Friday, August 30, 2013

Scenes from Our Week {housewife edition}

Let it be known that today is a highly celebrated day in our lives because College Football starts this weekend! I am fully prepared with matching Alabama outfits for the little people and picking up a new Southern Tide Alabama t-shirt for Turtle. We will be cheering for the Crimson and White on Saturday as well as catching the Georgia v. Clemson game. The great news is that it doesn't matter because there will be games on

Took everyone to the park on Tuesday and we had a "picnic" which #1 was super excited about.

#1 even made a little friend there that morning and they hugged before she left. 

The twins had their first experience on the swings. They both loved it and if you follow me on IG {housewifeblogr} you can see the video I took of Harper.

Bath time! The twins love it and they can't stand not being in the tub when there is water in it. They cry big tears when you take them out. 

The Housewife

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The SECOND First Day of Preschool

Drum roll please. I hate to admit that finishing this dress was still a scramble up until an hour before we needed to leave, but it is what it is, right? Namely, I had to make three attempts to sew the second button on due to several random thread tangling episodes. I'm just THAT good. Ughhhhh!

The other thing I'm really good at? Deleting pictures off my fancy camera. For some reason I still had all the pictures from last years beach trip on the camera and tons between the Holidays/Moving/etc and actually digging out my camera cord to upload them to the computer. So as #1 was playing I was looking at the camera and I had that "aha" moment where I remembered how you delete all images from the camera. Sadly, I had not done the second upload in which the "first day do-over" pictures also got deleted. I am so awesome. Grammie said the dress looked white but it's a green seersucker jumper, it's just hard to tell with the instagram filter I chose. The twins also have matching jumpers but that would require me being able to make a trip to Joann's to get buttons. That should happen Friday when #1 has her first full 3 hours at school.

I have to be honest the start of preschool has really put me in a funk this year. I feel good about certain things-- knowing what the hell the class project is for, #1 is very comfortable and not having any transitional issues, she has several of her old classmates and our room mom is the same awesome one as last year. Bless her! I guess it just signals the start of fall and I am already feeling overwhelmed. Vacation, #1's birthday party in Oct, twins birthday 3 weeks later, pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving, photo for Christmas cards (!?!) just goes on an on. I know, y'all are like it's not even September don't throw us into Christmas card photos yet!! It just feels like so much. Maybe it's because in what we like to call "the twin fog" in this house, the holidays were just going through the motions (we made it, feed the babies, get the babies to sleep, open presents, eat lots of food, etc).

This post is getting me down already. I know y'all will miss the Single Gal since she is the entertaining one. She was able to text me some this morning because she had wi-fi but I stopped because it kept switching from iMessage to text. Did we tell you about the time she was stuck in Europe and how much her phone bill was from calling me distraught? Good story. So we will celebrate that I do terrible chalkboard art but I got the dress finished and the chalkboard done.

**Single Gal, if you're reading I've totally abandoned the laundry, emptying the dishwasher and other things to blog. So there.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Need a Do Over

I should be doing a lot of other things instead of writing this post, but since I'm on the procrastination train might as well continue to the next train station. We had a great weekend. We overcommitted ourselves however, especially on Sunday. I tried to put the twins down for a nap so they would sleep and we would go to the 11am service, then straight to Turtle's cousin's for an afternoon cookout. Then we would leave that cookout, return home to lay the kids down and then go to a cookout to kick off our adult Sunday school and meet some new families at the church. Best.laid.plans.

Here's what really happened. The twins never really slept. We made it to church. Some poor early teen passed out in the middle of the Apostle's Creed which caused an odd ruckus making me think some people were actually having a fist fight in the middle of church. (Talked to the pastor and he seems to be okay....something about not feeling well, Alegra-D and not eating breakfast.). Picked up kids from nursery/Sunday school. #1 swears she does not need to go to the bathroom. Travel 15 minutes down the road and she announces she has tee-teed in her seat. Pull over to check-statement is a fact. Insert parent anger and frustration but there is no point in changing her into dry clothes to sit in the wet car seat. We try to continue to our destination when she says she has pooped. No freaking way Turtle and I are mumbling to ourselves. Pull over again, she has not but says she needs too. Find a Wendy's, change her and waste more time and no poop. Finally arrive at cousins and don't end up getting home until 3. The twins have barely slept in the car, I didn't bring enough food for them,  but hope sleep wins that battle. I leave for the grocery store and received call from Turtle I need to return home. Like immediately. Long story long, the twins didn't sleep and #1 pooped in her room. Yay for Sunday. Went to church at 6, didn't get home until 8.

I told you all that nonsense to explain I should be posting that "Pinterest" worthy picture of #1 from her first day of preschool with the dress that I made her holding this beautiful chalkboard stating it is her first day of preschool. You did see my picture, right? Yeah, the dress is not finished and I haven't attempted the chalkboard. So her "first day" picture can be tomorrow? I know y'all won't tell.

