Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scotland Part II: A Day in Glasgow

I know you are probably over the trip by now but hey -- we need material over here.  We spent a few days with 3 Putt's sister and brother in law at their lovely home and also went into Glasgow for an evening while we were with them.  They were such gracious hosts and they made me lots of cappuccinos and homemade pizza so I will love them forever regardless.  We got rooms at a lovely Hilton, dropped our stuff off and went off for a day of wandering.  This is when I finally broke down and bought a few things at h&m because I don't know about you but the photo tour of the white coat and pink hat had to end.  OK maybe just the coat.  #pinkhatforlife

Basically I'm just going to give you some random snapshots of our day! We took a pic in front of one historical marker but I have no idea what it was there for -- I know, I'm an awful tourist! I just want to eat and drink. Sorry. 

Shopping and wandering...maybe High Street? Something like that? I don't know. 

Sausage rolls (we had to get them every day because 3 Putt 
loves them and misses them) and Irn Bru. Irn Bru 
appears to be the UK version of Mt. Dew. 

Shameless selfie. We are refreshed before dinner with lipstick

Couples shot at The Corinthian.  Highly recommend.  It's hard to get into during the weekend but it's a really nice club with a small casino and a rooftop lounge.  We went on a Monday so hey -- no lines or cover charge.  It was beautiful inside.  So beautiful and cool that you deserve a quick photo from their site since my iPhone camera wasn't cutting it in the dark. 

 The Corinthian 

bar/lounge area

Um yeah. It's amazing and beautiful.  Great Trip Advisor reviews as well online. 

And back to my lovely pics. Ha. 

random street and buildings. 

3 Putt and his "wee sis" 

The monument I can't remember. I should look this stuff up. 

I just wanted to throw in this pic of their Mac store in a super old building.  Mainly because one of the things that usually sticks out to me the most when in Europe is the sheer age of the streets, buildings, etc.  Here we just build a new mall.  

Glasgow was wonderful. It didn't rain on us until we were leaving for dinner so we were granted a lovely afternoon of walking. We ate at a lovely Italian place called Amore. The area of town where a lot of the fun stuff is I believe is called City Center. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it! It's been quite a busy week even for the unemployed. I feel like I have been cranking out a lot of "business" all week.  This is actually a super happy Friday -- I've received a formal offer letter this morning for the job I was really hoping to get an offer on.  I went for my final meeting Wednesday morning and they shocked me by pretty much calling me within the hour with a verbal offer.  I'm a couple weeks from a start date -- they are now vetting me like crazy with background and I still have a feeling I'm going to have to promise my unborn child to them at some point.   Oh well. I guess it is just part of the process to make sure I'm not crazy.  Let's hope that nothing bounces back because hey -- I just announced I got a job. We don't want this to end in tragedy. 

1.  As mentioned above -- formal offer letter received today.  I really can't even believe how this job came about.  I am actually going to transition out of claims handling and work for a broker.  I have all the feelings this week. 

2. In other news I am a super "girly girl" and I have ordered this as new office wear and maybe First Day of Incredible New Job Outfit.  It's on super sale this weekend online at J. Crew Factory.  It is pink and has capped sleeves.  I don't know what's not to love. 

//buy here//

3.  Can I just take a moment and say how amazing Unemployment 2014 has been? And not even because I haven't had to go to work for a few weeks.  This reflection is ultimately complete amazement and gratitude to have had such a great reminder of all the loving, supportive, faithful, and positive people I have surrounding me in my life.  I love all of you. Every comment, phone call, and pep talk has meant the world to me. 

4.  I am seriously newly obsessed with La Croix sparkling water.  It gets me through the day and keeps me full so I can fit into a wedding dress.  I really have no idea if it's actually healthy or not but you can't win 'em all. 

5.  Also filed under things I probably should eat but that I love -- frozen taquitos. May every Thursday be Taquito Day in the future. 

