Thursday, January 30, 2014


Before I get into the disaster that was Tuesday, I will explain the disaster of 2011. I left work at 4pm, made it up the interstates and picked up #1 from daycare. Ironically, Single Gal and I had plans to meet up. Once I left the day care, I thought my brakes were acting up. Then I went down a two lane road and can't believe I didn't spin completely out (twice) or hit the cars next to me. I had a newborn. I had no idea the weather was supposed to get bad. Long story short, I sat in traffic for 3 hours to go 6 miles to Single Gal's. There was no way I would make it all the way home. Luckily, I had diapers there and was nursing. 

Hadley was sick and I woke up Tuesday knowing I had to get her to the doctor before the weather hit.  Turtle stayed home and I took her and got her meds filled on the way home with plans to stay home. I sent Turtle to work with clothes and plans to stay at the hotel by his office. He can see the interstate from his office and we knew by 1pm he should not attempt to come home. Now, it's different because he knew we were all safe at home. He was not trying to get a child from school. 

I sent Single Gal messages and begged her to go to E's. She was able to, thanks to 3 Putt who just happened to be at her place with the pups. It wasn't just the interstates that were slammed. It took some people 10 hours on local streets. 

Yes, I have cabin fever. I understand if some people get mad if school is cancelled and the roads do not get bad because they have to stay home from work. I think all metro schools should have been cancelled the night before. It would have helped. This storm hit quickly in the middle of the day. In 2011, it started getting bad at 5pm. My mom couldn't make it home but thankfully, was half a mile from a hospital. Thankfully, Facebook saved many people because a woman started a Group page to centralize information to help people. Thankfully, some businesses opened up and sheltered people. 

I still think more people are out on the roads than necessary today. #1 is refusing to nap as usual, so I'm sure Despicable Me is in my future.  I really thought I was going to have to park my car and walk in 2011. I know the panic people were feeling, especially with small children. 

Hopefully back to your regularly scheduled programming next week. Little A is coming to town so it's a girls weekend for us! 

The Housewife 
Pardon any typos....iPad post. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five

1. I mean I only wore my ring for two days before I had to send away for sizing but I legit feel naked without it. Weird!

2. I have felt a bit off this week with all the big life changes. Even though it's good stuff I am wanting to make sure I'm on my routine but with the weather and some initial wedding plans it hadn't happened. Feeling much better today. 

3. I caved and bought 2 more pair of jeggings from Banana Republic.  They were 40% off on Monday and I have to say that BR does make the best jeggings I have ever found. And at a decent price. Long live stretchy pants. 

4. My IT band issues really seem to be resolving after about 6 steady weeks of Thursday yoga.  It's really amazing what some stretching and strength training can do. 

5. Thanks you guys for all the tweets, emails, texts, calls and Facebook messages over the last week! Crazy good feelings happening! 

Also my hair is mess and this cold has made me take layering to another level. Let's hope it warms up soon. 

-the single gal-

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Single Gal Gets Engaged

I know you have all heard about my big surprise engagement last weekend.  So, if you are tired of hearing about it -- seriously sorry. But I did want to get a bit of a post up to share! 

It really started out like a normal weekend. I knew we had a nice dinner planned on Saturday because it was our "official" one year anniversary (official in that we are not counting the other times we dated the last few years).  Friday was nice but it was SO cold all week but the dogs were driving us crazy so we bundled up to get a few miles in on the greenway.  It's my new favorite thing. 

Anyway, let's just say that 3 Putt is really good at surprises.  I truly had no idea it was coming.  

Unluckily for 3 Putt I had been putting of some pretty maj car repairs until Monday and I decided that even though I was supposed to meet him in Atlanta after work with the dogs...I probably really should let my car sit until Monday.  So he had to come pick me up.  Not once during the ride did he even act weird, jittery, or strange. 

I'm not going to go over all our gushy details but I gave him a little anniversary card right before we were going to leave for the restaurant (or so I thought) and I did think it was odd that he didn't seem to have anything for me. We said no presents, but I thought surely flowers or something?  So I sit down to wait on him to get his shoes but he brings me out a little gift.  Its a picture book of all our fun moments from the past year.  Except the company put the last two pages in the wrong order. So I did think it was weird when he adamantly put his hand down and turned the last two for me.  Because I'm thinking "Who cares if they got November and December pictures mixed up?" -- but then I realize something REAL is happening in this living room AND HE IS PROPOSING TO ME. 


