Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Learning Curve

some random insights from an awesome day. 

My first year hosting. Lessons include not cleaning the floors the night before which is a complete waste of time because of the days destruction. Shopping for fall decor in September because when you go the weekend before you will only have Christmas decor to choose from. Obviously, #1's sensory bin filled with colored rice is too much of a temptation and involved rice distributed all over my sitting room. It is normal to find my 2nd cousin (2 yr old) in the twins room looking for #1 while they are napping and for Turtle to forget he put sweet Hadley in her high chair 20 minutes ago for a snack because the gentleman are watching football. (Same reason 2 year old in twins room.) Grateful we have so many healthy children to fill the house with! 

#1 almost took a nap. Almost. 

Thank goodness there is online shopping. I am so not getting out in the crazy Black Friday shopping madness. I worked retail for many years and enjoy spending time with family. 

Harper definitely does not like too many strange faces and lots of noise. She came down with the "don't put me down Mom there are hot coals on the floor and if you even make a move to try to put me down I will cry." 

3 Putt brought the biggest round of Brie I have ever seen in my life. 

Single Gal and I are off this morning for my mother-in-laws annual breakfast. We ran 4 miles yesterday in 22 degrees and it wasn't THAT bad. All things are more tolerable with good company. 

The Housewife 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm having a hard time focusing on thankfulness this week.  There I said it. 

I'm trying.  But I am just getting all wound up and stressed out about our trip to Scotland/Spain in February to visit 3 Putt's family and my Grandfather is still very ill.  And it rained ALL. DAMN. DAY.  

See I can't even shop my sorrows away. That would just create additional financial sorrow.  I am thankful for all I have but this year has been a bit of a stretch already and with Christmas coming and then a vacation I don't even feel better about life with my bank account entering into 2014.  

Some days I am tempted to ask 3 Putt to move in.  Wouldn't life be easier with the seemingly dual income? I'm sure it would be. I have a lot of people ask me if we do live together already -- we don't.  I've lived with someone before and a long time ago I made the decision that I'm not doing the "roomie" thing with a significant other until I am engaged.   I mean, if I'm going to live the hard life I may as well just be used to it if things don't work out.   No one wants to get used to shopping at real JCrew and then have that taken away, amiright?

So far the Europe trip has been a good "seriously stop shopping" exercise.  And 3 Putt and I have been spending many a Saturday night at home with a pot of chili and cheaper glasses of wine.  But it would be nice to feel a little bit better about December spending.  And boarding the dogs in February (for 14 days).   This trip is a definite priority for me to spend more time with his family and I am excited about it, but I worry I will just be stressed about the money the whole time I am on my vacation.  And that's definitely no fun.  Someone pass a klonopin. 

~the single gal~

Monday, November 25, 2013

Annual Housewife Wanted Gift List

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but, I thought I would go ahead and put my list out there. It's a bit random. I am also starting to rebuild my wardrobe which is lacking just through a few years of pregnancy and being in transitional sizes, etc. I'll probably exclude clothing from this list but it is on my mind. I don't think you can ever shop too early for Christmas and I wish I was together enough to start in October, or July for that matter, which brings me to my first item. 

1. May Books Planner
I have tried and tried to utilize only my iPhone for calendar items, meal planning, etc. I am simply just a pen to paper person and I need a monthly or weekly layout view where I can see exactly what is going on. I also like Lily planners but I missed out on some months and would like to try a slimmer planner out. You can customize these in so many different ways and I think I would also like a plain paper book to jot things down on as well. These make great gifts for your organized friends. Well, maybe your disorganized ones too?

2. Chew Beads
These are great for any moms out there. I don't personally have any yet but I think my cousin does and likes them. They are decently stylish, come in fun colors and you don't have to worry about your baby choking. What more could you want? Ask anyone and they will tell you I am always the most freaked out about the kids choking. For real. 


3. Banana Republic Gray Faux Fur Vest

Banana Republic is having a 40% off sale and today is the last day. I saw this and it would look awesome with my new leather leggings. They also had some good chambray shirts and plaid shirt choices. 


