Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Edging Closer to The Big Day of Happiness....

Holy Moly! Excitement! We are less than 30 days from our wedding.  I had to kick it into high gear this weekend for some tasks that we really need to complete before Thanksgiving -- because really I don't want to leave it all until the last minute. 

First and foremost -- I'm really glad The Housewife and I have been training for the half-marathon.  I have been pretty good and really trying to watch what I eat (some days are better than others) and my goal is to throw in some yoga whenever I can and get in my Fly Barre classes until the big day.  My favorite at home yoga is Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown.  Seriously try it -- it's hard and it's only 35 minutes (just Google it to find it on YouTube).  But really I feel like I'm in better shape than I have been in the last year or so and it feels SO good! 

It's been super cold lately -- I'm praying for a teeny warm front.  Just a little one.  And some good sunshine for pictures. 

I'm really happy that with a little help along the way from my parents and a lot of saving on our part we are very on track with our wedding budget.  We have not gone above and beyond or into an uncomfortable zone for any item or need for our wedding -- I'm talking rings, reception dinner costs, flowers, dress alterations, bridal accessories, etc.  I may try to do a small post on some of my budget items.  Matt has been super helpful and I have put a good deal of things on his plate to take care of like finalizing items with the restaurant regarding food, wine, & cake, purchasing our wedding favors, taking care of all our hotel arrangements, and he even wrote a big pile of thank you notes last week for some gifts.  

We really don't have much left to do -- marriage license, finalize my itinerary, finalize ceremony details, final fitting for my dress, put together wedding favors, and find Matt's tux.    Ideally I will have this all done before Thanksgiving.  Then maybe we can focus on Christmas and planning our trip to London/Scotland (more excitement)!! 

~happy hump day everyone~

the engaged gal

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Obsessions {stuff in my bathroom}

I know a lot of bloggers dump out their make up bags and put up pretty photo-shopped items for posts like this but we have Real Talk here and really, these are just Things in My Bathroom I Like.  (Simple is best, no?) 

Ok, so I rarely go to Wal-Mart but when I do I always get caught up wandering around the beauty aisles.  There is just so much to look at.  And so many budget friendly items. 

I happened to grab the intensive hair treatment -- it wasn't much and I figured the locks could use some love pre-wedding or for the rest of my life in general.  I really think this was under $5 -- and it works really well! I'd really love to try more of this product line. 


When you save money on your hair stuff you can splurge on shower gel.  I can't remember the last time I decided to spend some extra money on something other than the Dove soap we use every day.  I love this Sugar Lemon shower gel. It makes me happy in the morning. 

the naked knock off...

The Physicians Formula Naked knock-off finally made it to my house (from Wal-Mart, duh) and this thing is no joke.  I feel like the shadow stays on ALL DAY.  Which is hard to find even at Sephora.  I love it and wear it every day.  All the colors are great. 

What's in your bathroom?

I'm kidding. Sort of. 

~the engaged gal~

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

What I'm reading....

The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon and basically crushed JoJo Moyes' Me before You, in a span of 15 hours. Granted, I only got 5 hours of sleep which probably wasn't the best decision. It was so hard to put down.

What I'm watching....
Really I'm just watching tons of college football when I can. My husband has been traveling and I don't turn on the tv ever when he is gone (hence all the reading). 

What I'm up to....
Fall is always so packed with things. We have lots of family to celebrate the kids birthdays with, lots of check-ups and sick visits to the doctor this time of year. Many of our friend's children or No. 1's classmates have fall birthdays and we have the birthday party circuit we hop on as well. I am not sure I can really believe the twins are two already or that I have No. 1's pre-k information meeting at the pre-school next week. Oh and let's not forget trying to fit in all the running for the half-marathon training. Single Gal has been very flexible with me since lately I seem to be having a bunch of commitments on Saturday and we've been moving runs to Sunday mornings. 

What I'm not loving....
The time change! I think this is the first year it wasn't so terrible getting the kids switched over. I went to my MOPS meeting last night at church and it felt so late leaving since it was dark. I know it will be worse when it's cold and dark! 

Also, I have to take Harper to the cardiologist tomorrow. Our pediatrician thinks she has a heart murmur and asked us just to get it listened to so we don't worry about it. I'm sure it's nothing, although you never know with these things. I also say they think she has a heart murmur because frankly, Hadley is so terrified of our doctor right now it's hard to hear him over her crying. But he did bring in the sheet with cardiologist referrals and told me to go and their was the word "murmur." I've never been to a cardiologist so it feels weird to be taking a two year old  to one. So maybe a quick prayer for her if you will? 

Oh and I almost forgot! No.1 has fallen doom to my husbands poor eye sight. She had to get glasses this month. She is doing pretty well with them. She was really excited at first but the last few days I find her taking them off more, mainly at home. 

Sorry for the absence....for like the 3 of you who read. Ha! 
Love you Sungle Gal...see I did blog this week. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Obsessions

Happy Monday, all! I hope you had a great weekend! Last week was not very productive other than doing a lot of work at the office but I think I just needed a break from house cleaning, exercise, laundry and My Fitness Pal.  Granted, the house was a disaster all week which doesn't necessarily relax me -- but some days you have to step back for a greater problem I guess.  The weekend was equally relaxing aside from getting prepped and ready for an organized week so here we are! 

