Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet the Parents

Well we finally have Matt's mom back from her trip and since both his parents are here now we are about to embark on a meet the family whirlwind weekend. Matt's mom has already met my mom, step mom, and The Housewife but we haven't been able to do the real deal meet and greet with both. As my parents are divorced this is a full blown weekend activity. 

I know everything will be fine. Surely...

The house is still kind of a disaster. I'm trying to let that go. Note to self - it's not the best idea to jet out of town the weekend before you have big company. But hey -- YOLO, right? 

We don't get much company so it's been a nice June with lots of visitors. But we are taking our calendar back in July and working to keep it super empty. We will be welcoming home our new boxer boy Arnie that we adopted through Atlanta Boxer Rescue once he is done with heartworm treatment in July so we really want to be home as much as possible at the end of the month to help him settle in. I will update and do a post on our adoption as soon as I can! 

Happy Saturday readers! Looking forward to catching up on posts in July!! 

-the engaged gal-

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five: Fourth of July

Every year the Fourth of July comes and I feel that I'm lacking enough Americana in my wardrobe, the the kids too. Some fun things I've seen. 


1. Freshly Picked Moccasins in Born in The USA
The twins will be getting some of these adorable moccasins in a different color in the fall for sure. I think about them all the time, especially when the rip their toes out of their SunSan Sandals all the damn time. 

2. Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Cobalt
I have this in white and I love it. Perfect way to add something special to your barbecue outfits. 

This is on sale for 50% off right now. This picture is very blurry for some reason so I linked this up above. I should really just go buy this right now I like it so much. 

4. Hilfiger ASOS American Flag Tank
Sadly, sold out. This was my favorite and why you should always plan ahead for your patriotic holidays. I'm sure the World Cup has something to do with this out of stock business too. This is what I should be wearing, with cutoffs, because all I will be doing is running around after little people sweating to death. 

5. Cotton Snaps The President
I just got some of these in a different pattern. These could be cool for your man to wear. 

Hope you are all making fabulous and fun Fourth plans! Turtle will be running the Peachtree Road Race on know, in one of those fast groups that go out right behind the Elite runners. He will be heading down with his sister and brother-in-law. I suppose I'll just stay home with the rug rats and make pancakes and watch it on TV. 

The Housewife

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five on Saturday

1. We're having Kid Free Weekend 2014 this weekend. We were going to plan a trip but honestly we have so many things around the house that need to be done, that never get done, we decided to stay. We need to move No. 1 to a new room so we can separate the twins. We are doing some painting and cleaning some things out as well. 

2. I've discussed my cubital tunnel with my physical therapist some more and at this point she is not sure how much more she can help me without the surgery. Sigh. My follow up with the doctor is on July 2nd, and I will probably try to schedule surgery ASAP. My baby sitter whom I love is back home from college and if I can get in soon she can help me during the tough weeks. My PT does think I will recover quickly so fingers crossed. I'd rather give birth again. 

3. I painted my sitting room ceiling black and I LOVE it. I used Sherwin Williams Black Magic and it looks wonderful. Get it in flat finish. I'm painting the walls white and the room has some good crown molding. When I say that I painted it, I mean my sweet husband painted it. 

4. The Single Gal has been reading Nasty Gal's book #GIRLBOSS. She says it's a great read about how she started out and it's definitely going on my to-read list.

Okay, so maybe just four today. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you next week. The Single Gal and Em took off for a weekend in Savannah with Little A. I miss them dearly and wish I could have gone. There's always next time.

Going to enjoy some relaxing Saturday morning coffee....alone!!!

The Housewife 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mainly a Whine About Busy June but a Little Wedding Wednesday in the Middle

Holy busy June. I knew it would be crazy and busy and I tried to prepare myself to be okay with being so busy. It's still really hard.  Especially because all the activities are happy and lovely things so I don't want to be stressed and overwhelmed about good stuff -- it's just that there are SO many good activities.  I'm feeling really stressed today about the state of the house. And maybe I could be cool with letting stuff slide but Matt's parents are in and out of town all month and I would at least like the house to be nice while we have family here. 

 I'm feeling stressed about my fitness because we are hanging with guests and obviously that doesn't create a lot of light dinner/cereal for dinner situations.  I'm a little stressed about wedding stuff -- just that it is something else that needs to get done and while my actual meeting with my florist this week was nice it sucked super hard to sit in a shitton of rush hour traffic to get there and then make my way home much later than normal after sustaining my hunger pangs with bad things like M&Ms and full fat Cheese Itz. Also, flowers be expensive (cue BeyoncĂ© arm gesture). 