(I said yes in case you were wondering. Duh.)

And we tried to take some weird selfies to send to the fam before dinner. 

Funny story -- I asked this wonderful man to get me a Krispy Kreme doughnut on his way to my house from work on Friday.  I was super excited about it and then he FORGOTMYDOUGHNUTANDIWASSOSAD.  Like so sad that I hassled him the rest of the night about it.  I'm not even kidding.  I didn't want it to be a big deal but I guess I really wanted a doughnut. Whatever. 

So he tells me Friday night while I issue another complaint about this doughnut -- "Babe - trust me, I will make it up to you tomorrow."

And in my head "I'm all -What the hell is this guy going to do to make up for the fact that he FORGOT my Krispy Kreme?"

Turns out the man is as good as his word.  And we went on Sunday night to get me a doughnut (okay two). 

We ate at Bistro Niko and enjoyed all the French food and even threw down for a bottle of Vooov.  Such a special night. 

Monday we went to the Solomon Brothers to look at the rest of my diamonds.  I feel like I have had a few ring questions about the band.  A while ago I decided that although I see a lot of gorgeous engagements sets I just wanted to do something a little different.  Again gorgeous but most look the same.  So I am going with a set of 3 different bands.  I love them.  

So. Here we are. Enjoying the last year of Single Gal status.  I say "Single Gal" status as I don't technically feel like I will give up the handle until I am not filling taxes as "single".   Hopefully you will still want to hear from me.  I feel like I'm fun, yes? 

It's been a really overwhelming week for me.  Mostly in a great way from receiving so many congrats and well wishes.  Feeling happy and excited.  Feeling anxious about planning a (super small) wedding.  I can see how these brides get caught up.  The first two nights I just woke up in the middle of the night and my brain was running a marathon.  I couldn't even sleep.  

Any wedding planning advice?

~the (engaged) single gal~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Obsessions Since I Missed Monday

// Matilda Jane Clothing //


I just picked a photo. I'm sure all of you know, I'm just late to the game on some things. My cousin has had her daughter in Matilda Jane for years and invited me to several shows, it just didn't work out with my schedule to go. The same cousin gave the twins some pants for Christmas and I began to check out the website and low and behold an addiction was born. So sorry Turtle. You can't really go wrong when you mix things together but it does take some thought to order a bunch of items. I'm super excited for their Spring launch and attending my first trunk show. Knit clothing is so comfortable for kids. Thanks to Matilda Jane it doesn't have to be boring. 

// Silhouette  Cameo //

I received this for Christmas and I was very excited.  Not that I've been able to figure out how to get it to read the registration marks I printed and cut with the blade. Minor details. Perhaps one day I will have more time to play. And find someone to give me lessons. But I'm hopeful. 

//  Adult Vacation //

Turtle and I are discussing vacation plans for this year. I'm not even sure we've been away alone since the twins were born. This is a picture from a resort in Cancun. We are thinking about Cancun or Dominican Republic. Either way, operation Housewife needs a new passport can commence. 

Send some vacation suggestions! 
The Housewife

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five : All Things Single Gal Needs for Scotland

I'm coveting most of these things. Honestly, it's rained so much here in Georgia the last year (and continues to rain) I would get many uses out of these items. Let's all live vicariously through the Single Gal with a large budget  so she can be comfortable and stylish while abroad. We have come up with a plan for "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Leather Pants," in order that Single Gal can wear them in Paris. I wanted to add the J.Crew camp sock at the end but like anything good, J.Crew sells out and makes them a figment of your imagination. A mirage for cold feet to dream of, or pay more than retail on ebay for.

// Barbour Cable Knit Sweater //


//Barbour Liberty Summer Liddesdale Quilted Jacket//

// Hunter Original Packable Touring Rain Boots //


// Muk Luks Mix It Up Plaid Bow Mittens  //

// Women's Barbour Wellington Socks //


Enjoy your weekend. I seriously need that sweater!