I need more coffee and a shower. Her first day is technically 45 minutes with me and a few other students and parents per planned gradual entry. Let's not even talk about the craft projects I am already behind on sending in for her.

We also have a big secret the Single Gal and I.........we are going to be Aunts in March! The Baby is having a baby. I can't wait to hold that squishy baby and then give him/her back.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Obsession {pre-labor day shopping}

Usually when I have boozy brunch with my bestie Elise I buy lots of expensive things.  I'd like to thank Belk for preventing that from happening because hey were having a super fab sale! I feel like it's some sort of pre-labor day deal and I lucked out by shopping early.  

OK really I just grabbed two items for myself and two things for 3 Putt while I was out but still -- crazy deals.  Go to Belk like yesterday people.  

So, are any of you kind of obsessed with floral blazers? I was really unsure of a big purchase but blazers are pretty timeless right? Or is that the wine talking? I figured I could try this one since it cost me all of $18.  (Originally $120!!!!)

Lets just look at Jessica Alba killing it in her floral blazer.

I'll try to report back if I can make this one work. 

I hope its a good fall transitional piece.  But if not, it cost less than a gel manicure.  

Saturday, August 24, 2013


happy weekend, everyone! 

i am not sure about you but The Housewife and I have a busy schedule this weekend.  little sister is in town -- small family cookout is planned for this afternoon.  it's a bit busy to get ready for after our 8 miles and i also have a baby shower to go to with 3 putt later as well.  if you need me this weekend i'll be wrapping gifts, running, cleaning the house, catching up with family and celebrating life with friends.  hoping to squeeze in brunch with Elise before i leave and finish my ikea shelf...but i'm probably dreaming if i really think i can get all that done! 

meanwhile...some quotable quotes and thoughts for your weekend.  (read: things i just like!)


love you. mean it. 
~the single gal~

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I'd Rather Be Doing...

Vacation is SO close yet SO far away! I'm squeezing in much needed gym time in a desperate move to semi-firm some things up before I got lay on my butt in the sun while slurping frozen cocktails all day.  

Every day at work this week I've had a killer urge to be doing the following rather than call customers: 

-major Kindle update/download. Books on my radar - "Eleanor & Park", "The Firebird", and finishing "The Night Circus". 

-what do I pack??!! what should I wear on the plane? 

-squeeze my fur babies before I leave them and also make sure my mother doesn't flake on watching Hogan. 

-mani/pedi -- I have to fit this in the schedule. 

-clean the house before I leave. 

-seriously though, I have a ton of work to finish before Wednesday next week. Need to do that. 

-blog stuff??? 

At the end of the day I am happy to have paid in full for my vacation all before I have even left! It will truly be relaxing and stress free. Work is getting better and I'm really happy to report that as well. The car is fixed. Things are looking up, August. Maybe we can be friends again. 

-the single gal- 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

Found this little picture frame at Homegoods for $6! I am super obsessed. I would like to put it on my gold shelf I think. It's clear I am on a gold kick, no? 

I also bought 2 fancy candles and a mirror and only spent $54. I will call it a win. 

Ran 4 miles today. Last week and weekend were crazy with my car issues and my friend's wedding so  I had a whopping 3 mile week. But I'm trying to be more okay with doing what I can and looking in the mirror and saying "You look great! (And meaning it.) 

I have always been one of those people that just gets regular coffee at Starbucks. But I was waiting on my iced coffee and they called an order out for this sweet old man in a snazzy suit Saturday morning and I may have a new bev.  Had my first grande non-fat hazelnut cappuccino on Sunday and I'm in love.  I know you care. 

My beautiful friend was married last weekend! I couldn't be happier for her! She asked me to sort of be her coordinator for everything except the parts at the church (you Catholics have a lot of rules!) and I volunteered my time and service.  Let me start by saying that I have never done anything like this before. And it was really stressful. And difficult.   And when it's your friend, it's kind of a lot of pressure.  I have to thank Allie for putting together an excellent plan for me to execute and for having fabulous vendors.  We were only a few minutes off target time for photos before the ceremony and I had them out of the reception hall at 12:35.  From what I saw while I was buzzing around it was quite the party! 

Here were some of my face pics! 

Rehearsal dinner at her house! 

Wedding day shoes! 

My handsome date + Little black dress. 

Got my best shot walking upstairs at the reception venue to pack up the bride's stuff. Wish you all could have seen these two before their exit.  So much love in the room. 

Oh, and I only have 5 more workdays until Dominican Republic!!!!!!!!! 

-the single gal-

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Housewife Confessions

#1 has taken three naps in 7 days. The apocalypse must be coming. You've been warned. 