JCrew Oversized Stripe Turtleneck $55

I love so much about this tee.  It had really high reviews -- but I always question the length and drape on a lot of JCrew stuff because I'm so tall yet also small across the shoulders.  I ordered a Medium - mainly because I've been trying for some slouchy-ness in all the things I have ordered lately.  I really like the medium -- but I kind of want to try the black one in a small. Just to see. This shirt so far is extremely comfortable, not too thin, a great length and a great price point (I got mine 25% off). 

buy here

I got my friends this as part of their hostess gift for my Bachelorette party -- but I really feel like I should have gotten one for myself, too.  All our travel mugs here have seen better days and this $14.00 mug from Shop is super cute.  

buy here 

I don't know if I'll be able to afford it but because it was so damn cold this weekend I got really obsessed with wanting this sweater.  But the Old Navy lookalike is probably more of what I can afford these days.  Also, apparently I have a thing for turtlenecks this year. 

What are you wearing to stay warm?

~the engaged gal~

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Fun

Well, I think I'm coming out of my weird "my body is trying to be sick" funk. My sinus are a little blah but I regrouped on workouts and eating healthy this weekend and finished up my mileage and ate well (minus that bottle of Pinot Noir Matt and I tackled while catching up on New Girl Friday night).  I even dragged Arnie out for my 3 miles on Saturday.  What a cutie. 

It has been a great weekend.  We have our engagement pictures this evening so that means I can demand that Matt come home from work at 3 pm today! I haven't seen him much this month -- he is either in a tournament or working 13+ hour days.  I almost feel bad about complaining that I'm stuck here with all the housework.  Almost. I think Old Navy ended up saving the day with a blouse to wear for our pictures that cost me around $20-$25.   Although I do feel like I spent a ton of money this week - but we had the townhouse pressure washed along with the back patio/driveway and it looks super fantastic.  I just keep staring into the back yard and I'm SO glad the side of the house isn't green with mildew anymore.  I was even inspired to update the front porch a bit. My thumb has gotten a bit "greener" but I still kill some of my plants immediately. 

In other news -- if you have been searching for some calf hair pumps like I have for the last year, you may be interested in these Ann Taylor beauties that are 50% off this weekend.  It's the best deal I have found -- and I love the zipper detail on the back.  They are $74! Code: FASHION50

I even braved our new Whole Foods at the Avalon development (I'm addicted to big salads right now.  It's better than cheese dip, right?) while I was out picked up the rest of my fabric that is needed for my chair recovering project and the only thing I left to do on my pesky bathroom floor project is to seal it! It's a good thing I wasn't commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel because hey...I'd still be doing touch ups 10 years later.  

How is your weekend? 

~the engaged gal~

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Is it too late for Wedding Wednesday? I know I'm almost out of time! I had a weird day and I feel a little sick.  I am not sure what is going on -- but it needs to go away. I decided to skip the gym tonight, take the dogs to the park with Matt, and eat lots of Thai food and Twizzler bites.  (Note, the sugar did not help my headache.) 

I feel like I'm really down to some fun details now.  The only thing I'm a bit worried about is hair and make-up but I'm hoping a good trial run will make me feel better.  I have been cruising cake toppers this week! They are cute and they make me smile.  

I had no idea there were so many different things out there.  Here are some that I thought and some that I really love. 

Buck and Doe - this one is sold out but more from the Esty shop here if this floats your boat. 

Here are some cute, modern people for the comic lovers. 

These guys are sold but more from this Etsy shop here

Really liked the ones from Better Off Wed on Etsy, too! 

Something simple...

You knew this one was coming! Pugs!  Too bad it's $125. (really?!)

I'm taking votes! Happy Wednesday! 

~the engaged gal~

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Items and Obsessions

I'm so bummed I had to run home today after work! I actually attende my Monday night gym class 3 weeks in a row -- and now I have missed what should have been my fourth.  Matt is out of town and against my better instincts I opted not to schedule the dog walkers since he would be home at 6.  That was a great plan until he had an hour and a half delay.  Sigh.  Trust your instincts people.  Even for menial items.  Lucky for you I've scrapped the gym and Matt and I are having a quick date night now so while I wait for him you are stuck with my internet presence.  I guess your either horrified or glad about that.  

I'd really like to do some online shopping but hey -- the house needs to be pressure washed so again I say -- "Hooray Responsibility!".  But I don't really mean it.  I keep trying to wrack my brain for some really cool stuff to post here but I am in a bit of a shopping slump so I can't find much -- because I feel like I keep seeing the same things over and over and over again and by the time I want to order something I'm not even into the item.  I love a good bandwagon but lately I can't commit.  

I am, however, dreaming of one of these bracelets for wedding day and beyond. 

small sarra cuff - loren hope $58

I would also like to force the dogs into some costumes for Halloween.  But I am trying to curb what I call 'ridiculous spending'. 

But something like this may well be worth the money! 

I'm really obsessed with wanting to order Erin Gates' new book.  It's so beautiful on the outside, she seems beautiful on the inside and the outside -- it just seems like something I really need to read and display in my home. She was in Atlanta just over a week ago for a book signing at Ballard Design.  I didn't make it.  Did anyone go??? 

You can grab her book on Amazon Prime for $22.14

How was your Monday? 

~the engaged gal~