastic and wonderful thing.  

Happy Sunday! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Inspiration

I feel like I don't want to start Mondays with obsession anymore. I'd rather start with a little inspiration instead.  Or humor.  Anything else really to set a better tone.  I feel like starting with obsessions kind of sets a tone of wanting things I don't have for the week and that doesn't quite sit well once I really think about what I'm saying and putting out there for my week when I start that way.  Work has been long but is still rewarding.  Days are still hard.  I still have SO much to learn.  But that's okay. 

Alright everyone. Let's get after this Monday! Have a great week! 

~the married gal~mon

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wedding Photos (finally)

File me under "Worst Bride Ever" but seriously get married right around Christmas and tell me what you have time for once January hits. I didn't want to inundate you but I did want to share some pictures from our special day -- do today we start with "getting ready"! 

All photos taken by Marissa Havens Photography

Dress is Allure - from the Romance collection.  I purchased the gown from Anya Bridal in Atlanta. 

Wedding flowers by boukates

My younger sister didn't make it to the "get ready" party but we have some good pics later. Promise. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to keep the rest of the photo posts a decent length.  Next up - First Look + Family pictures in the park. 

~the married gal~

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five

.1. Matt left a bunch of notes for me to find all around the house while he is on his golf trip this week. I think the one I found in my Cheerios box was my favorite so far. 

2. I know that it is going to get up to about 50 degrees today but I was really taken aback by all the snow this morning in Atlanta.  It's not really sticking but it was really coming down for a while. 

3. PowerPoint is not my strong suit at work.  Thank you Lord for you kids fresh out of college that can teach me all the tricks. If only my document were done today...

4. Someone please remove the ebay app from my phone immediately. I can't stop bidding on cheap JCrew. 

5. Overall it's actually been a good week. Feeling stronger at work and more on top of a few things even though it's busy. I also registered to start a designation to have on top of my insurance licenses an I am going to a networking event next week. Basically I'll be a CEO in no time

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This and That

Wedensday -- how did I get here already? Work has been flying by since I got a new client assigned late Monday and Matt has left town for a boys trip -- but not before I made him renew his Netflix account so that I can watch House of Cards this weekend.  I have been feeling good and back in the routine of working out but today I skipped the gym and came home to just walk in the neighborhood and be outside because ohmygoditwasaglorious 70 degrees! 

I have been on a serious eBay shopping kick lately...but I have found 2 really killer deals by bidding on some JCrew suiting for work -- and then found a fun blouse today.  My suit dresses were about $30 each.  I felt like I stole them! 

This is the one I got today! 

I tried a sample in my makeup drawer this weekend -- Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment.  It's a two minute mask that you wear and massage into your skin and then rinse.  I actually really felt like after one use I could see a difference in my skin.  My face looked and felt fresh and had a hint of a glow.  I'm thinking of ordering the small tube to try -- its $22 at Sephora.  Warning -- if you have sensitive skin pass this up.  It's really strong stuff and can burn a bit. 

Lately I have been incredibly obsessed with Amy's Organic Taquitos.  They are frozen and you put them in the oven for 12 minutes -- plenty of time to pour your wine and get out your accoutrements -- and dinner is served.  Clearly since Matt is out of town I will be disposing of a lot of our stash the rest of this week.  Now if only I can find time to read...

Other than that I'm trying to work up some decent posts for you guys -- some wedding photos, my chair recovering project, a review of my first year at my new job, and 3 months of marriage (ha). 

What are you guys up to this week? 

~the married gal~

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five

1. Cheese dip heals. But it also makes your pants really tight! I've at least gotten back on the workout train this week and have big weekend plans to finish strong. Matt has been super devoted to Orange Theory for the last two months and has totally shamed me by going to the gym all the time in cold weather -- but I am super proud of him! He looks fantastic! I however, do not. 

2. Finally got our snow and it wasn't as bad as we thought! Thank the good Lord. We had a precautionary office closing at noon that day and I was able to get into work by 9 with no problems. Maybe now February will really leave us. 

3. I can't stop making roasted veggies to put on couscous with a big dollop of Greek yogurt. It's my new fave. 

4. I have not been sleeping well at all the past month. I really need to figure out how to fix this. Nothing is working. Even Melatonin. 

5. I'm super glad it's Friday. This week has just felt off with crazy weather, working from home, and being busy at work. 

-the married gal-

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Perfect Weekend...

Even though it was a bit rainy and the weather guys kept me scared about another "winter weather storm" where we would be stuck at home due to scary roads -- it actually never happened, and really we went out anyway on Friday night (to be fair, it did snow a bit) and the roads ended up being fine. I think that I officially had a bit of cabin fever and was ready for some outings after a really quiet January/early February coming into 2015.  I actually got a great night of sleep on Thursday and though the world was actually a really beautiful place again on Friday morning.  

Friday afternoon on my lunch break I even braved the cold to drive out to a fun little flea market I'd been dying to run into -- it's called My Favorite Place.  I really prefer these places to "antique" shops because I feel like if you really hunt you can still find great stuff and the prices are better and I feel more comfortable negotiating on items. Friday night we went back into town to have a birthday dinner with Matt's best friend and saw their new lovely home they just moved into.  We had a really great night -- his crew is always good for good wine, food and those dinners where you laugh until your face hurts.  

