Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vacation Recap

We had a great time on our vacation. I had not been to the "30A" area in almost 11 years I think and it's just so peaceful- at least in September. My lovely sister-in-law always works incredibly hard to find us the "perfect" house to rent amid all the objections and requests testing her sanity between 9 people or more each year. You saw the Single Gal's post on the Death of A Kindle so that was definitely not the highlight of my trip. I have an iPad but I don't consider that beach/pool friendly. On top of that, since we are Prime members with Amazon I can "borrow" books from their library but you can only read them on an actual Kindle and not on the iPad Kindle app. This resulted in me having to purchase one of the books I was not finished reading via the app. However, I randomly ordered three books and brought those in my suitcase so I did have other option while outside. I mean, the commercial is right- pixel ink is the shit when you are outside instead of that glaring iPad. Our house had a pool so when #1 was napping I could just take the monitor outside and still get some sunshine. 

Frozen Yogurt Trip

Sunday was a rainy day and Monday was partially rainy but other than that we had fantastic weather. #1 ate like a horse while we were gone, woke up everyday at 6 am and wanted her breakfast and took naps everyday. That is the beauty of vacation. Even though it is a strange place you can exhaust them in many ways so usually the naps are guaranteed. I had lots of volunteers to help out with #1 and it was really nice to have Turtle around 24/7 too. They had a blast on the beach every morning.

Out in Seaside

I'm not sure why I'm about to post this next picture because at 31 weeks pregnant with twins its very hard to get a flattering angle but here is a family picture. My eyes look too squinty and I know I probably shouldn't be wearing anything with a horizontal stripe at this stage.

In other news I had a check up yesterday at the doctor. It went okay.......I narrowly escaped bed rest at least until my next appointment Tuesday. Baby A's amniotic fluid went from 11 to 9.1 so they are a little concerned about that. Glad I made it on vacation. I was told to decrease my activities and drink loads of water. I was hoping to get a prenatal massage on Friday but they require a note from your doctor and I didn't even ask since I figured it was probably not on their radar with the possibility of bed rest. Bummer. Babies are still head down so unless something changes we will proceed forward with a vaginal delivery plan. Yes, I just wrote that. Vaginal.

I still have some work to do on #1's birthday party planning and I start going to the doctor every Tuesday and Friday next week until I deliver. Also, trying to debate on whether or not I'm sewing #1's Halloween costume. She saw the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue and wants to be a cupcake. But it's a $59 cupcake and I feel sure between myself and my mother-in-law we can create a suitable solution for something she will wear for only a few hours.

Oh- and hopefully major nursery progress this weekend too.

The Housewife

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30A and Letting Go

Has anyone ever seen people riding around with one of those weird looking 30A bumper stickers? It's blue and makes a sun out of the zero.  They are everywhere around my neck of the woods and I never knew what in the world it meant.  Well, now The Housewife and I are in the club.  We made the trip to Santa Rosa Beach in the Seaside area and stayed off of Highway 30A at Blue Mountain Lake.  While it is pretty family friendly it was quiet and not crowded at all so The Single Gal was very happy.  I am sure The Housewife has her own vacay recap planned but here is mine. 

First, rest and relaxation can do wonders for anyone.  I think my only huge failure over the last week or so was missing TWO long runs.  Definitely not great for training and my race is in less than a month.  But -- I just decided I was going to get up early every morning and relax and spend time with family and drink my coffee every day since I don't usually have that luxury even on the weekends.  We rented a great house with a private pool that was also on a short walk to the beach.  I was so tired from spending all day out every day (aside from the one day it rained) that I fell fast asleep on my sofa bed every night and didn't even care that it wasn't a real bed.  The boys even let me play golf with them one day which was so much fun.  And I must have played fairly well because they invited me back the next time they went. 

Here are a few photos I snapped when I wasn't holding an adult beverage. 
{yes, I see there are only two. don't judge}

The view of the lake from our house! 

