Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upcoming Projects {October Edition but posted in September...}

There's nothing better than expecting company to get your butt in gear to start showing your home some TLC, right? Here in The Single Gal House we do a pretty good job of not having dishes in the sink, fighting dog hair daily, keeping up with lots of clean laundry, clean toilets, clean floors, and countertops.  But -- there is still a certain amount of charm missing.   And a lot of unavailable funds.  And peak half-marathon training for the first half of the month + race weekend.  (I know that I mention this half marathon in every post I write, I'll try to stop.)

So, I'm going to post my October projects here.  This is for a few reasons -- a) 3 Putt can prepare for my psychotic behavior and need of boyfriend favors b) I can be held accountable c) I may need some feedback and for you to share you experience and ideas.  I realize the grammar in that last sentence is very questionable but we have no time for that here today people. 

1. Perk up the front porch.  This should be easy and cheap.  I stalked some great pumpkins at Kroger that were $4.99 each and looked at  some flowers.  I'd like to check prices and quality at Home Depot before I commit on that.  In my dreams I'd like to try another wreath -- but they always blow away, fall down and break, etc.  


2.  Keep up with weekly cleaning so I'm not insane the week before company actually arrives. 

3.  Nightstands for the guest room.  Must find something at Homegoods or Goodwill. I don't want this to be a strictly "Ikea Room".   Can someone also tell me why night tables are not the height of my knee? That is bullcrap. And too short.  We don't all have malm platform beds retailers! 

4. Hang up faux taxidermy pieces in guest room (aka ask 3 Putt to do this). 

5.  Jazz up guest bathroom/make comfy for guests.  This involves a new shower curtain, fixing the janky shower curtain pole, and stocking the cabinets with toiletry needs.  I like this curtain from Target.  Especially for under $16.  It could also use a toilet paper holder.  

6. Try to pull together a few other decor items for guest room -- new lamp shade? pictures? a mirror to hand above the dresser? cozy things? 

This list could likely grow but I think this is the bare-bones, necessity portion.  Seems easy enough once it's all written down, right? 

I'm kidding. Someone seriously help me.  

-the single gal-

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! I have finally poured myself a well-deserved glass of wine, finally found a few quiet minutes to paint my toenails, and finally have some time to sit and finish my book tonight.  Things are looking up.  I thought it might be fun to try a "Friday Five" post -- I'm not sure if there is a technical definition of that type of post but we don't like to take ourselves too seriously here (cite photo of me from September balancing a coconut on my head). 

1. It's clearly been a long, emotional week -- I saw these AE Jeggings were on sale from $49.99 to $29.99 and then they were including an extra 40% of the sale price.  I've been on the hunt for some skinny, distressed jeans so I dropped $19 in about 5 seconds to buy them. One problem -- these is a teeny bopper store and they only had sizes 6, 4, 0, and 00 left.  Obvs grabbed a 6 but let's wait for next weeks emotional update -- tears because pants don't fit.  

2.  I don't normally have wine obsessions because I usually have a few brands that I like ranging from $6.99-$22.00 that can be found in most grocery stores.  That being said -- while we dined at The Great Southern Cafe in  Seaside we ordered a bottle of Eberle Cabernet Sauvignon that was just wonderful! I was happy to search and find that the bottles are not crazy expensive. 

3.  ESPN Game Day is traveling to my beloved Athens, GA this weekend! I'm also excited that one of my favorite golfers and alumnae Bubba Watson will be one of the celebrity guests! Can't want to watch.  Hopefully the game will be just as enjoyable. 

4. Time to grind and enjoy high mileage with The Housewife until our race.  We have our first 12 miler tomorrow morning.  (So probably should only have one glass of wine. 

5. Someone also please come and stop me from wanting to eat turkey bacon at every meal.  You may have to pry it out of my hands. 

Enjoy your weekend, loves!