The Housewife

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Hairy Situation

On Monday's I drop #1 at preschool and then the twins take a music class 30 minutes later (at the same place). Well after music there is not a great amount of time to do anything so I drive the twins around until they fall asleep and wait until release time in the parking lot. While I was driving the twins around I saw the school was calling me. I thought, darn, #1 must be sick. However, it was the director. I thought, I must have made a mistake on my registration paperwork for next year. Not so much. They sent in the big guns because #1 crawled underneath a table and cut her hair. As in, they are telling me they think it can be "reconstructed" and won't have to be all cut off. Excuse me? I didn't overreact because, hell, kids do that. I was just in shock. So I promptly called one of my best friends and sobbed into the phone like someone had died. I'm pretty particular about #1's hair. Just that it is long and she has only had slight trims. And there was a huge lump in my throat until I could pick her up to see the damage for myself. 

So we found ourselves getting our first real, true, hair cut at the age of three yesterday. Luckily my step-mother's hair stylist was able to fit her in after my Dad's appointment. 

She did the damage on the left side and cut a big chunk up to her chin. Basically, I think she was trying to give herself "The Rachel" from the 90s. #1 explained to me, "I just wanted short hair." Since a 3 year old does not understand the concept of style nor unintended self mutilation of her mane, I get it. So we proceeded to get a good bit cut off. 

This one, is a fierce one. Determination will serve her well. When she's 20. I, on the other hand, simply dread having to teach her how to drive. 

In other words:

The Housewife

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Girl Can Dream...

Since I am on shopping hiatus it is only fair that you all dream and window shop with me.  Revisiting my resolution for solid closet items that have lasting value for my wardrobe I feel like these would just be heaven...

Also, I'm really into updating accessories lately. I have a lot of basics acquired clothing-wise but I think the key to really nailing down the ability to change up my favorite outfits is to update the little things.  

clare vivier foldover clutch in leopard $210

//buy here//

Anthropologie Gazelle Drops $48

//buy here//

j. crew sophie crossbody bag $228

(40% off with code TAKENOTE until Jan 12th)

//buy here//

jcrew rayban cat eye wayfarer sunnies $144

//buy here//

What are you coveting? 

~the single gal~

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Obsessions {pink}

looks perfect for walking around Paris and Scotland in February, no? 

//banana republic pink slouchy beanie//

beautiful coasters

//from rablabs//



for summer...

//buy here//

Hope you are having a bright Monday! 

~the single gal~

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Randoms

Hope you are all taking it easy today.  Thought I'd put together an easy little post of pictures and links to quick Sunday reading that I saw this week. 


this post by Liz at Sequins & Stripes on bringing out some color is inspiring. I have been wanting to winterize my white jeans for a long time but I'm not yet brave enough to even attempt it. 

made these bacon wrapped smokies again for 3 Putt and we took them over with a cheese plate for dinner with The Housewife and my brother-in-law

looked at a bunch of pictures on Pinterest of Paris...

Also really loved this post by Erin Gates from Elements of Style on French style. I made some real notes.  I feel like my love of black and white tops with jeans and pumps renewed all over again.  Her blog is great and so is her instagram. Ok I want to be her. 

as a coffee lover I am kind of obsessed with coffee cups. this one and this one really caught my eye this week. 

coffee cup #1 from Etsy

coffee cup #2

Also wondering if I will make it to Sunday yoga today...

~the single gal~

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainy Saturday

Happy Weekend, all! So glad the polar vortex left us but with two dogs I'm a bit grumpy about the rain even though its much warmer here.  Basically the dogs dislike any inclement weather and it's a pain to try to walk them with them both tugging on their leashes to go back inside immediately.  That is if they even leave the front porch.  I managed a gym trip and two errands with The Housewife this morning but it's been hard to regroup on many other chores since I have been home.  It was a pretty long week.  Work is busy again, vet appointments, trying to make gym classes, etc was a big change since the holiday season is over!  Obviously I'd rather visit you all than complete all my laundry. 

I'm proud to say that I have really been good on shopping but I've been cyber stalking this camel cape. (Like really good -- I even completely resisted the big Lilly Pulitzer sale!) I returned the camel coat but this $179 cape was marked down to just under $56 and man my fingers are itching to order it.  There is something I really love about having my arms free. I think this is why I love vests so much in cooler weather?  

I love how the blogger from Penny Pincher Fashion styled her camel cape recently! 