~the single gal~ 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Housewife Randoms

I just finished a spin class. I'm tired. I haven't worked out in 6 days (which makes me really rawr) because my van needed an alternator. I got my baby back yesterday. 

There is a correct way to remove Kineseo Tape from your body. Me, I just ripped it off. Note, this could bruise/burst some blood vessels. That's your PSA for the week. 

We have successfully taught Harper how to say Sissie. She will not preform on cue for video yet. By we I mean, the Single Gal and I. 

Turtle is being a dream and told me I could go down to Savannah to see Little A with Single Gal this weekend. Which also means I'm working my house chores like whoa. Putting on my best Housewife act. 

As I'm watching Flea Market Flip re-runs, I don't understand how people pay so much for some things. 

I volunteered in #1's classroom this week. My little buddy. 

The twins love turning the sound machine on and off before bed. They are also loving books right now, which eases my mind since I did not read to them like we did with #1. 

Hope y'all have a good week. Single asked me to make her my favorite Chocolate Chip cookies yesterday. She only took two for 3 Putt. So I'm sure I will devour them today. Looking forward to a kid free weekend. 

The Housewife 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Interview Recap

Interviews are hard.  While they usually ask a lot of the same questions no one interview is ever the same.  Therefore we enter my favorite thing -- expecting the unexpected.  I actually didn't have to interview for my last two claims jobs because hey, I'm truly that awesome so  I really hadn't done this in a while.  Not to mention these two interviews were really a big sales pitch about  how I can transition into another career that I may not have as much direct experience in as someone else.  So there is extra stress.  I have to say, I did feel pretty prepared.  I wrote out answers prior to going to a number of questions they may ask and even though they didn't ask many of them I still am glad I did it.  I do feel like I talked too much.  I tried so hard to cut myself off but I can't do it when I am nervous I have some disease where I feel the need to fill the space. 

Interview One 

This one was definitely the hardest of the two.  I met with 5 different people  and it lasted about 4 hours.  Tough.  Also it didn't start until 1 p.m. so I had plenty of time to get freaked out before I even got there.  Needless to say I really was pretty exhausted afterwards.  Again, really had to sell myself and also answer some of the same questions over and over again.  I really worry that I wasn't specific and that I was so nervous my hands were clammy when met with each person.  This job is a toss up.  It would be an incredible opportunity but also a pretty stressful transition for me in that I would have to learn a ton probably my first 20 months there.  The one good thing was that I had previously worked in the same office with the first person I met with so she was fun to talk to and was able to get me into the grove for the rest of them.  If you need good sample questions just Google a bunch of articles on Forbes.  I found them super helpful. 

Outfit: Black tweed blazer from Forever 21, red JCrew blouse and black pencil skirt.  I wasn't thrilled about it. I felt like I was trying to go out for UGA Homecoming. 

Interview Two 

This interview was more fun.  I felt a good fit and really liked the people I met. Not to say the Thursday peeps were bad but this just felt more natural and the position was an easier sell. Also, I loved their big beautiful building in Buckhead.  I was a little taken aback because the VP I met with was fairly young, really nice, and really tall.  OK and maybe nice looking.  I already feel like I struggle a lot with eye contact in interviews.  When can I look away? I want to appear very interested and connected...but I worry that I just come off as SUPER CREEPY GIRL THAT STARES and feel this especially happened with the nice looking VP guy.  I met two other people -- I thought they were super.  I want to feel really hopeful about this one.  I thought it went really well other than the fact that I realized halfway through I was perspiring like whoa.  

The Outfit: On Fridays we wear pink.  Bright pink sleeveless shell, black tweed blazer, black pencil skirt.  I loved it.  It made me happy. 

After this last one I decompressed at yoga and came straight home to get through those awkward thank you notes.  Really loved that the people from interview #2 actually took the time to write a quick note back! 

So, hopefully in the next two weeks I'll be posting some gif of Sally Field's, "You like me, you really like me" Oscar speech and drinking all the wine and doing dances around the house with a job offer.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Hello! Happy Weekend! Just wanted to check in and round out (up?) this week and see what we have going for this last full week in March.  How is it the end of March already? Was it not just time to ring in the new year?! Where is the time going? Seriously. 