Instagram of #1 and my brother in law on the beach.  Hard to keep her still
and even harder to keep sand off of her face. 

We went into Seaside/Watercolor several times for dinner and adventure.  There are so many great shops.  One of my favorite things were the food trucks they have set up on the walkway! Too cute.  I tried the grilled cheese truck and it was delicious! Expensive, but delicious. 

Food trucks!

Here are my other photos when I was holding an adult beverage: 

Tervis + Beach = Happiness
In general, the main event of the week. Just add sunshine.
I feel pretty refreshed. I had a great trip.  I thought about life a lot.  I got to have a big family dinner every night.  Stacy's In-Laws are so kind and fun, and they didn't blink an eye when I poured my first drink of the day around 9:30 every morning.  I sat on the beach all day.  I got a tan.  I listened to the ocean.  I laughed a lot.  I actually just relaxed and didn't worry about much for days at a time.  I am finally feeling better at the three month mark for the breakup.  Not all the way there but I think I am starting to get a healthy distance from it.  And it's not that I'm mad about it but I am at the point where I truly just don't want to see him, talk to him, or ever hear of him or anything he does ever again.   It's not part of my current life.   

Main lesson of vacation -- you really can get a certain amount of clarity with some time off of work, an ocean view, and a several cases of beer.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Hogan Muffin

Y'all. I have to take Hogan to the doctor on Friday for a needle aspiration {sp?} on Friday.  He has a lump on the side of his back right toe that looks very suspicious to me.  Like I don't think it has always been there.  And if so, it was a lot smaller.  But maybe I am insane and it has been there all the time {I know I visited this subject a bit the other week}.  I'd like to think that I have some bit of a mother's instinct about my dog, though.  And you know what, the needle test doesn't even cost all that much and to me, it's worth it especially if it means peace of mind.  And all I know right now is that I don't like that lump. 

If you are an animal lover or a love me just a little, just think some happy thoughts this week for the #1 obsession in life -- my sweet, sweet Hogan.  He is a sweet angel and the best dog I have ever, ever, ever had.  Probably ever will have.  He has been the biggest blessing I could ever think of because even on my worst day, I never feel alone.  Not even close.  And that's important when you are a Single Gal.

I love you, Hogie.  Mean it. 

~the single gal~

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Uneventful Sunday Fodder: A Spaghetti Squash Recipe for All

 After consuming way too many beer calories last week I have had to work hard and get on track this week.   Eating right is  so hard.  I don't do a great job at this.  I always feel like cooking is too time consuming and too much work for a single person.  But while throwing a Lean Cuisine in the microwave is super easy, I get really tired of it most of the time.  

I am here to share the joy of Spaghetti Squash.  We have all seen it on Pinterest.   I'm here to give my review. Spaghetti is probably one of the easiest meals to make on the planet but I have a lot of pasta guilt.  I really won't eat it very often -- even though I love it.  So trust me when I say that once you put the sauce over your veggie substitute you really can't tell all that much that you aren't eating all those terrible carbs. Don't even mention the change to your family.  I bet they won't notice.  The other good thing about this recipe -- I really can just eyeball everything and it always tastes good.  You can't go wrong.  I saw a recipe on Pinterest but this is how mine has evolved.  I did, however, steal an internet photo as I just dump mine in a little tupperware container which is less than picturesque.  

Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti

note -- photo not mine.

1 package lean ground beef (I spend the extra money on Laura's Lean)

2 medium spaghetti squashes

1 jar store bought spaghetti sauce

salt and pepper to taste

bit o' garlic


-microwave each spaghetti squash for 5-8 minutes depending on size
(start low and if more is needed just do one minute at a time or it will explode. trust.)

-while microwaving squash brown meat in pan.  add salt & pepper & garlic. drain meat and set aside.

-cut spaghetti squash in half. scoop out seeds. 

