Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quick Check in + Beach Pics

I think everyone is getting consumed with finalizing the start of fall schedules and school related activities, at least for us. A quick weekend getaway with my best girls (and my littlest girls) was just what the doctor ordered. I taped up my wounds with a dozen water resistant patches and bandaids and we went to the beach despite a rainy forecast. The weather was wonderful. 

While we were gone No. 1 and Turtle had a super fun filled weekend...which also included No. 1 playing and breaking two fingers on her left hand. Someone was obviously jealous of all the time Mom and Dad (two stress fractures) have spent with orthopedics this year. We had a temporary cast for a week until we could see the doctor. I'm absolutely sure with the way the physicians assistant, resident and orthopedic were enamored with No. 1's personality that she was a highlight of their day Monday. We opted for a cast for two weeks which had to be red and glitter. She could have worn a splint but they said she would have to be diligent about keeping it on. Naturally, the cast was the better option. 

The Housewife 

Friday, August 1, 2014


Housewife reporting in post surgery. I had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel release on my right hand/arm last Thursday. I absolutely feel that I'm recovering well at this point, however, I really miss being able to pick up the twins. I've found two girls, "nannies" if you will, to help me during the week while Turtle is at work. It's super weird, in case you were wondering. I guess because I don't have anything to do?!? The girls love them. Essentially, I've become a true real housewife. I hate it. Glad I have found some good day time sitters for now though. 

I had a lot of insomnia and anxiety pre-surgery. Funnily enough, once surgery was over it was as if I had taken a permanent Xanax or something. I am still doing what I can around the house. I'm not completely helpless. I can't get my stitches out until Monday. Ermegahd my elbow is so very itchy. I only took three hydro codon pills the day of surgery (one the morning after). That stuff was starting to make me hallucinate. Flushing those crazy things. 

Things were relatively relaxed until yesterday morning when No. 1 woke up with a sore throat and vomiting. Since I have the "nanny" I was able to quickly whisk her out the door to the doctor and we received a negative strep culture test and a prescription for Zofran. Seriously? Zofran for a three year old. Even though we were vomit free for the rest of the day any medication that "May cause drowsiness" actually causes the opposite in No. 1. Leading me to believe next time my day would be better spent cleaning up vomit than dealing with a human pinball. Cross your fingers my favorite nanny will actually come back next week. 

True to my normal self I will be possibly violating doctors orders and taking a girls trip, with the twins, to Savannah. Yes, we are going to attempt to camp out at the beach Saturday.....with the twins. Good thing we are visiting Little A, the pharmacist, because she is bringing me cast covers to swelter in. Maybe it will shrink my arm? Single Gal was not sure she could come but 3 Putt said she she go because he was just going to have to take her out to dinner Saturday night and she might as well spend that in gas to come with us. Em is going to drive us in my van so I can rest my arm. I'm so excited this is happening. 

I should be a little more chin up next week after my post-op appointment with my doctor. Anxious to get back to the gym and start my PT. Sorry this was so long....starved for adult interaction this week maybe? I'm thankful we were able to find great help this week, our kids have been well taken care of and we have been well fed. I'm extremely thankful to have friends in my life who put up with me dragging my children on our girls weekends, even more so because I'm injured and can't fully care for them so they will. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Registry

I had to get my life together the last few weeks and get some wedding stuff done.  The florist has been paid in full, I finally got my last few Save the Date cards out, an address list out to my sister for our Friday night event pre-wedding, set a shower date, and I started our registry.  First -- let me say how much I love the age of the internet.  I set up a Macy's registry and linked it with the My Registry website without even getting up from the kitchen table. Amazing.  I think that it made it enjoyable.   I did decide to go with the "My Registry" website because I could pick and choose from a lot of different places and they all go to one main registry.  I like that a lot better than trying to find EVERYTHING at two stores.  