Last week was really nice! We marked some items off the wedding list.  I guess that big stuff most people nail down in the first month. It took us about two.  Whoops. We have a signed contract with our wedding/reception venue! It took some back and forth but I appreciate the restaurant we chose working with us for the ceremony.  Made my life so much easier (well, 3 Putt's too because WOW all the arguments) and I feel like we are super on track with our budget.  We also know from Wednesday's post I got the dress jitters out last Monday.  And now since the ceremony/dinner is finalized I can email the photographer this week and finalize our contract with her.  Once I order my dress I think I can relax until June.  

Other stuff...I do want to get up an interview post this week.  Not that I know everything but I do want to recap and link some things I found helpful (yay internet) and awkward.  I closed out the week strong in stress, hope, and perspiration.  And now we have the waiting game! Enter me starting a bonkers home project because I need something to occupy my mind and the best way to do that is keep my hands busy.  Legit taking a trip to Home Depot today. 

This week is about trusting and breathing.  I've done all I can for the job stuff that was on the horizon.  Let's keep our heads down and our eyes on the prize for the last week of March.  

~the single gal~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catching Up {housewife edition}

I've been sparse, I know. The Single Gal is always asking me to blog. She's doing a great job due to Unemployment 2014. The last time I blogged this happened: 

#1 snuck out of her room and into my closet with my makeup bag. The end result is basically an entire pot of MAC eyeliner ground into the carpet. Carpet cleaner just spreads it out more. It looks like a tiger has been in there. Now I'm blogging from my phone so I can remain "on watch." 

It was truly a trying day. I was at my limits. We had not been having good days and the bad things were outnumbering the good. #1 tends to have some strong-willed traits so I grabbed a book on my kindle to help me figure some things out. It's really been a great read and I've already seen some improvements. While our days still have some bumps, overall they are much more pleasant and I'm in a much better mood. 

Oh! We had 13 pine trees taken out of our backyard. It's much more of a mess than I had anticipated when I booked this project. We had 6 dead ones that had to come down as they kept falling and one broke in half and fell. We had a nice visitor from the city stop by....apparently you need a permit to take down trees. Totally my bad. But some smiles and a basically finished job just earn you a warning. Now I'm faced with having to get landscape quotes to put more money in the backyard. It's all things we were planning on doing anyway, just not so soon. 

The housewife 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {dress shopping}

Well folks we pretty much have sorted out all venue-related issues and stresses regarding our ceremony and dinner.  Everything has turned out quite lovely and within budget.  These are all good things.  Now that those things are worked out and I have some extra time on my hands I have been stressing a bit a lot about finding a dress.  I am determined to stick to our budget and I am really looking forward to my big appointment the early part of April with the fam but there are just SO many dresses out there and SO many different options and the weather can be SO iffy in December that I just don't quite know where to go.  Or I didn't until Monday. 

I hope my family doesn't murder me but I did talk to several close friends about their search and I did hear the advice to just go somewhere and look alone.  Try on a few things. See what is working for you.  Since I am not working I made a Monday appointment at Kelly's Closet in Candler Park.   A few things to preface this adventure -- I ultimately only went here because they were having a sample sale.  This small boutique carries a good amount of dresses but they are ultimately what I would consider fairly high end.  That being said definitely look around to see if you can find places that will have sample sales if you love a particular line.  You really can get a great deal on a dress that may just need to be cleaned or only need a small repair.  Typically the samples are bridal size 10 which is usually about a 6/8 dress size for most girls.  So even though I was just looking I wasn't about to put on a dress I could never afford.   