-take fork and start to scrape.  it should look like spaghetti.  place in bowl. 

(see below)
note - photo not mine.

-simmer spaghetti squash in pan for 2-3 minutes. remove and put in bowl. 

-place browned ground beef and sauce in sauce pan and simmer for 10 minutes.  

-pour sauce over spaghetti squash and serve. 

Let me know if you make this and I missed something.  Or if you love it. Or if you hate it.  

Also, I need more easy, healthy recipes.  Can't eat spaghetti all season so please share some links or ideas. 

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

Friday, September 21, 2012

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Chambray

Let's talk more about Chambray shirts today.  I finally grabbed one at F21 the other week.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest and the bad boy I grabbed was like $17.  I think I like it so much because you can pair it with super dressy stuff and remain chic and casual -- well, other people pull it off.  I'm really not so sure about what it will end up like on me.  

Here are some things heavy with chambray inspiration: 

I'm still not so sure about a sequin skirt. But I did grab this at F21 as well.  And it's actually a decent length.  So, yay for tall girls everywhere. 

Anyway, someone please tell me what else I can wear with my new shirt.  I need help. And I'm scared of busting out in sequins.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bump Update: 30 Weeks

No picture this week! Just a short update from my 28 week appointment which was really my 29 week and 3 day appointment. Everything looks great right now and Baby B even did me a huge favor and decided to turn head least for the time being. Tell her to stay that way even if she is so high in my uterus she is basically karate kicking my rib cage on the right side. Baby A weighs 2 lbs 15 oz (so just shy of 3 pounds) and Baby B weighs in at 3 lbs 8 oz. I appreciate the Single Gal keeping y'all entertained while I was getting #1 settled into preschool, potty training and dealing with her naughty punkness at nap time. Weight gain was not as bad as the last time and hopefully will slow down some just simply because my heartburn is getting horrible and I just don't have room or feel like eating much these days.

Strangers have been nothing but kind enough to tell me that I'm looking "very big" not to be delivering until November. I do admit to twins now when speaking with them but I would rather just ask them something random about their appearance to change the conversation. It's mostly women but surprisingly there are men who are very inquisitive as well (usually because their wives are expecting or something). I would also like to remind women who have had children that when I agree, yes these babies will be here soon I feel like 9 weeks is soon. Out of 38 weeks total and only having 9 left it does in fact feel soon to me, especially when you are carrying multiples and have a higher chance of delivering early. I have a good friend who just happens to carry her pregnancies very well- like better than a super model. She gets the same thing when she tells people she has only 4 weeks left except they basically tell her she will have some crazy small preemie baby- only she has like 8 pound babies. People cannot be pleased either way. And how can you have a "preemie" baby when you go full term? People are stupid.

Nursery is still not inhabitable for newborns but I did wash all of #1's old things and have those folded in sorted piles on the floor. I stripped all my cloth diapers and need to re-size them down for little babies. Turtle and I are going to have to get on some things once we get back from vacation. I should probably call the hospital and take care of that pre-payment thing they want, too.

Yours truly-
Large and In Charge Housewife

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Death of a Kindle

Now, I know we have already professed our undying love for the Kindle (Amazon why are you SO genius?) -- but we had to have a funeral for The Housewife's this week.  She dropped it and totally broke it. Something about those pixels not working anymore.  So, since her Kindle is basically a total loss and needs replacement we started cruising all those new fangled models that are out. 

The Housewife and I are kinda leaning towards this one: 

One thing we liked about this one is that the light illuminates inward, rather than a backlight that shines in yours eyes.  It actually kind of makes me want to trade in my Kindle right now.  Except it's not broken.  And I'm poor.  It also claims badass resolution and a battery life of 8 weeks. But we all know how awesome battery life on frequently used electronics goes after a year or so.  Guess we will see what the reviews are.  Paperwhite isn't released until October 1st but it appears they are backordered until the 21st right now.   But someone buy one and let us know what you think of it because we may be putting one on our Christmas Lists. 

