Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Obsession: Leather Pants

I've been insanely obsessed with leather pants for two weeks and after pining some looks I bit the bullet and ordered some. Granted, I'll be whining to the Single Gal when I get them and my legs don't look like toothpicks in them and probably send them back. But, hey, I tried didn't I? OR they could look great! Regardless I refuse to leave this stone unturned in my life. I'm still trying to lose a few pounds and tone up and my body is just not fitting into any pair or jeans well right now. I hope leather pants are the solution. I use the term "pants" losely as I can only afford some decent looking leggings. Obv. 


Truthfully, I can't find my favorite Pinterest image to add here. As a Housewife who needs to constantly bend over to hold children, pick up fallen pacifiers, pretend to be a My Little Pony and climb  40 flights of stairs a day, I'm hoping these are comfortable and fit well. I'm looking forward to dressing them up and being able to dress them down. Y'all know I can't do heels anymore. 

I was persuaded by Turtle to have a coffee at 5pm last night on the way to trying out an evening church service. Mistake. His mistake is two fold because that led to me drinking wine late, watching The Change Up and ordering leather pants from Nords. 

One is on back order and won't ship until late next week and I'm hoping the other one will ship this week. Are y'all trying out any new fashion trends? Think leather pants/leggings are ridiculous? Sometimes its fun to be ridiculous though. And what husband would make his wife send back leather pants?!? 

If you need me I'll be prepping a grain free dinner and heading to the gym.....because you know....LEATHER PANTS!

The Housewife

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