I have to say that all the great reviews I read about Kelly's Closet were true.  I met with Erin and she was completely respectful of my budget but I felt like she showed me just as much love and attentions as a girl hunting a $5k wedding dress.  They are incredibly low key and easy going.  It was a great place to go work out my "wedding dress" jitters.  She also took the time to give me a card with my top 3 dresses listed by designer, style and price -- a lot of places will not do this in order to prevent you from buying your dress somewhere else other than their shop.    I would absolutely recommend the team there for any bride in Atlanta.  

Ultimately I didn't find "the one" but it really was helpful for me to kind of go somewhere and try on different styles of dresses to see what kind of began to give me that "zing" feeling.   I think that if I had more wiggle room I would have found something I loved but because I was limited to samples in a certain price range I did not try on a ton of dresses.  We are going to a place in April that has a larger selection so I am feeling more hopeful and positive about the process.  If nothing else I'm glad that I run a lot so that I am not dealing with the "I need to lose 10 lbs" issue.  A serious pair of Spanx should fix the rest.  

Happy Wednesday, ladies! Any dress shopping advice? I would love to hear it! 

~the single gal~

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Missing The Old Routine

I know I have interviews this week but wow -- this weekend I may have had a mini-meltodown. While being off for a month and taking my vacation was pretty nice I'm pretty ready not to see the house all day every day anymore.  I really think the dogs are even tired of seeing my face.  They probably want their old routine back -- and guess what? So do I.  Also, I usually am working while I am faced with an interview slot.  So while I am glad to have plenty of time to prepare I am also having plenty of time to over-think them and get super freaked out and nervous about life.  Finding a job is a slow process. I knew that would be the case but telling yourself things and living them are sometimes two different things.   Anyway, I cried a bit this weekend and ate my feelings in copious amounts of peanut butter and am trying to focus on things at hand, not what may happen in 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year.  I just can't wrap my brain around anything else right now.  

That's all I have for today!

~the single gal~

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Obsessions: {all things paris}

Is it some sort of disease that once you get to Paris you immediately return home and start dreaming of another trip? It was thrilling to go but  I want more (if you did not sing that like Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" you have greatly saddened me)! I keep telling myself to put it out of my mind but I keep pinning more info and following more instagram accounts that will at least give me more visions of Paris on my feed if I can't go back anytime soon.  Anyway, I will be studying hard and working on interview prep all week so I thought we could start Monday with something fun.

//image via//

I recently stumbled upon a few blogs that I really like with Paris info. Mainly these will either be photo blogs or blogs about where to eat and drink all the things because we all know that is what I live to do.  Lost in Cheeseland is a new favorite but you can check out two others here and here.  I also recently came across this post from the blog Long Distance Loving that gives you tips on how to complete a successful 48 hours in Paris (maybe I will get 48 hours in 2015?). Seriously, I loved this post! Also you may want to at least look up the instagram accounts for the blogs I just mentioned if you aren't inclined to read.  Just a suggestion. 

I know I keep saying I'm going to start checking out library books but I really wouldn't mind owning a copy of this book once I am gainfully employed.  I know what you are thinking "Oh someone else spent a year in Paris? How original." I get it.  But it is Paris after all.  I really think I missed my calling as a travel writer.  How fun and amazing would that be? 

What are you obsessing over this week? 

~the single gal~

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday! Thanks again for all the stops by out tiny little blog and for reading or just looking at pictures or whatever you like about our posts.  We adore you. Truly. 

1. I'm going to work and make the rest of this week about communication.  Especially with loved ones.  It's really important and something I need to work on -- especially with roommates (yes, 3 Putt.).  I mean we aren't about to kill each other by any means but I want to get this exercise down by December. 

2. Wedding season is here. But unemployed people be broke.  I actually returned one of my two interview skirts and located a basic black shift dress (early April weddings in Blue Ridge call for sleeves) at H&M for $26.  WIN!  But if I had more money I would want this BB Dakota Grendell dress for $74.  

3 .  Fridays are for listening to Miley Cyrus and afternoon yoga because holy cow am I carrying some serious stress between my shoulder blades this week. 

4.  I'm really excited to have a date night tonight with 3 Putt.  In the name of saving money we will eat dinner here, but go to our favorite wine bar Vin 25 in Roswell for a dessert platter and some adult bevs.  