On top of this after a lot of long talks with Matt about our loss of Hogan and a lonely pug (and fiancĂ©) we are going through the process of being approved to adopt a boxer with Atlanta Boxer Rescue.  Actually we got our "approved!" Email early this week after our home interview this past Sunday.  We don't know if a boxer that is right for us is with the organization right now or if it will be later when we are matched.  I think at first it will be hard to have the same breed but after a lot of discussion we still love the breed and the characteristics of a boxer and decided to stick with another   boxer. I keep thinking "now isn't a great time" but lately I feel like for life in general if I were to go around waiting for the right time it would never seem to present itself. 

Someone please tell me how overwhelming your June is and make me feel better. 

-love you mean it-

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Longest Week Ever

Well if I felt like I had a long weekend hangover last week I guess this week is the sequel. The work week seems super long and I feel like June is about to disappear before my eyes. And really I just feel grumpy about the whole thing.  I don't know if I am just harboring some irrational fear of all my spare time being taken from me rather than focusing on the love and fun that can come from lots of family and friends time but I feel a bit of injustice not to do it on my terms I guess. It could also be that now that summer is in full swing I feel like 3 Putt and I are like ships passing in the night. His hours are long and we don't see him at home much right now. 

Clearly life is really great. It is.  But I'm having a week where I am tired of being responsible and bringing a healthy lunch and packing my gym bag. If only for the reason that holy cow I am so freaking sick of dragging 18 things out the door and 18 things back in everyday between purses, bags, shoes, Tupperware containers, coffee mugs, etc. For the love. Actually as far as the gym bag I'm having gym aversion, too. I'm going but I'm being SUPER pouty about being there.  And my damn audiobook I got from the library skips like crazy BUT WHO HAS TIME TO DRIVE OUT THERE and get the replacement? Not this girl. Because hey my branch closes early on Thursdays.  I'm tired of doing grown up shit like sending every spare dime to pay my credit card off (I always swear "I'll never run it up again!") As my birthday gift to myself I upped my 401k contribution.  See -- all the grownup shit. Oh and our AC broke to the tune of $370 on Monday. 

At least tomorrow after work I'm headed to a blissful happy hour at JCT with one of my most favorite people so I can forget about my to-do list and my crazy month. 

Is your summer crazy busy? If not come hell me! 

-The engaged Gal-

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

(random) Project 52: Week 24

The sprinklers were on in the backyard and no one would venture too far up the stairs and path towards them. However, the water was running out of the downspout and it provided enormous amounts of entertainment for the twins. So we stripped off the Matilda Jane and they played in their diapers, refusing to come inside. 

6/7/2014 : Harper & Hadley, 19 Months

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Obsessions

Happy Monday! I guess things got busy, huh? I know -- we are all busy. I totally believe it! I feel like I have been taking some relaxation time because June is going to be an incredibly busy month.  The last few weekends have been a perfect balance of keeping things in order at the house and relaxation.  Dad put the boat back in so we have had some lake time, my neighborhood pool is open, it feels great in the evening for dog walks and patio sitting.  I just haven't been on my computer that much.   Anyway - on to obsessions.  We have tons but I'll only bore you with a few. 

I've been pretty good about shopping lately (and will for the rest of June because HEY THE AC BROKE) but I made a return to GAP (because HEY WHITE JEGGINGS WERE A NO GO) and ended up with this beaut.  She is super on sale.  Size down.  

J.Crew Arrow Print Shift Dress $79.99
enter code TODAYONLY for an extra 40% at checkout

//buy here//

Completely devoured this book last week. I'm a YA junkie.  Not even afraid.  I grabbed my copy at the library but you can get this here

I wanted to save the best for last -- 3 Putt surprised me with my 3rd wedding band this weekend for my birthday.  It's stunning and I love it and I love his surprises.  I cannot wait to get married and complete the set when we exchange our vows.  

Jeff Cooper Lily Eternity Band. 

If you are in Atlanta and are looking for anything special and of great quality please go see The Solomon Brothers in Tower Place.  They have treated us so well! (Not sponsored, I just love them.)

Love you. Mean it. 

~the engaged gal~