I did want to give a quick update on The Flat Iron Curl debacle.  I really liked the tutorial and felt like I was getting the hang of it -- but still they weren't staying very well and I had some kinks in my hair.  I think this problem stems from the fact that I have a cheapo flat iron.  And let's face it, I am not getting an upgrade anytime soon with the fact that I'm hosting a baby shower for my little sister, going to Europe in February and pretty much waiting for my car to break any day now.   If you have success let me know! And I want a picture. 

I've been working to register little Rocky for daycare this weekend.  Poor little guy sometimes just needs another option for fun and playtime.  Especially since every time I try to take him to the dog park no little dogs are in there.  How is it that no matter how many vaccinations I get for my dogs there always seems to be another one they need? So frustrating.  

~the single gal~

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Goals

I really liked whomever decided not to make concrete resolutions and use a word/words of the year. Some of these might be just feeling I want to try to emulate on a regular basis in the next year. 

1. relax
I believe (some people may beg to differ) that I am generally a "go with the flow" gal. Now, that doesn't mean I'm always happy, pleasant or truly relaxed about doing it. I get stressed out. I have a large desire and determination to be on time, despite having three little ones. The bottom line is that a three year old has no concept of time and no lack of contradicting requests when getting ready to leave the house. 

2. don't yell 
I think I feel most terrible as a mother when I yell at #1. But truth is my fuse is shorter than others some days and #1 has a propensity to push every button I have on those days. Three year olds are intuitive, what can I say? Don't believe anyone who tells you any differently. I have a hard time figuring out what works for her as far as consequences go, consequences age appropriate for a three year old. I've tried counting, the think about it chair and obviously yelling at her. She is not a "bad" kid and I'm sure the problem is that my expectations are too high. I have a fear of raising entitled little brats. Am I the only one? 

3. read more
I love reading on my Kindle but I bought actual books from the bookstore a few weeks ago. Again, I want #1 to see me reading a book. She doesn't understand that if I'm on a device that I'm reading. I never want the true form of print to disappear either. I did end up crushing through a ton of books in 2013, which was awesome. When the twins were infants I felt like I would never have the time, energy or desire to read again. But I did. Winning. I can't wait for #1 to be old enough for me to read Harry Potter to. Oh, and I need to read to the twins more. Things like that are so much harder with three. 

I still have some more measurable goals for the year too. Be more organized. Be more intentional about planning a dinner menu and sticking to it. Thursday night Pilates/Yoga fusion with the Single Gal. Pray more. More water. Less coffee. But let's be real, more water and same amount of coffee. 

much love in 2014
the housewife 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekend Recap {this one is about all the wine}

Hi there! 3 Putt and I ended up planning a spur of the moment weekend on Friday. It was really fun -- I felt like I was on one long super-date!

We started off Friday night at The Hawks game! We ended up having an exciting last few minutes with a buzzer beater! It didn't end in our favor but I had never actually been there for one before so I really thought it was a bit magical (sorry Hawks!). I was also kind of thrilled because we had not been near the arena since I went to New Kids with the girls in June and I finally got to see our big Ferris wheel in person! 

Date night outfit! American Eagle cord jeggings with JCrew Factory white blouse. I love any combo of white shirt/jeans. Always. 

Ferris wheel insta selfie. It didn't turn out as amazing as I had hoped. But my solo pic of the wheel below was perfect! 

Friday night we decided on fancy dinner but when you wait to make a res in Atlanta you have to eat at the time for a blue plate special or right before bed. We opted for the 5:45 at King + Duke.  I love Ford Fry restaurants and this was our second time there -- so much fun. I jad scallops with fennel and grapefruit slices. Sounded a bit weird at first but I'm glad I tried it because it was delicious and unusual! Also, get the cornbread covered in ham. So good that I placed the leftover case in my Tory Burch bag with no qualms.  Also -- ask for Molly. She was our wonderful server!

Since we took Uber (promo code for $20 in Uber credit through Jan 20 - wpttd) we had a designated driver which meant that we (idiotically) thought we should wander over the the bar at the St. Regis for post dinner drinks (for the record I needed ZERO after dinner wine).  We ended up staying and while and made friends with a couple that frequents one of our fave places in Roswell! I really want Sheri to be my new bestie.  We exchanged numbers.  I texted her. She probably thinks I'm a stalker.  Suffice to say we were out late and I started my night of slumber on 3 Putt's hardwood floor partially sharing Hogan's giant dog bed.  Say no to after dinner wine people! 