5. I notoriously tell 3 Putt that I don't like watching internet videos.  Seriously, I really don't -- but I caught this on a blog I read and I actually just loved it.  73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker at her home in just over 5 minutes.  It was adorable and sweet and she just seemed so authentic and able to roll with the speed of the interview. 

Enjoy your day! 

~the single gal~

Thursday, March 13, 2014

High and Low

This week has also been full of highs and lows (again).  3 Putt and I are still working on combining assets and feeling out living together.  It has been really nice but definitely have had some biting remarks and a rocky start to a morning here and there.  I guess we still have to get used to each other and I will always vote that we don't keep the plastic Flora-Bama beer pitcher no matter how many good memories were made there doing God knows what.  In other news I sometimes offer what I think may be helpful advice during a task that is taken the wrong way or maybe I say it the wrong way.  So there's that, too. 

As far as a high we got really good news from our wedding restaurant about letting us come in early for a quick ceremony and I have two interviews with great companies that would transition my career scheduled for next week.  I would continue to squeal with joy but I'm scared shitless. Seriously.  I am.  At least I am trying to be brave and get outside of my comfort zone. I hear that's what life is all about.   

Another high --  it's been a super productive week here at the house and I am excited to say that thanks to 3 Putt we threw up a gallery wall downstairs and I think it looks super cute.  But then again it's my house and I love my house.  

On a low note the one time The Housewife got away to blog this week #1 left her room at nap time and destroyed The Housewife's carpet by rubbing a lot of her expensive makeup in it. Super sads.  Let's all thank Housewife for her sacrifice.  She is accepting Sephora gift cards. 

//all the little notes on all the potential jobs//

//crafting with the Housewife the last two weeks. hey curtains.//

//presents to celebrate our cousin's wife to be//

//bathroom stuff i love at Target!//

//gallery wall prep//

//gallery wall (!!!)//

//baby bar area under gallery wall. happies!//

//started "the little friend" by donna tartt//

//pugs don't like selfies. word.//

How is your week? 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{scotland part one}

I'm so late on a travel post. I worry I have forgotten some of the wonderful details of my trip! We got in pretty late to Scotland after our day in Paris. I was so far beyond tired.  We didn't stay up very late and I slept until 10 am the next day (unheard of for me).  We had a lovely time just going about town and hanging out with 3 Putt's family.  They live pretty much in the middle of Scotland and are in the town of Auchterarder (thanks customs agent for making fun of the way I said it) near this huge amazing 5 Star resort where they are hosting the Ryder Cup this year.   Since 3 Putt's sister works there we went for a little tour and stopped off for some adult beverages before our late lunch back at the house. 

Fun at Gleaneagles

I mean how cute are his dad and his sister? I loved finally being able to meet his sister and brother-in-law.  Big highlight of my trip! They made me feel so, so welcome and it's a wonderful feeling to have going into our marriage.  I could not be any luckier on the in-law front.  Seriously!

Here are some pro images from the Gleneagles website just so you have an idea about this luxury spot.  It is really incredible. 

//via gleneagles website//

I will make myself save money for a spa trip one day.  

//via gleneagles website//

3 Putt's parents have 3 fluffy dogs.  They were super cute. 

My soon-to-be brother-in-law was assigned to take us out the following day while everyone else set up for a family engagement party at the house.  He took us up into the mountains in Crief and drove us around.  We stopped for some pictures.  So beautiful!

I actually don't have any photos really from our engagement party! I put my phone down and had so many people to talk to I never went back to find it until later that night.  However, I am still touched by the giant welcome I received and the fact that his family came from near and far for this gathering and to meet me.  It was a really special day and I am so thankful that I was able to meet pretty much all of his family on our trip.  We will see them again for a post-wedding dinner around Christmas! I can't wait.  