The Kindle Paperwhite with special offers retails for $119 {no 3G either}. Not too bad when you think of how much I paid for mine and I don't have even have a light on it.  

Happy Reading!

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal & the housewife~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

So Many Things In My Head...

I feel like my anxiety peaked a bit this week pre-vacation.  Totally couldn't sleep last night, so I'm wondering if compiling the random stuff in my head on the blog instead will be sort of like an anxiety exorcism.  No comments on my apparent insanity, please.  We don't judge here. 

Lately I'm feeling kinda sad that I didn't embrace the chambray shirt this summer.  I keep seeing it out though and on all these people and making all these cute outfits.  It seems too multipurpose for me not to starve a little and buy one for myself. I saw a girl on a blog I read wearing one with a sequined skirt.  It looked amazing.  For reals.  Also, can you wear chambray year round? Or just Spring/Summer/Fall? Or just Spring/Summer? Someone help me. 

Whyyyyyy did I eat some much black bean, corn, and feta dip after my run?! My stomach hurts.  {That's a nice 3rd grade book report sentence for you.}

They finally bulldozed some of the vacant lots in my Hood {still building} and while I hated all the overgrown nastiness I feel a bit sad that all those annoying rabbits lost their homes.  

Speaking of animals. Saw a cray big spider in the living room this morning.  My efforts to kill it before work failed as my mobility was pretty limited in my heels and pencil skirt and the fact that I also had to leave it to find a magazine to roll up as a weapon.  As such, I couldn't find him anymore and had to leave for work.  So really -- what is that guy up to tonight?  Hanging out in my freaking house.  Being a gross, scary spider.  Hopefully I am safe upstairs for now. 

I found a random lump on the side of Hogan's foot?! But maybe it was there before and I never saw it. Or maybe it's cancer.  Should we go to the vet? He seems fine.  But I swear that darn lump hasn't been there, ever.  

I feel too emotionally bound to Jamie and Claire from Outlander to start a new book right now.  But I also feel their relationship is too intense for me to start the second book in the series.  You know, because they are real people...

Seriously -- how can anyone like that Foster the People song? It's is so awful.  So. Awful. And. Annoying.

At what point will The Housewife completely ban me from drinking Sweet Tea Vodka while we are on vacation with her in laws and other extended fam? I give it a 2.5 day max.  

Who invented the Avocado saver?? {Best tool for the Single Gal kitchen EVER.} 

Why can't there be a Michael Kors Watch Fairy.  I just want to wake up with the one I want under my pillow.  Because it's been a hard year.   And I feel entitled for no good reason at all. 

It feels good to get the crazy out.  Maybe this will help.  Can you tell I need to get away from it all? Yikes. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preschool Rookies, potty training and nap time punks.

How do you get from here.....

To here......
and yes I had pregnancy brain and wrote the wrong month
#1 has been having an absolute blast in preschool since she started. There has not been one tear shed when I hand her over to the teachers. In fact, she really had no interest in coming home with me the first full day she was there. I'm very excited for her and the teachers have told me she is doing wonderfully which is all I could hope for as a first time mom. Unlike myself who saw on the calendar that there was a parent association meeting last Thursday and I was all proud I noticed it and didn't miss something I was supposed to attend. Preschool Mom is like a job and you don't even have to be room mom. There are Silent Auctions to help with, teacher appreciation breakfasts, sign up to bring in the homemade play dough for the kids one month and you have the weeks you are assigned to bring in snack for all the kids. Well, apparently I showed up to the room mom meeting. I am definitely not signing up to be room mom but it was at that point where it would be awkward to leave so I just stayed and enjoyed the information and had to email the head of the parent association and explain how dumb I am. I was wondering why only like 10 other mom's showed up for this meeting. Oh well, I suppose I will get my act together eventually. As I said, pre-school rookies unite. 