As far as the registry goes -- does anyone have any suggestions/things the wish they had registered for but they didn't? I am wanting to put some small home decor items on my list, fine china, and don't need a ton of kitchen/bar/glasses.  But then again maybe we should replace some things.  I'm just trying to really streamline this into stuff we really need and also want.  

I was agonizing over a china pattern for what seemed like forever but finally settled on Kate Spade Parker Place.  I really am into black and white and think it will allow me to just change out some salad and app plates later on if I feel bored with it or need a change. It's really hard to see in the pic but the accent color is mint for this set.    

We also made a cash fund because Matt cannot stop talking about wanting a Big Green Egg for the back yard to grill with.  

Even though our event is small it's exciting to think that people love you enough to get you a few nice things for the house.  

~the engaged gal~

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Review

I kept telling myself I would blog this week but things got kind of crazy when my sweet neighbor went into labor early Wednesday morning.  This matters because both her and her husband don't have family close by and they asked me to let the dogs out when her time came.  Cue me being pretty late leaving for work through Friday morning. Thankfully we are still in summer traffic season here in Atlanta so I wasn't actually late for work any day.   Had a pretty chill work week but felt stressed and irritable for some reason so that will explain the giant photo of Pinkberry lunch below.  It just seemed totally necessary for survival by Friday afternoon. 

Gus and Gizmo.  My babies for the week! I pretty much want to steal that little black pug.  Not even going to lie. 

Originally planned for a Saturday lunch with Elise but after looking at the rain report we decided to run up to JCT Bar after work Friday night for some angry mussels and fries.  We had long chats over rosé and walked around Westside Provisions and even had our first Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams treat.  

We walked around Star Provisions to window shop and peeked into that pesky Bacchanalia which killed me a lot inside because GOOD LORD I want to eat there so badly! It was a super nice evening and not too crowded I think because there was a 30% chance of rain -- which of course meant a nice breeze on the patio.  It did rain but we were there early enough to get one of the tables under cover on the back patio of the bar.  It was a super night with my wonderful friend.  She makes me laugh hysterically on the reg.  I only wish my wit were as sharp as hers. 

I'm still really trying to save money but finally gave in to replacing two of my throw pillows because the yellow and gray silky ones from Target were full of coffee/drink spills and dog drool.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I kind of feel like Chevron is played out but these were pretty much my only option after several trips to Homegoods the last few weeks.  It's not like Domino Mag is coming to shoot my town home anytime soon so I just bit the bullet in the name of cleanliness.  Also - don't look too closely at the Ikea sofa that so clearly needs to be replaced judging from the ALL THE STAINS on the cushions.  Le sigh. 

This morning Matt and I actually slept until 7:30.  I walked the dogs and then got back in bed to watch The Open with him under the covers until we dragged ourselves downstairs around 9 to make breakfast and coffee.  This NEVER happens.  It was soooooo nice.  I never allow myself to lay in bed -- there just always seems like there is too much on my list to complete before heading back to work. 

As far as the photo -- I know you like that butter wrapper in the pic right? It's Sunday -- my preferred cooking/baking day of the week so I jumped up and made some blackberry scones this morning.  Wow.  I could sit down and slowly eat through all of them today alone.  Grabbed the recipe here -- note I cook everything with almond milk these days so I subbed that in where the recipe called for regular milk.  Also, don't freak out about smushed blackberries because hey -- what can you really do about that when trying to roll out your dough? 

Happy Sunday! What are you up to? Baking? Reading? Nothing? 

~the engaged gal~

Monday, July 14, 2014

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Right?

I'm back and interrupting regularly scheduled programming -- oh wait -- that would mean we have been blogging regularly.  (Jokes. I got 'em.)  Lucky for y'all I'm nursing a weird summer cold and decided to skip the gym since I sat at my desk with a hacking cough all day.  Clearly, the main reason for our scheduled interruption is to introduce you to our new family member and get you up to speed on my ever dwindling last year officially filing taxes as "single".  How is it that we are 5 months away from wedding day?! I need to register!!! 

