Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five

1. Cheese dip heals. But it also makes your pants really tight! I've at least gotten back on the workout train this week and have big weekend plans to finish strong. Matt has been super devoted to Orange Theory for the last two months and has totally shamed me by going to the gym all the time in cold weather -- but I am super proud of him! He looks fantastic! I however, do not. 

2. Finally got our snow and it wasn't as bad as we thought! Thank the good Lord. We had a precautionary office closing at noon that day and I was able to get into work by 9 with no problems. Maybe now February will really leave us. 

3. I can't stop making roasted veggies to put on couscous with a big dollop of Greek yogurt. It's my new fave. 

4. I have not been sleeping well at all the past month. I really need to figure out how to fix this. Nothing is working. Even Melatonin. 

5. I'm super glad it's Friday. This week has just felt off with crazy weather, working from home, and being busy at work. 

-the married gal-

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Perfect Weekend...

Even though it was a bit rainy and the weather guys kept me scared about another "winter weather storm" where we would be stuck at home due to scary roads -- it actually never happened, and really we went out anyway on Friday night (to be fair, it did snow a bit) and the roads ended up being fine. I think that I officially had a bit of cabin fever and was ready for some outings after a really quiet January/early February coming into 2015.  I actually got a great night of sleep on Thursday and though the world was actually a really beautiful place again on Friday morning.  

Friday afternoon on my lunch break I even braved the cold to drive out to a fun little flea market I'd been dying to run into -- it's called My Favorite Place.  I really prefer these places to "antique" shops because I feel like if you really hunt you can still find great stuff and the prices are better and I feel more comfortable negotiating on items. Friday night we went back into town to have a birthday dinner with Matt's best friend and saw their new lovely home they just moved into.  We had a really great night -- his crew is always good for good wine, food and those dinners where you laugh until your face hurts.  

Saturday we braved a very crowded Murphy's (my first time back since we got married) to eat brunch with our internet pal Clemson Jenn -- she is moving this summer so we participated in her "Say Goodbye" tour by touring the Margaret Mitchell House and the Gone With the Wind museum in Marietta.  In Marietta they do have an original dress from the movie and lots of Vivien Leigh items and Hollywood correspondence, too.  I definitely recommend the tour of the house in Atlanta -- the guide we had was really awesome and it was actually very interesting.  We also cruised Dupree's Antiques.  Note that I happened to walk by the Australian Bakery -- and won wife of the year because I ran in to grab Matt a sausage roll and a steak pie as a surprise for his dinner.  He said the sausage roll was really great so if you have a Brit missing some home cooked delicacies definitely make the trip! 

Basically we are not afraid to look goofy in public. In case you were wondering. 

Over the last week I also spent a good deal of time emailing with a fabric store to schedule getting my garage sale wingback chairs we found in our neighborhood into their shop for re-covering.  It's definitely going to set me back more than I thought/hoped (Thank God I found a large amount of fabric on super sale at Joann's!).  But I definitely don't want everything in the house to be from Ikea or keep it's original yard sale/flea market looks.  I'm prepped to make the investment but there is a lot that will be sacrificed in the next month to pay for them.  They are getting dropped off today and will be done in two weeks! 

The before: 

Today I have high hopes of grabbing some groceries, getting something in the crock pot for dinner and a trip to the gym (a place I have not seen much of in February). 

How was your weekend? 

~the married gal~

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five

Oh hey I tried to multi-task on Monday and posted twice. So much for scheduling that correctly.  I'm sure it just made your day to get a two-fer. I kid. 

We made it to Friday! This week has actually been pretty nice at work.  I supposed I am still feeling stressed since I am not sleeping well lately, but I'm making an effort to try to get back on track -- its just harder than I thought with all this awful weather.  Part of me doesn't want to look at it at all and the other part of me is obsessively stalking weather reports.  THREE snowflakes on my weekly people. THREE! I seriously drove to work in my Ugg boots Thursday.  Anyway, on to "the five". 

1. This is for Matt.  

2. Random fact - Matt and I watch friends re-runs daily.  It's a problem. 

3. Who wants a haircut? Me. When to go though? I like this one - it seems like a realistic idea of my actual hair texture. 

4  I had a lot of wine therapy this week.  I haven't been a pleasant person for my husband to live with. I'm trying to do better .

5. Dying to try this new coffee place near work. 

Happy Friday! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Review

We wrapped up a long weekend and I actually took advantage of a big, cold rainy day Monday that allowed me to relax. I actually caught up on a few items that I have been wanting for myself I just haven't felt like I've had enough time or the desire. Matt and I have been busy bees trying to combine bills and accounts and other married administrative items -- slowly. If I try to do them all at once I'll lose my mind. 

Anyway, here was a bit of our weekend! 

Friday I ate 3 donuts with icing and sprinkles. Then we went to cheap Mexican for dinner and stopped by our local Starbucks to participate in the World's Largest Starbucks Date. I guess everyone came earlier but it was a nice change from our regular dates and we had a really nice time sitting, chatting and listening to music before getting in bed at the shameful hour of 9 pm on Friday. 

Saturday I ran a 5k with my neighbor - it was really cold but I was very interested to race a short distance and see what my time would be. I wanted a 27 flat. I got a 27:45. Pretty good for me but I definitely think I can improve! 

Our Valentine's Day tradition is Waffle House. From waaayyy back to our first go around at a relationship. It remains a romantic spot for us and we had a lovely meal complete with a heart shaped waffle and a trip to PINKBERRY for dessert. Then we went home and caught up on New Girl episodes. 

Sunday Elise and I had budget friendly brunch at her house (I was over there for 6 hours...oops) and I at least thought to prep a giant crock pot of chili. I had never made this "Biggest Loser Turkey Chili"that I found on Pinterest but it's definitely a winner. We behaved and skipped cornbread Sunday night but I definitely made a Monday batch. Rain and ice deserve cornbread, yes? 