~the single gal~

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This Week

It's been a weird week.  Work is busy, but not terrible.  I think those vacations really helped because I'm nowhere near my normal level of rage when my customers have bothered the heck out of me this week.  My hands and knee and ankle are STILL healing from my fall but we are mostly scabs at this point.  Very itchy scabs.  I guess it's a good thing that got most of my mileage in and there were a lot of stairs in our vacation house because the gym has not happened this week at all.  Mainly because I had a serious sinus attack Sunday - Tuesday and partly because I have been lazy and dealing with "home" stuff post vacay. 

I've just been kinda bummed this week. I have some friends going through some hard times and I legit feel like the universe is just being unfair.  So much so that I came home on Tuesday and ate a whole bag of pizza goldfish for dinner.  How's that for nutrition? And then I decided to watch the series finale of Burn Notice.  Oh my.  This show may not be your thing but you get me the part where it's all over and your are happy and heartbroken to leave your characters all at the same time? I cried SO much.  And it was so darn good that those episodes of Covert Affairs I tried to catch up on seemed just lamesauce in comparison. 

I loved the last few seasons. I loved the finale.  I thought it was just right.  

Fiona's fave - Snow Globes.  

The rest of my week has been filled with more goldfish (the cracker kind, obvs), a fair amount of laundry, dog vomit, and chores.  I am ready for Starbucks Friday and the rest of the weekend.  Rest, cool temps, watching the Dawgs play -- Fall doesn't get much better. 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Bedroom Updates (the poor person version(

We all knew it was coming...The Housewife finally retrieved her guest furniture I was holding in my guest bedroom.  This finally meant getting my act together and assembling my guest bed and finding some bedding. 

Instead of getting a hotel for his parents 3 Putt asked if they could use my guest room. No big. It's just in shambles right now. 

First stop -- put together ikea bed all by myself. 

Empty room! 

Little helper. 

No help. 

Set out all the pieces. Stop Pug Child from eating them. 

Almost had to stop because I couldn't hold the side beams up and screw them in at the same time. Enter basket from the bathroom! Single people can do furniture alone. 

Ok so I did need help moving the  mattresses. But here was the bed with some old stuff thrown on it. I had high hopes of being able to afford a nice new duvet and some pillows from west elm but its not in the cards since my car broke. 

But -- I randomly decided to peruse the home section at Target because I needed my third Euro pillow for my bed and I found a $70 Threshold duvet and shams marked down to $23.  I owed it to myself to take this home since I didn't totally hate it. Then I found some nice sheets marked down to $35. And then a big decorative pillow that was around $11.  Add in the cost of the bed and we have a makeover for just over $200. 

I don't love it. But it's fine for now. Sars on the blurry phone pic. 

Also moved the armoire because I am finally putting together my Ikea hack this week in my master bedroom. Yay! 

I'm hoping I will be a good blogger and link up some of these items at a later time. But if you want deets you can comment and I will email you. 

Feel free to find me some fun, tall nightstands if your are out and about. I don't even know where to begin on that. 

-the single gal-

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Small Hiatus

Pardon our hiatus. But we are stuck with pretty views, enjoying time with friends and family, and some babies that don't want to sleep on vacation. So between cups of coffee, holding babies (and adult bevs), and lugging stuff to the beach and back from the beach there's not much blogging time! 

Happy Wednesday! 

The Housewife and The Single Gal

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Road Tripping with a 2 Year Old

Hey friends! It definitely feels good to wake up at the beach and not have much on the agenda for the next week but boy did we have a time coming down. We (#1) had to battle lots of demons on the car on the way down. 

We started out with one baby and #1 in the van and let my brother in law take the calm baby in 3 Putt's car. 

I get that it's hard to be two. I get that it's hard for someone that age to grasp that the beach is not just down the road, but rather a day's car ride away. But this child won't sleep. She wouldn't watch TV. She would hardly listen to music. 

This is when I came to realize that traveling with a two year old is like dragging that "high maintenance" friend along for a night out. Sure you love her, but even though you knew you were in for some drama it's always a little worse than you imagined. 

All those things your friend can say: 

 "I'm cold."