Ok. Without further adieu I give you Arnold "Arnie" Palmer.  

Matt and I had a lot of discussions about another dog.  How long we should wait, what kind; etc.  Long talks at night.  Sometimes hard talks.  Clearly we can't bring back our beloved Hogan.  But after a lot of discussion and looking around we did decide that when we got another dog we would be adopting another boxer.  We have just had such a wonderful, wonderful experience with the breed.  We did go through Atlanta Boxer Rescue and we were really pleased with their organization and happy to contribute our adoption fee.  Many thanks to Arnie's foster mom -- she was completely amazing.  Note if you are interested in a boxer also check out their facebook page - it gets updated much more often and has lots of great info! 

I'm not going to mention any names...but someone has been a little bit sad about not being an only dog child anymore.  But it's only been a week and we have high hopes for our boys.  Arnie is incredibly sweet and well mannered.  Always a nice contrast to our loving yet sometimes high strung Rocky. 

In case you miss all my instagrams.  Trying to spice up office wear.  Mainly wondering if I could pass for a carnival worker or make it into an office meeting with this one? We have all the colors. 

We had a lovely 4th of July weekend and spent Sunday morning at E's house with babies for champagne and Wimbledon.  Housewife is the ultimate multi-tasker, no? 

Who can resist a baby in a bubble dress with a stuffed animal? 

After a super serious nap 4th of July weekend Matt and I managed to rouse ourselves, shower and get our asses out for dinner.  We had a fabulous dinner at our fave Vin 25 and the weather was just so perfect we walked down to Roswell Provisions for a tiny dessert. 

I've also been working super hard to make a neighborhood friend! The sweet girl down the street also has a pug -- Gizmo and we went on a double date to the food truck alley in Alpharetta last Thursday! 

Sad face because I vacuumed a lot on Saturday.  Apparently someone does not appreciate that since he got scared and had his first accident in the house on my watch.  

Made my first quiche this weekend! I loved it. I had 3 pieces today. 

We ended Sunday with a lot of patio hanging and grilling up some chicken as weekday dinner prep. 

I know that was a lot.  I'll try not to be gone so long. I think I'm finally getting a bit used to my new schedule, am a full-fledged audio book addict, got my last few save the date cards mailed and I've managed to get the house back under control and cleaned up.  July has been a success so far.  

Love you. Mean it! 

the engaged gal

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Five [ In Pictures ]

No. 1 and Turtle at a Birthday party 

Disturbing the peace at the library 

My beloved black ceiling in my front room

Lake Days with Grandpa and Grammie 

Fleeting moments of sisterly love 

How is your summer going? I feel like it's going by too fast, that it's going to be gone before I know it. We're planning a fun weekend trip and I have a girls trip or two (one with the twins) which should be loads of fun. Summer mantra: I will have fun. I will have fun. :) 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet the Parents

Well we finally have Matt's mom back from her trip and since both his parents are here now we are about to embark on a meet the family whirlwind weekend. Matt's mom has already met my mom, step mom, and The Housewife but we haven't been able to do the real deal meet and greet with both. As my parents are divorced this is a full blown weekend activity. 

I know everything will be fine. Surely...

The house is still kind of a disaster. I'm trying to let that go. Note to self - it's not the best idea to jet out of town the weekend before you have big company. But hey -- YOLO, right? 

We don't get much company so it's been a nice June with lots of visitors. But we are taking our calendar back in July and working to keep it super empty. We will be welcoming home our new boxer boy Arnie that we adopted through Atlanta Boxer Rescue once he is done with heartworm treatment in July so we really want to be home as much as possible at the end of the month to help him settle in. I will update and do a post on our adoption as soon as I can! 

Happy Saturday readers! Looking forward to catching up on posts in July!! 

-the engaged gal-