4. Classic Block Metal Monogram Necklace
I love a good block monogram. This necklace in gold with a 16" chain is right up my ally. 

I truly do not "need" anything listed here. I am so excited about spending time with my family, eating good food, drinking champagne and cheap red wine, watching Christmas movies and doing Christmas activities with my kids. I had an awesome day at the mall this morning with the kids, Big J and P. #1 saw Santa and we went to talk to him, grabbed the twins their first pair of shoes, returned something, ate lunch and helped with Turtle's Christmas gift. Last year was just going through the motions with newborn twins. We purchased tickets to go see the lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this week. I want to soak everything in this year. This is our first year of Elf on The Shelf too. 

Be Thankful my friends! Life is good. 

The Housewife

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five {from the single gal}

1. I'm on the hunt for a decently priced camel coat. Someone fill me in on where to find one that isn't constantly sold out in my size on JCrew Factory or another site. This is a serious request. 

2. Today is 3 Putt's Birthday! We had an early birthday dinner at Little Alley Steak in Roswell last night. We had a great time - such great service and a great atmosphere on top of the great food they have. I especially recommend the crispy Brussles sprouts, lobster Mac n' cheese, and their meat/cheese plate. 

Date night outfit. Pretty much wear this leather pocket JCrew sweater all the time. 

The birthday guy! 

It's hard to see but they pretty much have the best light fixture I have ever seen. 

3. My sweet, sweet Grandfather went into the hospital this week and it's likely he and my grandmother cannot come to Thanksgiving. I'm planning to visit Saturday but it's not the same and I'm super bummed (understatement alert). If any of you talk to Little Baby Jesus on the reg please say a quick work for both my Grandmother and my Grandfather. 

4. Tonight we are having a bit of wine and chatting and hanging out at Emily's House.  There are lots of days I miss when we lived together. 

5. Happy Weekend to you all. If you have already started holiday travels be safe and enjoy your loved ones! 

-the single gal-

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Randoms {single gal edition)

A few things...

...the dogs have prescription dog food.  I know that sounds high maintenance.  It really actually isn't that expensive when you break it down by how much it costs to feed them per week.  The bitch of it is they eat a really popular brand/type of prescription dog food.  And I have a really hard time finding the 36 lb bag unless I have the forethought to call the vet and order some over a week in advance (pretty much never do this and just freak out every time I realize I only have one meal left for the dogs).  So today I went to the place that usually always has a big bag anytime.  They didn't.  So I had to buy some weenie bag of food for $36 (note the bigger bag is a bit cheaper).  Seriously though -- RAWR on the special food. 

...the dog food thing kind of set me off this afternoon.  So I came home and after a long dog walk did pretty much nothing. 

...3 Putt and I had a spur of the moment urge to go see a movie on Sunday.  We saw "About Time".  It was super, super wonderful.  That may be because I have a really soft spot in my heart for Ginger boys with an accent but I still think a majority of you would really like it.  I never go to the theatre -- I am SO glad we did this Sunday.  I just adored this film! 

...I was having some sinus pressure in my ear starting last week.  Totally freaked me out because of the dreadful Christmas sinus infection last year.  I've been dosing up on nasal spray, allegra, sudafed, whatever I can get.  Feeling a bit better but lord does all that medicine make my stomach feel super gross. 

I guess the moral of this post is you can't win 'em all...but hey there are good movies out so cheer up. 

Also I can't apologize for not making any sense because hey it's my blog and I can write a bunch of crap if I want to. 

~the single gal~

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Obsession: Leather Pants

I've been insanely obsessed with leather pants for two weeks and after pining some looks I bit the bullet and ordered some. Granted, I'll be whining to the Single Gal when I get them and my legs don't look like toothpicks in them and probably send them back. But, hey, I tried didn't I? OR they could look great! Regardless I refuse to leave this stone unturned in my life. I'm still trying to lose a few pounds and tone up and my body is just not fitting into any pair or jeans well right now. I hope leather pants are the solution. I use the term "pants" losely as I can only afford some decent looking leggings. Obv. 