I also tackled my crazy disaster of a closet. I've had that project on the list for weeks. While I worked on that Matt hung up our beautiful new light fixtures in the master bath! I love them! I'll try to get some decent pics soon!! 

Monday, Monday...

I actually get some super random holidays off with my new company (is it still my "new company"?).  So Happy President's Day to all since I am at home enjoying a really slow morning.  It's very cold here in Georgia and we have a winter weather advisory out so in true February fashion I'll probably continue my gym hiatus and be a sloth until March. Or at least the rest of this week. 

I've had the best time catching up on my internet reading this morning and had a few things I wanted to share.  

Found a link to this article in the New Yorker about 6 women and their jewelry.  Really exception jewels, photos and interesting blips from these women.  My favorite is below -- I love Patricia's statement about her wedding ring: "It never comes off. I've been wearing it for 42 years. It represents my family. My life."

*photo from the New Yorker*

Today I've been listening to...

Matt gifted me Erin Gate's lovely book - Elements of Style and I've been trying to pour through it over the last week (finally).  I am really enjoying it! I'm trying really hard to focus on some spring home projects and updates.  Some wedding gift cards are helping but otherwise I'm working hard to comb Goodwill and flea market shops.  It's hard but you can definitely find some good stuff.  

Happy Monday! Hope you are having an easy day even if you had to go to work today.

~the married gal~

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fly Barre Review

So they recently opened a Fly Wheel/Fly Barre studio at our new fancy development Avalon. I really jumped a the chance to take the free preview class they offered - everyone talks about this place and how much they love it.  Go me. Trying new things!   Shortly after my preview class I received a promotional email that was about 40% off a set of 5 classes so I thought I would delve into the boutique fitness arena.  I really wanted to try something new and especially a new place - I've been a member at my gym for 7 years.  

Still though -- $25 per class on the reg? I'm not sure if there is anything out there that is just THAT amazing.  Even if you buy in bulk they only go down to about $23 or so.  I already pay $67 a month for my gym membership -- you know, the place where they have classes AND weights and cardio and yoga studios.  With that being said I was willing to spend $75 on a pack of 5 sessions to see what all the hype was about. 

I definitely liked it a lot.  Cute, pretty and very new studio.  Lockers that don't need keys.  Fancy soap and lotion in the locker rooms! Filtered water up front to put in your water bottles (3 different temperatures!).  Great instructors.  I actually just finished my package and had several different instructors - all were really great and really nice -- and actually very personable.  All great, great qualities -- but the price.  I just cannot get over the price.  I just don't see the value of the class to be that high.  If it could cost me  upwards of $200 a month -- I better look like Giselle. (I don't look like Giselle.)

I think the real deal breaker for me was taking a Barre class they offer at my current gym last Saturday.  It was fantastic! And already included in the price of my membership.  I can vary my workouts and classes SO easily at my current location at my current price.  I really wanted to just be obsessed with Fly Barre and love it -- but I never got there.  

Am I missing something? Is there something else I should try? Where are you working out right now? I need to know.  

~the married gal~


Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Obsessions: Shoes

I don't know what has gotten into me lately but all I can think about when I'm shopping or even not shopping are shoes.  I added some really great stuff to my closet this fall -- I thought it would satisfy but I just want more.  Clearly this doesn't jive with my new simplistic 2015.  But dream with me here. 

Gimme all the heels. All the time. These seem so sexy yet so practical to walk in to me.  Especially at $69.95. Please note these are currently out of stock...but let's get hopeful that they will be back soon. 

I know. Another heel.  It can't be helped.  I wish the price point were better ($134.95) but I bet they would last a while.  And could be worn to work or out. I did find similar style here at Forever 21 at a much better price. 

These are super cute and a great price point for something a little more trendy.  $22.90 and they may as well be J.Crew anyway.  

Happy shopping fellow shoe lovers. 

~the married gal~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Looking to 2015

Being that it's February 1st, I'm hoping this isn't setting the tone for 2015 -- because this is really freaking late but if I'm being really honest, while I clearly am not someone who believes or wants to "stay in the same place" mentally or physically, I would probably be okay with a really lean year of change. Work is still stretching me as I am always learning new things or suddenly tasks I have been doing for months start to make a whole lot of sense - but overall I just want to hone everything I went through last year.  I'd be okay with that.   We had some really big vacations last year.  I'd be okay with some small beach trips or little adventures this year.  Fitness-wise I'm going to aim for two half-marathon races this year but since I'm a really active runner already, this isn't really a "big" goal.  

So, with that being said I do have a few goals in mind.  Just simple stuff. Maybe that is a good theme for this year -- simple.  

The Wheat Field

1. Spend money with intent.  

I want to be a more diligent shopper.  No fluff items. Make sure I'm buying items at the best time for the best price. 

2. Investments. More money into my 401k and a quarterly Roth contribution.

I already completed the first step -- I immediately upped my 401k contributions when we got back from our honeymoon.  I also want to make sure I'm contributing quarterly to my other fun. This is focus on the big picture and simple steps. 

3. More time for cooking real meals at home. 

This is just making more time for simple things that will keep us healthy and something fun to do.  I'd like to also buy a few new cookbooks to read and try. 

4. Make sure I'm being the best friend, daughter, wife, sister, etc. that I can be. 

I want this to be an exercise in love, kindness, and a stark reminder that life is not just about me. 

Seriously though -- how boring am I? You don't need to tell me.  But if the last few weeks have told me anything (I've been 3000% exhausted) it is that I was going a million miles an hour during 2014 and I really just need to step back and just be.  

How is your year going so far?

~the married gal~