We had our parent fair for preschool last night. I thought it would be easier since I'm past my rookie season, but I'm not so sure. I miss last years teachers (clearly, I'm no better than a three year old myself).  This year there is a Christmas party and an Easter party to volunteer for. Good news is I am very aware of this "class project" business and have proactively volunteered to handle that in hopes I don't have to do anything for the auction basket. I hate soliciting. 

I drink way too much coffee and not nearly enough water. There, I said it. 

I really thought the twins would stop waking up at 5:30 by now. Sigh. I just hate to let them cry it out for fear they will wake #1 up even earlier than her normal 6:45 time. The twins do go back to sleep, they just get a bottle. BUT still. 

#1 has really excelled in her swim lessons this way beyond what I thought she could do. Bad news is she thinks she's Janet Evans. By that I mean if you don't have a firm grip on her or enough distance between the pool and her so you can over take her when she goes to jump in, you're in trouble. I almost had to go in after her yesterday, in my clothes no less because I had gotten her dressed and she was wearing shoes. Anyone's ability to swim in shoes is questionable. 

I'm mildly starting to stress out about #1's birthday party. I have my "theme" (if you will) but need to pull the trigger on an invitation, invite list, menu, decor, etc.  Someone please plan the kids activities so they are not bored. Thanks. 

The Housewife 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I'm Crushing On

This last nap strike lasted 19 days. #1 slept for almost 4 hours yesterday. Obviously today she is banging around and up to all kinds of non-sense that makes me want to leave only a mattress and a sound machine in her room. Just like a toddler prison. Anyway.....these are some things I've been crushing on lately.

I really love this new Ikea green velvet couch. I can totally see it in my sitting room. With white walls, some black bookshelves like this and a black ceiling. 


This fabric is to die for. I can see myself adding some black fringe to it to give it a little something extra as curtains. Premier Prints Jo Jo Black and White fabric. It's on sale at right now. 


Single Gal posted a picture of some of these Paper Mate Pens which are my absolute favorite. I could smell the back to school supplies when I passed them in Target the other week. Such a rush. 


I don't know why I gravitate towards black and white these days but this girls dress from dot dot smile is so cute. They also carry adorable leggings. I could find a bright cardigan to pair with it.  Pretty sure there is going to be an order from this website soon for some fall clothing. Sorry Turtle. 

Hope y'all gave a great week. I'm just surviving along with the Single Gal. 4 weeks until vacation. So ready for College Football to start back again. 

xoxo- The Housewife

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crazy Busy Week And That Time Monday Kicked the Shit Out of Me.

Only Tuesday?!  I know y'all have seen my August complaints but even though the end includes vacation time there are way too many things written down in my planner this month. These would be fine but I am dealing with other nuances in life that are really beating me down.  I have accepted that work is stressful and I  trying to work really hard this week to make sure I don't work myself into another migraine. Also, serious sinus issues and my ears are hurting so I am doped up on Sudafed. My car had been doing this lovely thing where it won't start when it's super hot outside. Took it to the shop the other week and they "couldn't find anything".  Of course the car wouldn't start on my lunch break. Missed the gym. Hair appointment tomorrow, dinner with my parents this week and my dear friend is getting married this weekend and I have a lot to help her with so I can't be dragged down by the Honda. Never mind trying to get work done early on Friday to make the bridal luncheon, getting the dogs to 3 Putt's and maintaining my sanity. I also may have been slightly hungover Monday due to my white-girl-dinner of two glasses of chard and a froyo Sunday night.  It did not help my rage.

I was so pissed yesterday! I always have such high hopes for Monday after my weekends that are full of fun and people I love.  Trying to regroup today. But here is a bit of what the rest of my night looked like. 

A big salad. Tervis. Trying to calm the heck down once I got home. 

Oh, hey there PB. You heal a multitude of evils. You are always, always there for me. 

Drugs and ink pens. Part of my work rage is the pens they give us that don't work all that well. So I'm taking charge of things starting with office supplies. 

I also soothed myself with some spray painting. Sad story - I need another can to finish the job. But I didn't feel like risking another moment with my car acting foolish.

How is your week? 

-the single gal- 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Obsessions

Usually at this point in the summer I have a few obsessions. Mainly they involve air conditioning and dreaming about upcoming vacations.  But I have had a few things on my mind for this week -- summer food, projects, and blue skies.  

San Pelle Limonta! 

Mainly I just want to drink this over ice with vodka on a patio.  It's like lemonade but fizzier (a.k.a better).  Healthy people beware -- just have one at a time it has quite a bit of sugar in it (it is swimsuit season after all).  

Another thing I can't get enough of this summer is fresh watermelon.   Especially now that we are into August and the humidity is killing me. 

Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint
After the incident that year with the plants I bought from Lowe's I have strictly been a Home Depot girl.  I picked up some Rustoleum Metallic Paint (as the Pinterest Gods have deemed it "the best" metallic spray paint out there) for my Ikea Vittsjo hack and I am really, really impressed with it.  So much so that I would like to spray everything in my home gold.  

