Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Over the Hump

It's been a week already and we are only midway through! Busy at new job (yay new job) and trying to get back into a normal schedule and get my ass to the gym all while making sure to keep up with household paperwork like mail/dates for events, etc seems a little harder than normal lately! I try to be super organized at all times.  Seriously.  I know this probably drives all my friends crazy.  I'm not a relaxed person, I get it.  I had a big calendar flub this week!! Sads.  I definitely got a text from 3 Putt about a baby shower we had on the books this weekend in which he told me it was Saturday....and not Sunday like I originally wrote down.  And now its too late to change his work schedule and my brunch plans so we have to squeeze it in.  I hate that! I guess I am off my game for couples events.  

Oh, and to top that off I had the genius idea to reset my iPhone because it was being super crazy and wouldn't do anything on Monday.   It was so genius that I've managed to lose all my contacts.  I'd like to take it as a sign from Little Baby Jesus that it's time to upgrade the ol' 3GS...but I probably still need to hold out and save some vacation money and pay my bills.  

Speaking of saving money and paying bills...I've been dreaming of a few more items for the upstairs bedroom projects I have going on right now. Even though I should probably do constructive things like dust, clean out the garage and get some plants in pots for some curb appeal. All infinitely more affordable that bedroom upgrades. 

Madebygirl Gold Skull Print 

These Urban Outfitters Factory Side Tables are only $49 each right now. I feel like I should order so I don't miss the sale.  They come in a several colors but I am all over this mint one...for today anyway. Decisions...

Also from Urban {I think this is actually what the cool kids call it nowadays} -- freaking polka dot bedding.   I saw this on Pinterest and I can't get it out of my head. 
Someone put in constructive comments about being responsible and saving money for vacation so I can read them and remember control.  Or tell me about your week. Anything. Something.  What is getting you over the hump and on your way to the weekend? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Man, it's be a while since I've seen you guys! I know I still owe you an Augusta recap of The Masters before we all forget about that and it's coming but between the new job and having an awful stomach bug last week/part of the weekend  and a sick dog and Boston and massive manhunts on the news I didn't get a chance to get my blog homework done.  So
here is a weekend recap for you! 

I went to visit the Housewife on Friday night and we basically sat in her living room absolutely glued to the TV waiting for our last terrorist to be caught.  What a sad week.  For runners and for everyone and for Boston.  I was going to put down some thoughts but I was just too bummed out.   I was actually so keyed up from watching all the coverage with the Housewife it took me a while to get to sleep on Friday night.  Couple that with cold weather and laziness I skipped my run Saturday morning.  Cue coffee with the Housewife and painting dinosaurs with #1 since we live all of 9 minutes away from each other now! 

After that I completed some errands and then headed to the lake to hang with Dad.  We had a very slow boat ride due to the cold but I tried to get a bit of sun anyway.  

Goofing off with Dad on the boat.  

While I had a great time driving the boat, drinking beer, and hanging with Dad I don't think my lips will ever be the same considering how freaking chapped they are today. 

I sauntered down to 3 Putt's after that and we had a quiet night in with Publix subs, Pinkberry, and a long walk with Hogie.  3 Putt likes movies so we hunkered down with this one because he thought I would like it: 

I never really watch movies but I really enjoyed this one.  Of course, anything with Maggie Smith is amazing in my book.  

Sunday morning I dragged 3 Putt out to meet The Housewife for breakfast.  They are both so good about my love of finding and trying new restaurants.  I had been dying to try Buttermilk Kitchen for a while and I was really happy to get out and visit this little place!  I thought the food was great, the atmosphere quaint, all with good service.  Try the french press coffee and the mini cornbread muffins are a must! 

Just getting warmed up. Coffee and mini cornbread muffins! 

Here are some shots of the inside I found because I wanted you to see how adorable this place was. 

The bar area.

After another long walk with Hogan 3 Putt and I decided to venture over to Piedmont Park for The Dogwood Festival.  This is a festival where local artists set up tents and can display and sell their art/wares/photos/etc.  They have games for kids, concerts, dog frisbee contests, cold beer along with all the fried food you could dream of eating in one day.   We had a really, really great time.  It's rare that 3 Putt has a full day off Saturday or Sunday because he is a golf pro so we took full advantage.  

I also had my first popsicle from "King of Pops" - an Atlanta favorite and original.  They can usually be found at tons of events and are typically at the Food Truck Park.  They have a lot of unusual flavors -- so I got an Arnold Palmer.  It was refreshing and delicious! These guys are legendary in the Atlanta area.  Go visit! 

I also hope you all notice that pretty red nail because my Red Carpet mini nail salon came in the mail the other week and it is worth every penny already! I need a little more practice giving myself these manicures but I did a pretty good job for my second one.  

How was your weekend? What did you do?!

Love you. Mean it.
~the single gal~

Monday, April 22, 2013

What Would You Say?

I know I am behind the times a bit but have you seen the new Dove commercial? It made me tear up a little. I'd try to attach it to this blog but accomplishing that on the iPad would be impossible. After the rough night with #1 waking up and screaming and crying off and on for an hour and a half in the middle of the night I'm just not up for trying it.