We have also embarked on the potty training journey. This is not because I'm obsessed with having her potty trained by the age of 2 or before the twins come. It's simply because she's been a few times and last Friday she was literally telling me she had to go while she had her diaper on so I figured we should just go for it. I have no tips or tricks except on the kind of potty you buy. I thought she would love this one because it's pink and has princesses on it. 
First Years Princess Potty

It's not that she refuses to go on it but it's kind of annoying, mainly because of the lid. Buy the ones without the lid because sometimes its just a never ending open and close/stand on the the top of the potty day. She has only had three accidents and one was totally my fault. I was nervous about her going to school but she has adjusted so well I just went with it. I don't really believe in using pull-ups because I think they feel just like a diaper so we only use them at night and for naps right now.  

In other news she has been a complete punk about her naps. I have no idea why. Last Friday she just started getting out of bed and not sleeping which is not a huge deal except she figured out how to open the freaking door. Then proceeded not to stop getting out of bed and opening the door. I frankly lack the strength right now to just keep putting her back in bed 40 million times so she just went to bed at 6. Saturday she did the same thing and Turtle put her back in bed for 2 hours straight. She must have gotten up 100 times. Then we wised up and got those child lock things for the door and at least solved the problem of her getting out of her room. Anyone have any advice about this? She's sleeping at night no problem because she is just exhausted but she only napped on Sunday afternoon since this past Friday. She cannot be that kid who just gives up napping at the earliest age possible! 

Goes to show you win some and you lose some. Please send magic lanterns with sleep genies to help. Also, I'm sure the Single Gal will be regretting her decision to ride to the beach with us and her potty training niece. 

The Housewife

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Closure

Y'all I actually took like 2 hours on Friday night to catch up on some DVR! I am one of those people that records all their favorite shows and then waits like a year to finally get through a season.  I think I had "Burn Notice" Episodes from summer of 2011 that I just started watching in May.  But I'm not here to obsess over "Burn Notice".  

I am here to obsess over Brenda Lee Johnson -- The Closer. 

I finally finished the series finale on Friday night.  I had about 4 episodes to catch up on.  This show is SO good, y'all.  I started watching it years ago when I graduated from college and was living with my parents.  I think I even had a season I missed that I need to go back and watch, but still -- great, great stuff here.  If you are looking for something to delve into on Netflix download every episode you can!  Brenda Lee and all of the other characters in the supporting cast are all quirky and lovable in their own right -- even her parents.  They investigate some intense stuff.  And I don't usually like crime shows.  I was really sad to see this one go -- or close, if you will.  

So, I've "closed".   And it made me think a lot about closure in general.  I'm trying get out of town, relax at the beach and come back with a better outlook on life. I'm attempting to give myself a "mourning" deadline.  It may work.  It may not.  I know at the end of the day, you feel how you feel.  And while some days I do a great job of staying busy there are some things I am still having a really hard time with.  I want to make a better effort at letting go of it all.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pinterest Interests

The Housewife is feeling a bit under the weather this week and I had a Kiki with Allie after work at Tin Lizzy's so sorry if this post isn't quite up to snuff.  Hopefully you still love us anyway.  

My Pinterest addiction has had a sudden resurgence, so let's delve into that a bit. 

First, if anyone out there is looking for something awesome to get me for Christmas, let's start here: 

I can't even begin with the awesomeness of this. They make sweatshirts, too.
Is it possible for me to ever be this effortless? Doubt I can recreate the ensemble, but maybe it can be a fall muse. 

More blazer action. But tweed. I die. 

And finally, things that squeeze my heart.  Best wedding photo anyone ever took, ever. 

Happy Thursday, all! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Checking In

I find 4 day work weeks super hectic and I don't know about you guys but I am straight exhausted from Labor Day.  I kinda felt like it was the perfect amount of busy paired with the perfect amount of relaxation and that small portion of work I had to do on Saturday.  But for some reason I am SO tired.  The bright side -- tomorrow is already hump day.  Boom. 