~the single gal~

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gearing Up for the Week

Well, it's official the week has started.  I'm trying not to be really down about waiting for a call to interview for that great call I had last week. I know people are crazy on Mondays. I know this.  So I sent pesky follow-up-thank-you-so-much-for-talking-to-me emails today just to remind them I am here.  I really wanted to include a note about the fact that I Fed Exed that interview skirt to the tune of $35 but resisted.  Are we tired of hearing about the job hunt? Let me know if so.  Because hey we have all the time in the world to talk about anything under the sun. 

Good parts for the beginning of the week: Had another phone call with exciting company even though it ended a bit awkwardly, lots of sunshine to walk the dogs in, I have finally shed my vacation pounds, morphing the kitchen table into my new office is kind of my favorite (even though the chairs are awful on my back). 

Had a nice start to the week as I am two workouts in and managed to just have a big ol' smoothie before bed last night and no junk food.  I still love having what I call "single gal dinners" on nights that 3 Putt works late (which is all spring/summer/fall). 

OTHER BIG NEWS -- My sweet baby sister had her beautiful baby girl on Monday! Ashlyn we welcome you! You are just scrumptious.  Kind of sad that Lyns lives a few hours away but I am sure The Housewife and I are making a trip very soon to visit! Mom and baby are doing very well. Always glad for safe delivery with no complications. 

Happy happy Tuesday, everyone. Let's show this week who is boss. 

~the single gal~

Monday, March 10, 2014

Send Help. We might be classified as Environmentalists.

It's unbelievable that Single Gal and I ditched our 17 and 16 year old Honda Accords in the same month. It was a sad day for me. I didn't have mine for as long as Single Gal, but she held some great memories and I loved that old car. I should have taken her picture but I didn't. She is now in the trade-in graveyard where no one will admire her like I did. To see all the great qualities she had. Sigh. We are now the new owners of Nissan Leaf. Yep. A freaking electric car. A car with a plug. 


Turtle did a lot of number crunching on this. I use the word "owner" loosely because we leased it. Generally, I would never lease a car. Ever. We just paid my van off. BUT....on top of the Federal credit incentives the state of Georgia give you $2500 back in taxes each year ($5000 for the 2 years). It is such a good deal to drive here that they lobbied and changed the law to extinguish the Georgia state tax credits for this car. You have to purchase by March 31st to still be eligible. Between gas and the continuous repairs we were doing yearly on the Accord and the fact that we wanted a safer vehicle when we did have transport a kid in the second vehicle we felt it was a no-brainer. It's not the most attractive thing you can drive. You can only drive it 125 miles round trip before you need to recharge. (I think. Don't quote me because this is Turtle's deal.) 

Turtle took #1 out of town in the van and left me with this thing. As in, he signed the papers the night before and then left town. It's cool and really weird at the same time. The Single Gal and I survived our across town trip in it. I was worried I would have to ask my Dad if I could plug in my car. It's akin to a really important cell phone. We have free roadside assistance for two years in case it runs out of charge, which is the lifetime we will own the vehicle anyway. Georgia is the number one seller of Leaf vehicles because of the tax credits. I can only thank the local news for doing a story on it to enlighten me. Otherwise, I never would have known. Turtle can plug it in at work and we plug it in the regular garage outlet at night. It's essentially our new science project. The Single Gal and I are referring to it as The Delorian. All in all, I think I wear too much makeup to be classified as a hippie. 

The Housewife

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

I don't know about you guys but 3 Putt is out of town and I am laying low this weekend.  Mainly because hey -- I'm poor and unemployed but also because I would like to read and maybe try to get ahead on all the laundry that followed us home from Scotland and keeps multiplying. I ended up having a really great and positive week and I hope you did, too! I have some real movement on job stuff (heck, it's happening faster than I thought it would) and I am really proud of myself for my hard work in really trying to get out there and find something that I will love and make a career transition.  What they say is true -- you get what you give, so I am giving all the effort.  