How would you describe yourself? I think these are some of the things that would be first out of my mouth....

I just had twins 5 month ago 

I probably have bags under my eyes

I have lines on my forehead and in between my eyebrows 

I have some skin discoloration spots on my cheeks

I will also usually tell people The Single Gal is the "pretty one." I think as part of my goals this week I shouldn't be so hard on myself about my appearance. It's only been 5 months. My priority is taking care of three kids and our household. It doesn't mean I don't make myself a priority but sometimes our schedules go out the window. I can't go to the gym if one of the kids is sick because they can't be in child care. My Crossfit is going to run out at the end of this month and I probably won't renew at this time. It's an unlimited membership but I just can't go often enough to justify the cost. I am really trying to eat better because I have time to control that. 

My stomach is what it is right now.....sagging skin and stretch marks. It's getting better though. It looks much better than it did a month ago and so on and so on. 

I had a great weekend and I will update y'all on that in another post. Be positive this week! Everyone is beautiful. 

The Housewife

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers from a Runner

If you have followed the blog for any amount of time you know that the Single Gal and I are runners. We always laugh when we think of calling ourselves "runners" because we are not very fast and don't race very often. We are hesitant to use the title because in our minds "runners" are elite, fast and cover many more miles a week than we could ever dream of. They are Boston Qualifiers, Age Groupers and 50 mile finishers, but we know in our hearts we are runners and are part of that community. What is a sad, terrifying and unfortunate event that occurred yesterday is also shocking. A lesson we should still all be very vigilant. A reminder that yet again, people carry hate in their hearts and are willing to cause damage. As the images also show, their are still many who will run to help. Who will rip down the barriers to care for the injured. Run to the hospital to give blood. Hold on to that.

Today we pray. We will run. We will wear our marathon shirts. I'm thankful the handful of people I know who raced are fine. Some crossed the finish line maybe 10 minutes or so ahead of the explosions.  Next year the Boston Marathon will be greater than ever. The runners will be there, because some people run their whole lives just to qualify for Boston. A good friend asked me if I would never run a marathon again because of this. The answer is, of course I will.

The Single Gal and I will hit the pavement Saturday morning.

The Housewife

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moving Day, I mean week. Maybe month?

I have been reading the Single Gal's pleas for a blogging partner......please send an application and a writing sample. Kidding. Moving is rough. Please forgive any typos because this is from my iPad.

Moving with kids basically sucks. Remember your married days when you could accomplish so much together? Yeah, strike that. I'm not sure I will ever be unpacked. #1 graciously got a stomach virus last Thursday to add to the fantastic-ness of living with the in-laws for two weeks and Turtle frantically trying to paint her room at night after work. I think I'm suffering from exhaustion this week because once the kids are in bed I pick up a few things, fold some laundry and I'm in bed at 7:30. I don't have anything left. The good news is the twins are at an age where they have no idea where they're at and the move hasn't really disrupted them. #1 is doing okay. Night sleep hasn't been horrible except for one night, she's even taken one nap and only locked herself in her room three times. I don't think moving during Spring Break did us any favors because we were not maintaining our regular schedule or preschool, gym and gymnastics, etc. She would not go into her gymnastics class on Monday and that is so out of character for her. The teacher was nice and came and got her even though she practically had to carry #1 around on her hip the entire class. I just keep telling myself moving would blow no matter when I did it.

In other good news my Motorola monitor broke after only 5 months. Jjsdfhjsdkjfjfm!! It won't hold a charge and guess who doesn't have the receipt? I've ordered a new battery off amazon in hopes that fixes the problem. Stupid piece of junk. Buy a Summer Infant I guess or keep your receipt for your replacement.

Bottom line is we do love the house.....moving is just hard. It's much harder than I anticipated it would be. The Single Gal has come by the last two days for a bit and she's lifted my spirits a good bit.  I'm pretty sure if we had actually moved out of state or much farther away I would be really depressed. I can't even imagine. 8 miles may kill me.

So be patient and I will try to post some house pictures. Beware, every room needs to be painted. I'm thankful we could have the majority of the main living area downstairs painted already. This is a vaulted two-story living room so the ceilings and walls are a bit high.

Cheers to 5 pounds lost from stress! At least the sun is shining and warmer weather is here. #1 is loving her new backyard. Enjoy Master week. It always falls around Big John's birthday so we celebrate by watching golf, good food and fun times at his house.

The Housewife

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{Off Days}

Aside from starting another new job less than a year after that last new job, I am doing something else that is unprecedented  for this Single Gal -- taking two days off before I start.  I don't take a ton of vacation days and when I do I like it to be for a trip.  I actually don't get a ton of vacation days anyway but who does these days?  So, other than starting a petition for The Housewife to post something soon I'll be forcing myself to take care of  a few household items {those pesky taxes I haven't finished yet} and trying to have lots of "me time" relaxing around the house.  