Hope you are all having a happy Monday obsessing over happy things. 

~the single gal~ 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy Sunday

I originally had a ton of chores I wanted to get through this weekend since I was in Savannah last weekend but I think I'm just going to take it easy today. I have been so stressed at my new job that I came home with another migraine on Friday night.  Seriously - I saw 3 Putt for 3o minutes and tried to eat dinner with him at my place and had to go to bed immediately (after I had been in bed since I got home from work).  I felt a lot better Saturday but had a lot to do -- long run, lots of laundry, a birthday party for my friend's sweet baby girl, and date night (!) with 3 Putt.  

So today is about priorities and tackling some fun stuff as well.  

I never made my Friday run so I did push through and put 30 minutes on the treadmill, get some gas in my car, and finished some laundry.  

Fun stuff -- I'm taking on the Ikea Vittsjo shelving hack as part of my bedroom update.  I have a big armoire in my room that holds zero clothing.  There is literally nothing inside.  I try to keep all my clothes in the dresser or my closet.  So I'm thinking I can put the shelving in my bedroom to lighten things up a bit and make it feel less heavy.  Also, funnily enough I need something to go in the guest room so over to the other side of the house the armoire will go.  But for now I have a few days of spray painting ahead of me. 

starting point:  gray/metal looking

hoping to end -- gold and fabulous. 


What did you do this weekend? 

~the single gal~

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Instagram Dump

The sweetest girl from Twitter who follows me made the girls these precious hats. This photo was prompted by our friend E who said her office was having a "Crazy Hat Day." There are some cute out takes from this photo shoot. 

We are in the pulling up on everything stage. They like looking out the windows. 

This is a demonstration of Single Gal's babysitting at the lake house. 

Here is a glimpse of our 2.5 nano seconds of togetherness time before #1 melts down about her baby sisters. Ignore the tile choices of the previous owners of this house. 

#1 grabbed this hat out of my closet the other morning before we went swimming with some friends. I took her to the pool four times last week. No naps any of those days. Yesterday was day 15 without a nap.......maybe today brings more promise? Doubtful. 

What is all this? Tell them to stop. They are growing up too fast. 

9 months stats: 
Harper- 20 lbs 7 oz  and 27.5 inches long
Hadley- 16 lbs 7 oz  and 26 7/8ths inches long (leading 10 percentile respectively)
although she is 25% in height. boom. 

I think the only thing I've been up to is running #1 to swim lessons, sometimes swimming with some friends, praying for afternoon naps and vacation to be here soon. Turtle said I could go with the girls this weekend to Savannah and while one of our shorter trips it was great girl time. I soaked in just sitting on the beach in the sun and drinking Bud Light Lime because we all know my family beach vacation is simply a "working vacation" with better views and more people to help me. It's still super fun though. Pre-school starts in a few weeks so we've been getting that information in the mail and all the prep that entails. I am trying to sew some dresses for the girls to wear to the beach and just getting them cut to get to my friend for monogramming is proving to be equal to walking on the moon. Sheesh. 

Duty Calls......

xoxo- The Housewife

{ you can find me on instagram @housewifeblogr } 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

30 Going on 13...

Sorry I have been legit off the grid. New job is putting me through the ringer and last week I drove home on Wednesday with an awful migraine and ended up sleeping for 10 hours. I took that as my cue to take a step back and keep a low profile the rest of the week. I didn't even run again after that. 

I couldn't catch up this weekend because we had a girls trip to Savannah to visit with Little A and have a beach day.  

We had a super fun road trip down with Em and basically had a really low key weekend. We were wiped after the beach and spent the rest of our time drinking wine, talking, napping, watching girly movies and painting our nails. I'm pretty sure that we are so old that we have reverted back to a 13 year old girls weekend except for the fact that there were adult bevs involved. The Housewife and Em even braided my hair for me. Sadly, we had a bit of brunch and then hit the road back home. I wish so badly we could have had an extra day with Little A! We are usually better about being able to travel down to see her but it seems schedules have been tight this year. 

Pretty beach on Tybee Island! 

May be my fave IG yet. We had a lot of BLL. Or I did anyway. 

Practicing the Fishtail braid. My hair leaves a lot to be desired here but it was fun. Ask any 13 year old. 

Started a hairy Monday with a new mani. Always a plus. 

3 Putt watched the dogs this weekend so I came home to these pretties! He also prepped and help me finish a project for my master bedroom update before I crashed so that was nice too.  He has proven to be so handy I am counting light bulbs that need replacing and making a Home Depot list for the weekend.  He doesn't know about that yet, though. 

I've missed you guys! Hope your weekend was lovely and that another arrives soon! 

-the single gal-