Truthfully, I can't find my favorite Pinterest image to add here. As a Housewife who needs to constantly bend over to hold children, pick up fallen pacifiers, pretend to be a My Little Pony and climb  40 flights of stairs a day, I'm hoping these are comfortable and fit well. I'm looking forward to dressing them up and being able to dress them down. Y'all know I can't do heels anymore. 

I was persuaded by Turtle to have a coffee at 5pm last night on the way to trying out an evening church service. Mistake. His mistake is two fold because that led to me drinking wine late, watching The Change Up and ordering leather pants from Nords. 

One is on back order and won't ship until late next week and I'm hoping the other one will ship this week. Are y'all trying out any new fashion trends? Think leather pants/leggings are ridiculous? Sometimes its fun to be ridiculous though. And what husband would make his wife send back leather pants?!? 

If you need me I'll be prepping a grain free dinner and heading to the gym.....because you know....LEATHER PANTS!

The Housewife

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can I Do A "Sunday Five"?

I know, I know. I missed it on Friday.  So it's Sunday.  

1.  I love the weekends.  I love Brunch.  I love brunching with my most favorite Elise.  Mainly because she is so smart and pretty and possibly the funniest person I know and have the privilege to talk to on a regular basis.  I'm super excited to try a new place up by me that always has rave reviews -- Milton's here I come. 

2. Rocky and I had a successful night after his dose of Pepcid AC 30 minutes before his evening meal. Thank you Pepcid. 

3. JCrew Factory is having a big sale this weekend.  You still have time to go for 40% off in stores and online.  The Housewife asked me what I bought -- the answer is nothing because I had to buy flea meds and Pepcid and I have to save for a plane ticket.  So someone please buy something so I can live vicariously.  

{particular items calling to me at this very moment}

Gold Plated Chain Link Necklace $35.50

Coat I am dying for and need.  But good luck finding your size. Sads. 

Belted Wool-Cashmere Funnel Coat $136.50
4.  I'm feeling super excited about the Holidays this year for the first time in a really long time.  I'm not sure why I am gushing about life lately but I'll take it. 

5.  I'm also kind of loving this bit of gray weather we are having in Atlanta. It's not super cold but misty and rainy.  Perfect for an early evening by the fire in leggings and a big sweater. 

Happy Sunday, readers! We don't discuss that GA v. Auburn game, like ever.  Because this is how I feel about it: 

~the single gal~

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Happy Saturday, everyone! I thought that by digging in and meeting The Housewife on Friday night for a gym trip would mean a really relaxing morning at home on Saturday.  I guess it's not in the cards for me this weekend.  I've got a decent "To Do" list and now a trip to the vet's office.  In the melee of our double check up last time I was wrangling two dogs and didn't realize I forgot to get Hogan's flea meds.  We are about a month behind on those. Oops.  Bad dog Mom.  Also, Rocky has been getting sick at night about 8 hours after his last meal.  He apparently has acid reflux.  Going in to chat with the vet so they can confirm the amount of Pepcid I need to give him.  Sheesh.  Oh well. It's better than all the laundry I'm having to do in the middle of the night. 

Many "To Do" Items for Saturday

Like any good UGA fan Rocky can throw up all night and rally for the Auburn game.  Go Dawgs!

In other news I am really loving my new coffee maker that Maggie bought for me.  I have a french press that I love but when you have company or want more than two cups it can stop being enjoyable as a coffee "experience" sometimes.  It's been on my "want" list forever but I could never commit to one.  This one isn't fancy -- a standard Mr. Coffee from Walmart (for about $34 I think?) but it has a timer on it that I can set at night so it brews in the morning while I get ready and I think that's just the greatest thing ever.  Obviously I know this technology has been around forever but it's the first time I've decided to be techy.  Really this is because 3 Putt said it up for me -- so snaps for 3 Putt (because really I'm not techy).  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Back! With Updates!

Oh, hey blog are you still there? I'm sorry to have seemingly abandoned you. In my dreams I had scheduled enough posts to get me through the two weeks while 3 Putt's parents were here and really I have no excuses for the week after that. Has the time change been hard on anyone else? Or is it just me? 

