Monday, July 27, 2015

Pushing Through Monday...

I feel like I need to come up with better titles for these blogs but you can't win 'em all right? 

You guys I just had to stop back by because holy cow I'm signing all these papers and sending all these tax returns for the refinance on our house and I feel like this is some sort of unintentional Name Change Shaming.  No, I haven't told the bank that I need my name changed on the loan (They get their who really cares?).  No, the card I am using to pay my appraisal is not in my married name.  It goes on.  I am just going to send the guy a copy of our marriage certificate and wish him well. I'll be busy making my chore list around the house before the appraiser comes. 

I feel really weird today - (like overheated or something?) and wanted to skip the gym...but hey I'm not drowning at work anymore so I sat in the parking lot today and I couldn't really think of a good excuse NOT to go in.  Snaps for back episodes of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast.  Hauled my ass up many flights of faux stairs. 

When we come back from vacation and close this refi I refuse to do anything productive or adult on anything until 2016. I'll just work and zone out on Netflix or something. 

Anyway, some name change fun for you...because one day I'll stop talking about. But that day is clearly not today.

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