Saturday we braved a very crowded Murphy's (my first time back since we got married) to eat brunch with our internet pal Clemson Jenn -- she is moving this summer so we participated in her "Say Goodbye" tour by touring the Margaret Mitchell House and the Gone With the Wind museum in Marietta.  In Marietta they do have an original dress from the movie and lots of Vivien Leigh items and Hollywood correspondence, too.  I definitely recommend the tour of the house in Atlanta -- the guide we had was really awesome and it was actually very interesting.  We also cruised Dupree's Antiques.  Note that I happened to walk by the Australian Bakery -- and won wife of the year because I ran in to grab Matt a sausage roll and a steak pie as a surprise for his dinner.  He said the sausage roll was really great so if you have a Brit missing some home cooked delicacies definitely make the trip! 

Basically we are not afraid to look goofy in public. In case you were wondering. 

Over the last week I also spent a good deal of time emailing with a fabric store to schedule getting my garage sale wingback chairs we found in our neighborhood into their shop for re-covering.  It's definitely going to set me back more than I thought/hoped (Thank God I found a large amount of fabric on super sale at Joann's!).  But I definitely don't want everything in the house to be from Ikea or keep it's original yard sale/flea market looks.  I'm prepped to make the investment but there is a lot that will be sacrificed in the next month to pay for them.  They are getting dropped off today and will be done in two weeks! 

The before: 

Today I have high hopes of grabbing some groceries, getting something in the crock pot for dinner and a trip to the gym (a place I have not seen much of in February). 

How was your weekend? 

~the married gal~

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five

Oh hey I tried to multi-task on Monday and posted twice. So much for scheduling that correctly.  I'm sure it just made your day to get a two-fer. I kid. 

We made it to Friday! This week has actually been pretty nice at work.  I supposed I am still feeling stressed since I am not sleeping well lately, but I'm making an effort to try to get back on track -- its just harder than I thought with all this awful weather.  Part of me doesn't want to look at it at all and the other part of me is obsessively stalking weather reports.  THREE snowflakes on my weekly people. THREE! I seriously drove to work in my Ugg boots Thursday.  Anyway, on to "the five". 

1. This is for Matt.  

2. Random fact - Matt and I watch friends re-runs daily.  It's a problem. 

3. Who wants a haircut? Me. When to go though? I like this one - it seems like a realistic idea of my actual hair texture. 

4  I had a lot of wine therapy this week.  I haven't been a pleasant person for my husband to live with. I'm trying to do better .

5. Dying to try this new coffee place near work. 

Happy Friday! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Review

We wrapped up a long weekend and I actually took advantage of a big, cold rainy day Monday that allowed me to relax. I actually caught up on a few items that I have been wanting for myself I just haven't felt like I've had enough time or the desire. Matt and I have been busy bees trying to combine bills and accounts and other married administrative items -- slowly. If I try to do them all at once I'll lose my mind. 

Anyway, here was a bit of our weekend! 

Friday I ate 3 donuts with icing and sprinkles. Then we went to cheap Mexican for dinner and stopped by our local Starbucks to participate in the World's Largest Starbucks Date. I guess everyone came earlier but it was a nice change from our regular dates and we had a really nice time sitting, chatting and listening to music before getting in bed at the shameful hour of 9 pm on Friday. 

Saturday I ran a 5k with my neighbor - it was really cold but I was very interested to race a short distance and see what my time would be. I wanted a 27 flat. I got a 27:45. Pretty good for me but I definitely think I can improve! 

Our Valentine's Day tradition is Waffle House. From waaayyy back to our first go around at a relationship. It remains a romantic spot for us and we had a lovely meal complete with a heart shaped waffle and a trip to PINKBERRY for dessert. Then we went home and caught up on New Girl episodes. 

Sunday Elise and I had budget friendly brunch at her house (I was over there for 6 hours...oops) and I at least thought to prep a giant crock pot of chili. I had never made this "Biggest Loser Turkey Chili"that I found on Pinterest but it's definitely a winner. We behaved and skipped cornbread Sunday night but I definitely made a Monday batch. Rain and ice deserve cornbread, yes? 

I also tackled my crazy disaster of a closet. I've had that project on the list for weeks. While I worked on that Matt hung up our beautiful new light fixtures in the master bath! I love them! I'll try to get some decent pics soon!! 

Monday, Monday...

I actually get some super random holidays off with my new company (is it still my "new company"?).  So Happy President's Day to all since I am at home enjoying a really slow morning.  It's very cold here in Georgia and we have a winter weather advisory out so in true February fashion I'll probably continue my gym hiatus and be a sloth until March. Or at least the rest of this week. 

I've had the best time catching up on my internet reading this morning and had a few things I wanted to share.  

Found a link to this article in the New Yorker about 6 women and their jewelry.  Really exception jewels, photos and interesting blips from these women.  My favorite is below -- I love Patricia's statement about her wedding ring: "It never comes off. I've been wearing it for 42 years. It represents my family. My life."

*photo from the New Yorker*

Today I've been listening to...

Matt gifted me Erin Gate's lovely book - Elements of Style and I've been trying to pour through it over the last week (finally).  I am really enjoying it! I'm trying really hard to focus on some spring home projects and updates.  Some wedding gift cards are helping but otherwise I'm working hard to comb Goodwill and flea market shops.  It's hard but you can definitely find some good stuff.  

Happy Monday! Hope you are having an easy day even if you had to go to work today.

~the married gal~