Anyway. I wanted to update you all a bit on life. 3 Putt's parents were with us 2-3 nights for 2 weeks in a row while they were traveling to his mom's art exhibition in Colorado.  It was a definite whirlwind of me cleaning up the house and praying the dogs would behave all while working and trying not to freak out.  I truly don't think I could have wished for more in my heart for their visit. I was glad I had to work some so Matt could spend time alone with his parents but I also got to spend a good deal of time with them. I had never met his father before.  It really was charming to have them all at my house with their accents and easy going personalities -- I can see where 3 Putt gets his calm, easy going personality  traits.  They have dogs at home so it was nice that I didn't feel like I had to worry about the dogs jumping on people or being annoying in general. I rarely have guests so it actually was less stressful than I thought and truly enjoyable. 

I have a few pictures! I managed to get a home cooked meal on the table one night and successfully host 3 Putt's mom for an afternoon of lunch and fun at The Housewife's place while the guys played golf. Pretty daunting to do a day alone with your boyfriends mom. Hopefully I passed all tests with flying colors. 

Walking the greenway with the pups! 

Fancy place settings for our dinner at home! 

Maggie and Hadley hanging out at The Housewife's. 

A grainy photo op from Bistro Niko where we had a quick Sunday date before 3 Putt's parents came in from Colorado. I was fresh from The Dry Bar and because of my hectic week that blowout was worth every penny.  To show you what I mean I will also show you my day 5 hair -- don't judge me for not washing but I had no time to workout that week so it held up really well. Ignore the work bathroom background. 

I feel like 3 Putt has all the other good pics from their visit on his phone. After Christmas we are off to Scotland and Spain for an extended holiday with 3 Putt's family in late February.  Life seems big and exciting for 2014 already -- In a really good way.  3 Putt recently forwarded me a really sweet email his dad sent him once they got home.  It was a hectic two weeks but I ended it with a girls weekend at my place and my heart has been so full. 

-the single gal-

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Obsessions: Housewife Edition

The last week of October was really busy for us. School on Monday, gymnastics and Trunk-or-Treat on Tuesday, Wednesday was just kind of meh (also a school day) and Thursday was Halloween. The twins have been coughing, not napping well and Harper was very fussy. On Friday, while I was at home and #1 was at school, I decided to get a sick appointment for the twinks. Luckily, Turtle was home and could go get #1 from school while I took them. That's when we discovered November was welcoming us with RSV, breathing treatments and Harper also had a double ear infection. Awesome. So that has been our joy the last few days. Wednesday, I also indulged in a bit of retail therapy. 

1. BC Love Life Loafers
The Single Gal and I have been debating on getting some TOMS. So as I was on the Nordstrom's site, adding those to my virtual shopping bag, I also peeped at loafers. These were adorable and at the price of $59 they fell in my shopping bag too. Three cheers for free shipping, Nords!


2. MakeUp Forever Rouge Artist Intense 42
I had a hankering to find some red lipstick. Naturally, I enlisted the Single Gal's help and we took a field trip the Sephora, aka The Mecca. I had done a little research before we went and I love MakeUp Forever HD Foundation. We debated a NARS red but ultimately went with our gut and I couldn't be happier. I was so intimidated by red lipstick. I wore it this morning and the lasting power is cray. Whether or not red is your color of choice, I do recommend this line of lipstick. Sold.

3. Benefit GimmeBrow Gel
Life changer people. I follow Birchbox on instagram and Single Gal is constantly yelling at me to do something to enhance my brows. Also note, the Benefit founders are twins. I knew I loved Benefit products for a good reason. The Single Gal also says the They're Real mascara is awesome. This is super easy to apply. 

Have you guys been adding some things to your makeup arsenal lately? I'm going to try to rock out my red lips with some neutral eyes this fall/winter. Anyone discover any sleep potions for three year olds? The Single Gal has been hosting 3 Putt's parents on and off while they make their travels in the States. We wish her well with her home cooked meal for them and her tablescape escapades. 

The Housewife