I grabbed a few Instagrams from this weekend -- none of which are probably very good or adorable, but here you go. 

Don't worry, we had lots of beers as well as the opportunity to drink water from this
cute jug for Friday happy hour in Roswell.
Don't even play. 
Hai there. Busted out the monogrammed koozie for a fun day on the lake. 

#1 wanted to help walk Hogie so we went up to see the horses and cows
at the front of the 'Hood.

I also reunited with Elise {post-beautiful baby C!} and we had a fabulous brunch at The Tavern and perused lots of great sales at Phipps Plaza.  I resisted a lot of stuff but did grab another Elsa blouse {see prior Monday Obsessions}. Its green and oh so beautiful.  If only someone would drop a new pair of Kendra Scott earrings in my lap. Preferably these -- 

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Blue Goldstone

Thank goodness for resisting sales because my car saga continues! Ugh.  Had a couple cranking/starting issues so I had the battery tested on the way home from work today and yep -- it was done for.  Goodbye to $130.  Guess it's a good thing I have no appetite these days. 

{A few other things}

Adoring my Essie Watermelon for my manicure this week.  Hard times call for pretty, colored nails. 

I may have some overrated anxiety about running into 3 Putt.  Maybe warranted. Maybe not.  But it's there.  I am not sure why.  

I am reading {Outlander by Diana Gabaldon} and I am three-hundred-thousand-percent obsessed, y'all.  I have many sleepless nights ahead this week. It's good.  It has men with red hair.  Humor me. 

I don't want to read any more tweets ever about another fashion week ever. Sars. 

Only 2 weeks until vacay!!!


Hope you are all enjoying the short week! 
Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

I hope everyone is still having a fantastic Labor Day weekend. The Housewife household has been laying low except for our random trip to Costco for a significantly large television for the living room. It was time and let it be known we did make it through opening weekend of college football on the smaller televisions. Turtle wanted one of those "smart" televisions........and it's so smart we are still trying to get sound to come out of it. But can use the internet on it if you want to and it has silent 3D. I think we just lack proper upgraded cables to accomplish this.

Helping Dad wash the car

Found a lizard stuck in a solo cup (pardon the terrible humidity fogging my lens)
After much debate we convinced her to free the little beast

Labor Day is also significant as today marks 10 weeks or less until the twins arrive (if I make it to 38 weeks which we are hoping to). Sleep is a little harder because I have to keep switching sides depending on if Baby B is jammed in my rib causing it to ache or my sciatica/hips are hurting on the left side. It's not unbearable. I don't think it's due to the size of my stomach but more that there is double everything in there right now.

The Housewife

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Restaurant Review: Little Alley Steak

Y'all. There is truly not enough love in the world so I am here to sound my "barbaric yawp" about Little Alley Steak...or really Old Town Roswell in general.   I know my city folk inside the perimeter may gasp, but you can, in fact, eat fabulous food and enjoy incredible atmosphere outside of the perimeter.  Recently written up in Southern Living, I'll do my best to weigh in. 

*not my picture*

First confession...I haven't actually had a meal here yet. But -- I just fell so completely in love upon my first stop in {and the reviews are amazing anyway} that I had to just go ahead and blog about it.  It's beautiful and dark inside.  It was full of people.  A random stranger said I was beautiful and helped me save chairs for Em and The Housewife {seriously take pregnant people with you if you want to sit in a crowded bar}.  The bartenders were super charming.  We had champagne that was $14 a glass "just because".  

One small disclaimer, while this Single Gal freely spends $85 on brunch without blinking I know that not everyone is OK with that. So,  I won't lie to you -- Little Alley is not cheap by any means. And, hey, if steak houses aren't for you then you have plenty of other great options just steps away on Canton Street. 

Oh, and props if you got the Walt Whitman reference. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~