What do you do on your off days? I've got a few of my favorites in mind for this week: 

-a long run

-time with The Housewife + the little ones

-quality time at home with Hogan

-reading magazines, my book, blogs, Pinterest, recipes...

-date night with 3 Putt

-small home projects -- anything that will make me feel more organized at home going into spring/summer

-Starbucks iced coffee

Something else I would like to do this week is to focus on the things I have. I feel like I am always looking around and thinking about what else I can buy or get or obtain.   I have enough.  More than enough, really.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Adventures & New Pants

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to finally take a moment and share some big "Single Gal" news -- I get to start a new job this upcoming week.  I know that work was extra hard recently but I think that all along I was really never quite as happy at my new, bigger company as I had been with my former, smaller company.  An opportunity came up at a small company my old claims manager went to about a year ago and while I'm not an advocate of job jumping or changing less than a year in, I felt like it was the right thing for me to do. It's been in the works for a couple of weeks but I needed to make the rounds to parents/friends/family with my news and also put in my notice before I broadcasted here.  

The more days I am on this earth, the more I am reminded that the only constant is change.  A hard concept for me, but I am very hopeful and excited for a positive change in my career.  

One thing I am super excited about is to go back to an actual professional dress code.   We had a pretty casual one at my last company that I didn't even like to abide by -- because I like to get dressed to go out in public always.  Mainly because that's what's appropriate people -- especially for work.  In light of this, I realized that after I lost about 13 pounds training for my 1/2 Marathon last summer/fall I needed a few new "wear to work" items because none of mine fit.  Enter new pants. 

In case you are in the mood to shop today JCrew factory is offering an extra 30% off with the code "MOREPLEASE". 

Factory Addison Trouser in Linen 

I really wanted both of these, but grabbed the neutral because I figured it would be more versatile.  But someone get the teal ones and enjoy for me. They are gorgeous!

I did go bright in my second pair of Minnie pants though.   How bright and happy are these? 

Factory Minnie Twill Pants
This may have falled into my basket too because the sale was so good...and I need another necklace. But I just couldn't resist the little bit of neon for spring and summer with an extra 30% off the price of $29.95. 

Factory Neon and Crystal Necklace
So if you are awaiting pictures of my bedroom redo lets give it another minute because I have a shopping problem I am trying to reign in. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Good

It's been a really good week.  With all the work stress it's been hard to say this of late.  So definitely heaving a big sigh of relief here. 

My new Sperry's came in the mail -- love my little Masters Shoes.  Now to break them in ASAP and find an outfit. Pray to the Little Baby Jesus that the weather is perfect that day. 

 I think a lot of my happiness kind of did come with shopping -- it just feels good.  I know, I know, all that shopping I wasn't supposed to do until April.  I do feel like I have been fairly responsible since January but I guess April approached and I went a little crazy.  On top of the Masters Shoes {totally needed those! Ok..maybe not..} Gilt had those awesome Red Carpet Manicure kits for $59 {regular price $79.99) so that just fell into my online shopping cart and then Lilly was on RueLaLa so I attempted an order at a new swimsuit.  Not sure I will like the suit so that may be returned but on top of my remaining bedroom items that were needed I feel like I have been on a spending spree.  

I have also been reading more which always equals happiness.  I grabbed this on Amazon -- $3.00 for the Kindle version.  It's sort of a modern day Jane Eyre.  Not bad so far for the price.  

It's been raining today but we have had a lot of sunshine lately so I will be happy with that.  Have an outdoor run under my belt for the week and plans for another run with The Housewife on Saturday -- life is as it should be I think.   If I can manage to keep up with my blogging duties for the week, rescue some dry cleaning, and make it to a Friday night with 3 Putt everything will be coming up roses. 

How is your week?

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I hope y'all had a fun holiday weekend -- whatever you celebrate! I was pretty much gone all weekend visiting with family but it was really nice.  I also had Monday off work which was even nicer.  

Spent the day at Kwoww's Saturday -- we had dogs, babies, cupcakes, and lots of other food.  I was also happy that the weather turned out to be pretty nice.  

Hogan isn't sure about babysitting duties...

These outfits The Housewife had the kids in were unreal cute.  And pink.
Enough said. 
Easter cupcakes! Yummy!
Catching rays on Nona's balcony. 

Saturday night I met up with 3 Putt and his mom for another dinner.  We ended up eating at Valenza in Brookhaven which is an Italian place and it was really, really fabulous. Beautiful inside, great service, really good food.  We took a couple pics but I think M's mom has them on her phone. 

Sunday was Brunch with Big John and Pammie and my step brothers and sister in law.  We had lots of breakfast yummies and mimosas before I headed into Athens to meet up with 3 Putt.  He has a tournament this week to try and qualify for the {Web Dot Com} Tour and wanted to play a practice round.  So I went out to ride in the golf cart with him and visit my favorite little town.  We had dinner at Last Resort -- it was wonderful and fun to sit and reminisce and we had a nice little evening staying in town. 


Practice makes perfect! 
Happy Tuesday! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~