"I don't like this bar." 

"I hate this so ng." 

"I know that guy could be your future husband but you know I hate to pee alone and I need to borrow your compact anyway. Puhleese come with me." 

It's kind it the same with a 2 year old. 

"Are we there yet?" 

"I have to pee."

"Hold my hand. Hold my foot." 

"Don't touch meeeeeee!!!!" 


"I have to pee." (For the 5th time in 3 hours.) 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in Review {Single Gal Nonsense}

I like how The Housewife thinks she has nonsense to deal with this week. Like she was the only one.  It was quite a week. 

I'm actually going to travel back in time a bit -- because when The Housewife and I were on our weekly long run last Saturday we found a $10 bill on the sidewalk. Pretty random because it wasn't even 8 am. No one was around. We picked it up. We didn't come across anyone looking for something. We cite this as a happy accident and decide it will buy our Starbucks. I give the leftover $4 to Stacy to buy something small for #1. 

I tell you that I am now convinced we were at some weird crossroads and there was nothing but the Devil in that $10 and I am being punished by the Universe for picking it up. 

I mean 3 Putt and I rarely argue about stuff but on Monday there was a BIG blowout that basically started over a bag of dog food.  I may have overreacted but remain firm that I had valid points in the battle as well as 3 Putt. 

Next run -- I fall 1 mile in. Legit wiped out on the sidewalk. Blood all over the palms of my hands, my knee, and my ankle. I obvs just let myself bleed because I wasn't about to ruin a cute running outfit and I wasn't about to skip my 4 miles so I just got up and kept running. 

(Warning -- graphic images to follow.)

Cue stinging hands for days. We are finally starting to heal though. 

Also -- I'm minding my own business and driving to work Wednesday morning. Then I notice my car is overheating.  You can imagine my joy. (I can't even with my summer car issues.) I have a friend look at it and we put some water in it and take it to the nearest shop.  It needs a new radiator. They tried to get me on board with some extra bullcrap but I declined and prayed nothing else would go wrong. And I paid my $373 and went home to put Neosporin on my hands. 

It's a good thing I didn't really like anything from the JCrew order I placed so I will be getting a refund for that.  The car repairs just compound my white girl problems because who knows when I can buy the new running shoes I need for this half marathon and my dreams of a pedicure before the beach this week have sailed. I mean I can't even spend $12 on more brow powder. I have to use old-ass eyeshadow that is too dark. 

Anyway, here is to getting out the kinks in life before vacation. I hope. 

-the single gal-

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pre-Vacation Housewife Nonsense

This post will be complete nonsense, as listed in the title. Feel free to stop reading here. Turtle had to go out of town this week for a few days and doesn't land until oh about 8:30 pm Friday night. The night before we leave for a week long vacation. The night before I have to run 10 miles with the Single Gal BEFORE we leave for vacation. Y'all poor Single Gal had a meet up with some concrete sidewalk on our night run this week. She's a bit pitiful with some scrapped up hands, knees and ankle. I can tell you she trips very gracefully and hopefully no one on the four lane road at 7pm noticed. I mean, they totes probably did but what can we do.

#1 is really taking it to me this week because she's going on almost 30 days without a nap. Please let her nap a few days at the beach! For all that is holy it is my vacation too. This is how it will go though, and I will be seriously pissed because we all know I just can't let it go that she doesn't nap. Even if we wear her ass out sometimes she won't take a nap. Labor Day weekend I took her to the pool to swim and she basically swims without a swimming aid while we are in the pool with/near her. She was so tired she asked me if she could wear her "swimmie." If that punk is asking me to put her swimmie on she is tired. TIRED folks. So I take her home and guess what? No nap. I realize I should be over it by now but I'm not. So y'all get over that. If she would just listen to me more I would be happier. She won't nap, fine. But I don't want to ask her forty thousand times to put her panties on after she gets off the potty.