We weren't even out late but I had to get out of bed for food at 8 on Sunday. This photo is obviously the gold standard of the I-Had-Too-Much-Wine Breakfast. 

I actually spent Sunday in bed with the dogs catching up on DVR.  Which was nice since I am about two seasons behind on White Collar. 

I figured this was a better post than talking about how cold it is this week! Happy Wednesday! Cheers to moving out of subzero temps! 

-the single gal-

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Obsessions

 True to form this will probably a random post.  But there are always a few obsessions floating around in my head! This is probably also because I really meant to go to the gym and wasn't sure I would have time for this but with the frigid temps and the polar vortex in the South I opted for a night in.  

{an affordable rain boot}

I gotta say, Target is bringing the Hunter impersonation. $40. Lots of colors. I need to get an order in before I head to Scotland! Too bad I don't have them this week for the bad weather. 

I did not get any of the Laura Mercier makeup that was on my Christmas list.  All fine and well -- I had a really special year.  But I had to find some more powder and foundation so to Revlon we turn.  Gotta save some dollar bills for traveling.  I've been in a huge rut so I grabbed this foundation for something different.  I've been attempting more foundation, less powder.  It settles into my laugh lines something fierce lately.  I think you can find at drugstores for $10-12ish dollars. 

{makeup and such}

I also grabbed some Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder.  I keep finding this on super discount for like $6 every time I have bought it so I fear it will be discontinued soon.  I should probably stock up. 

I feel like the new makeup and the African Black Soap I previously wrote about are working.  Today my coworker said my makeup looked very "fresh".  This is good for today...not sure what it meant for my last 6 months there. Oh well.  You can't win 'em all.  I really like the Black Soap but I think using it twice a day is a bit much on my face.  But I do feel like my skin really likes it.  I would actually also recommend it for shaving as well! 

{bookworm: "The Goldfinch"}

I recently finished Donna Tartt's new novel, " The Goldfinch".  It completely lived up to the hype.  I've been bogged down with YA books and historical fiction lately and this book was just what I needed.  I flew threw it.  Do me a favor and put it on your "To Read" list! I really loved the characters she created and the crazy amount of detail.  I hope that you are also lucky enough to find a good Kindle deal like I did when your purchase. for life.  

I could probably go on...but I won't.  What are you obsessed with? Am I missing out on anything? 

~the single gal~

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Green Smoothies {a cautionary tale}

It's official -- attending two yoga classes has warped my brain.  I actually made a kale smoothie today.  I'm not really feeling super namaste about my health as I have blazed into 2014 eating pizza, cornbread, cheese, and have also been drinking all the wine.  But I never got around to making my kale salads (which I do really like) and we were inching farther from the "best by" date on the bag by the minute.

I made some kale chips.  Those sucked.  It's not likely I'll ever try again.  I'm not sure what the craze over them is. But I was already messing around in the kitchen feeling sad about wasting the rest of said kale and I randomly grabbed my rarely-used blender out of the cabinet.  I was pretty impressed with myself -- a few cups of kale, some almond  milk, greek yogurt, and one really old frozen banana from the fridge made a decent juice for my lunch!

I actually was just really pleased with this venture because the green smoothie is a metaphor.  Being healthy isn't complicated.  It doesn't take a lot of time.  Making that random smoothie took me like 3 minutes and I had all the things I used already on hand at the house.  We don't have to make Ina masterpieces here.   And while a 24/7 health goal is nice -- we don't have to do it all the time.  Sure I made a smoothie today while I had some free time.  But I'll still lug my lean cuisines to work for lunch most days.  Hooray preservatives!

Also -- being healthy doesn't make us any better than anyone else.  I was feeling super self-righteous pouring out my second glass from the blender pitcher I put in the fridge when the the whole top came off and green smoothie went everywhere. Like all over the walls, my shoes, and under the fridge.  ALL ON MY FRESHLY MOPPED HARDWOOD FLOORS PEOPLE! So pour carefully -- and make sure you do it over the sink!

~the single gal~

Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five

Housewife checking in before the Single Gal murders me for not blogging. So here we go from my iPad. It's taking my mind off the horrible loss Alabama had last night. Can I just say OU would have been ranked higher if their quarterback had played the entire season? I find it hard to believe Auburn could whip them either. Anyway, big sads over here. Sorry for lack of pictures, I will try to link to everything. 

Y'all know I'm a coffee snob and love my Starbucks but I've found a valant replacement. (Costco brand.)

I haven't read a Young Adult book in awhile, this one was very good. Eleanor doesn't have the best home life and she meets Park on the school bus. Check it out. Thought my heart would break. 

3. Physicians Formula Eye Shadow Pallet in Nude
This is a very appropriate drug store dupe of the Naked pallet. Not as many colors but who needs more than what's in here? I think it was $10?

4. Courtney Loves Dallas
Enough said. Love that girl, lover her show.

5. Valspar Paint Samples from Lowes
Only 2.98 and you can paint samples of paint colors on your walls. So you don't have to be like me and hope after your two walls into painting a room, that your husband doesn't like it either, so he will start all over again. I know, not a new thing.

We are in the process of moving #1 into a new room. We have an empty bedroom that has a bathroom attached to it. It is the largest bedroom, besides the Master, but gives her more room. If she is not going to nap then I can at least set her up better with toys and I won't have to let her out to go to the bathroom.

Y'all have a great weekend. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Great Mystery of the Flat Iron Curl

As you all know I've been a bit tired of my hair lately.  I have gotten a good bit cut off and now I'm trying to update my look a bit.  Mainly because -- hey now it's too short for a good pony tail or bun (super sads).  Is anyone like me and felt like flat iron curls would be a forever mystery?  Seriously -- I was like, "Um that seems really complicated and scary."  Obviously I can curl my hair with a regular iron because I've been up to that since, oh, 7th grade. 

I finally found a decent and cute tutorial from Jaclyn Day's blog.  I liked it because it was funny and actually easy and also useful.  It will definitely take some practice and I probably need to get a flat iron that is a lot nicer than the one I have but I like the look.  Curled but edgier than my barrel iron.  

The tutorial can be found here.  I have attached the image of step one. Just because it was so cute.


Hopefully I turn out like this: 

I'll try to keep you posted via Instagram. But if it's a disaster for the first few weeks I can't make any promises.  

Are any of you having hair issues like me? I can't even get into my problems with static electricity this winter. 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Resolve...

I feel like the world is split 50/50 on resolutions.  Some people don't really like them, some do.  I really love them. But I love setting daily/monthly/yearly goals.  So really January is like my goal Superbowl.  

First I went back to this post so that I could do a bit of reflecting on my 2013 goals.  A few things I really did not do well - save money and pay less attention to my phone.   Granted, I still worked really hard to be prepared for expensive vet appointments and car repairs and the little amount I put on my credit card in 2013 is okay with me.   

I did add some non-fiction to my reading diet.  Granted, I only got in two books but I also got a classic or two in there and that's just as good in my mind.   I think that it fostered a new love of non-fiction and that I can regularly try to keep a list of some non-fiction books that I need to read in the future. 

I do feel like I worked on my patience.  I can always be better, but on some level I think I should also realize that was a bit of a silly resolution because at my core, I'm just not patient and I doubt I will really ever be.  

Anyway, lets stop dwelling in the past and move into the future. 

I resolve to...

be a better listener 

(pretty self explanatory)

make stretching a essential part of my workout 

i have been having some real IT band issues.  stretching is now super mandatory anytime i exercise. i need to make the time. it will be worth it. 

pay more attention to what i'm consuming

i'm not going to start recycling or anything but i want to be really choosy about what i am buying, when i am buying, how much i am buying, etc. i also want to be very selective about what i keep that i already have.  i want to simplify things.  i think this will help with stress level and unnecessary shopping and to focus on what i really want -- or something like that.

be me. 

i want to make sure i am even more true to my beliefs and who i am.  and to also embrace any changes in what i believe and who i am.  to stop wishing i was a certain way.  a lot of me is solidified at this point so while part of me wishes i could just fly by the seat of my pants and be a crazy adventurer, take up photography on the side, go on a sky diving trip -- i am not that person.  and that's okay.  that doesn't mean i shouldn't push boundaries every once in a while, but i need to be more realistic about my core personality.  which i really like! 


Ok. Hopefully four isn't too many to get through in 2014! 

What are your resolutions? 

~the single gal~