Can we also talk about her imaginary play? I adore her imaginary play. However, there is a Mommy My Little Pony (a big one) and four small My Little Ponies. Do I even need to tell you what the "Mommy Pony" says to the small ponies? Oh just about everything that comes out of my mouth. I can only hope she's not saying anything the preschool teachers can construe as terrible home life problems.

#1 playing: "Okay little ponies, Mommy pony says you need to eat your dinner. If you don't eat your dinner she will be VERY upset."

On the bright side, the Single Gal and I have solidified our driving arrangements for the beach. Turtle will drive 3 Putt's car with one twin and we will drive the van with #1 and the other twin. The Single Gal better be sure we leave with Garth's Greatest Hits double disc album. Happy, Happy, Happy.

I have a good amount of things to get done between now and Friday night. I'm not sure how it's all going to be done. Turtle already tried to call me this morning and virtually micro-manage the packing and list making. I am an excellent list maker......just maybe not always 100% in executing the list timely. I bring a big game when packing for vacation though. I pack the car/tell Turtle where to put things. I am going to see how light I can pack for everyone. I know the clothes will be few because I have an OCD laundry issue, as in I have to run a load of laundry every day. I can't explain it.

I know nothing will matter when I hear the waves of the ocean, feel the breeze, smell that salt air, put my feet in the sand and visit with our family. Oh and Little A is staying 45 minutes away during the same time so we will get to see her maybe two days as well.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I've Been Reading

I don't think these posts get a lot of volume per se, but I do believe in reading as much as possible so for the very few people that care, here is what I've been reading lately (because oh my God I got to read so much on vacation it was just freaking unbelievable and wonderful).

The Night Circus 

I was hesitant to start this one because I gave it my mother for Christmas and she gave it back to me saying she "couldn't get into it".  Let this be a lesson as to my mother's slight tendency for being crazy.  I was hooked like 30 pages in.  Beautiful book.  Beautiful story. Beautiful imagery. 
buy here

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns)

 I like The Office fine but never really fell in love with Mindy until her show came on Fox last year.  I watch very few shows but I find that I truly, truly enjoy Mindy's and thought this book would be a nice beach read.  It's short and quick.  There were some parts I didn't love but there were a good many that made me laugh out loud and I enjoyed learning more about Ms. Kaling and the journey she has been on to get to where she is today.

buy here


Basically I read every book Susanna Kearsley puts out. She isn't for everyone, but a bit of light, time-travelish romance never hurt anyone.  

buy here
What are you reading? Send the recommendations over because I'm on a reading spree. 

~the single gal~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vacay Photo Dump

I figured I needed to do the photo dump for my first vacation before I go on my second! Kind of sad they ended up so close together but I need to really enjoy them as I will likely be working all the days until March (other than national holidays). 

Pretty breakfast on our patio for the first morning! We did quickly move to hitting the resorts amazing buffet the rest of the time we were there. 

Beach lounging. This was a lot of my day every day! 

Cocktails. Coconuts. Sunshine. 

Lunch spot on the beach. Mediocre food but incredible views! 

Pre-dinner drinks. Or post-afternoon drinking. 

Since I had no pets I enjoyed the flamingos and ducks. The resort would put old bread in bins so you could feed them. 

This guy was a bit aggressive about bread.  

Sweating it out every night for dinner. It was hot down there. But look at that handsome redhead! 

I really loved the lobby of the resort! 

3 Putt loved the pool! 

Lobby time so we could get wifi! 

Ok that's all I've got for Tuesday! 

-the single gal-

Sunday, September 8, 2013

{i know that guacamole is extra}

even though we played a great game, it's safe to say that nail-biting football game yesterday with the Dawgs did me in.  i watched with The Housewife at her place after doing some major chores yesterday.  so we will do an "easy" post today.  and also remind everyone that it's great to be a georgia bulldawg. 

happy sunday. 

{this shirt speaks to me on many different levels. i kind of love it.}

seriously though, i know guac is extra. 

found here

summer is leaving. vacation is over.  my half-marathon is october 20th.  time to grind.  3 Putt has really been watching what he eats which is making me look like a real fatty when I continually ask him to take me to the Krispy Kreme drive thru for dessert after a dinner date.  especially when he declines to indulge in glazed, Krispy Kreme goodness with me. 

{working on better food for the remainder of 2013.}

~the single gal~

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacationing with your Significant Other (a Study by The Single Gal)

What a week! Why do the short ones always feel SO long. I imagine its because 3 Putt and I did not get home from our trip until 11 pm Monday night. Not the easiest of Labor Days spent with 12 hours of traveling. 

I tried to reflect a bit on our first real trip and the fact that because our schedules are completely opposite it was likely the first time we had ever spent a full week together 24/7. Granted, we did go with 4 other couples so there were buffers this time but still a lot of one-on-one.  We really had a fabulous trip.  Travel days were hard for me. I get frustrated really easily and foreign islands where I don't speak the language tend to create a lot of anxiety for me which creates a lot of stress. Cue my patience level decreasing by the second.  I think my only real time of frustration was after we went through customs in Charlotte. We were both tired. We both weren't really listening to the other and my claustrophobic tendencies were in high gear on our little connection flight to Atlanta.  I'd like to report that while 3 Putt may disagree I thought I held in my inner bitch really well. Because she was raging inside me on Monday.  Cue deep breaths and a quick stroll alone in the terminal before boarding. 

On the plus I will say its nice to travel with  my partner.  He hauled a lot of luggage, brought me food and drinks on the beach, made sure we took pictures, took care of parking and getting the car, and drove all the way to Mom's house the next day to retrieve Hogan. 

One BIG problem did occur. I must have aisle seats. I have to pee a lot. I can't deal with climbing over people. 3 Putt mandates window seats. So we may never sit together ever again on a plane. 

My next travel challenge? Scooping up one of the Housewife's small ones to ride in the car with me while I follow them for our beach vacation.  

What are your travel challenges? Can you make it with loved ones? Or do you need a seat between you on the airplane? 

Monday, September 2, 2013

{back in 'Merica}

Or in Charlotte for now. But yay! The beach was amazing but I need Starbucks, online shopping, my bed, and puppies to squeeze. 

The Housewife saved the dog...I guess in our rush to leave we didn't send Hogan enough food. Oops. Many thanks to her for taking some to my Mother because we all know she'd never actually drive herself to my house to get anymore.

It was a bit nerve wracking to go on a trip with 4 other couples I had legit never met but I am happy to report everything went really well. Minor bits of sunburn. Major calorie overload. Late flights mean a long day at work tomorrow. Also I don't think I have ever spent this many consecutive hours in a row with 3 Putt and traveling can make me very tired and very "rawr". Pray for this last leg of my trip. 

I'll leave you with a fan favorite photo from my trip where I try to balance a coconut on my head. That's just how days go when alcohol keeps showing up by your beach chair. Sorry if you are emotionally scarred by the swim suit photo. 

Monday Obsessions { Fall Clothes }

Clearly, many people are obsessed with this because it's already out of stock at J Crew Factory. I really coveted this vest last year and was going to pull the trigger and order it early so I could be ahead of the game.  But the house always wins my friends. Freaking sold out. 

J. Crew Factory Herringbone Quilted Puffer Vest

I am having this obsession with plaid this year and this shirt is on my list. I don't know that I'm crazy about it being a popover versus a button down but it caught my eye. So probably still on the hunt for the perfect plaid shirt. This is a good start though. 

J. Crew Factory Plaid Popover

I'm going to try to be very "layered" this year, instead my usual one dimensional self, and look for pieces that add texture and interest. Also, the Single Gal has a French Bulldog sweater from last year so obvi if we show up to the same place being "the same but different" it would be good times. I feel certain that this will be sold out or no longer available in my size as usual though.

C.Wonder King Frenchie Sweater

What have you been stalking for the fall? Or are you still in denial and enjoying the warm Southern weather? I can't decide about this camo trend and I need some new flats to run around in. 

The Housewife