In other great news -- we are at least getting a touch of spring weather here in Georgia! Finally.  3 days in a row of at least into the 60's.  It was still a bit cold for shorts on our run this morning but all my workout pants were in the never-ending laundry pile. But soon! 

I actually spent Friday night here completely stressing and pinning all the things on Pinterest and worrying about my dress shopping appointment in a few weeks.  I'm not really worried that I will look terrible in them or anything but I am concerned about finding something I love and that is appropriate for our small wedding venue within the budget.  I'm sure it will be fine but you spend a night inside watching every episode of Say Yes to the Dress that is on TLC and it gets in your head. One thing I am happy to report is that 3 Putt's mom is actually going to be in town the day I made my appointment so I am really happy that I will be able to include her since they miss out on so much because we are all so far away from each other.  So, if nothing else I can at least be really happy with that. 

Oh well, I am quite sure your Saturday does not involve talking me off the wedding dress ledge.  I have been all motivational this week and saw a quote that I want to carry with me this weekend and at least through the next week.  I thought I would share this as well (because we do all the over-sharing here on this blog). 

Okay I'm going now. 

~the single gal~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

High and Low

Thursday check-in.  Lots of highs and lows lately.  I'm trying to find routine so I can have some middle ground in this whole unemployement thing but is it SO hard.  I have made some rules that are helping.  I try to get up at the same time if not earlier every day, lots of gym time when I need a break, and pretty much don't allow myself to even turn on the TV until 5 at the earliest.  If nothing else I should use this time to get stuff done around the house.  Things need to be organized, budgets need constant review and I can at least do a FEW wedding things (read: research everything till my fingers bleed). So we are here for highs and lows today.  

High: Y'all I FINALLY got a new car (well, super new to me).  I'm still in disbelief. 3 Putt took my little Honda to work with him two days after we were back from vacation and he did not bring her back.  I'm the proud owner of a 2003 Ford Explorer -- a baby with only 119k on her. 

Low: I sold my car.  I didn't expect to feel this sad and devastated about it but my little Honda was 16 years old and with me for 10 years.  TEN! We did so much together.  I know it's dumb and girly but there is a hole in my soul.  I just wasn't prepared to lose her. 

High: I have SO much time to devote to the gym, the dogs, reading, blogging, the house,  and wedding planning lately. 

Low: I'm feeling pretty useless and weirdly at odds with all the spare time I now have. 

High: I have had some calls regarding some jobs. 

Low: No interviews yet. 

High: Spring is around the corner! 

Low: It's still really freaking cold and miserable. 

I'll leave with some motivation: 

//found on Pinterest//

What are you highs and lows for the week? Am I the only one lacking the middle here? 

~the single gal~

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Single Gal Cooks: Cheesy Black Bean Skillet

Tell me you love real life photos with the oven range smears on them.  Yes? No? 

This week 3 Putt and I were determined to get back on our normal eating routine after our extremely delicious yet gluttonous vacation.  We had bun-less burgers for dinner Sunday with some avocado/salsa/etc on the top and needed a side.  French fries were not an option.  So I grabbed a few things to chop up and throw in with two cans of black beans and some cheese.  It was so good.  And so easy!

- 1 green bell pepper, diced
- 1 yellow bell pepper, diced
- 1 medium onion, diced
- 2 cloves of garlic, minced
-shredded cheese
- 2 cans of black beans, rinsed and drained

Chop bell peppers, onions and garlic.  Sauté over medium heat until onions are translucent.  Add black beans and cook for several minutes to warm up on medium heat.  Add cheese as desired.  This seriously takes hardly any time and reheats well! 

Garnish: cilantro, sour cream, sriracha, salsa, avocado, anything really.  


~the single gal~

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

12 Hours in Paris

I guess unemployment is good for me.  A travel post as promised! 

I previously blogged about scouring for a plane ticket with a decently long layover in Paris on our way to Scotland so that we could mesh two trips into one.  At first I started to try to fervently plan a step-by-step day for us and research fabulous places to eat and have coffee, etc.  But then I woke up from that crazy dream and decided that since we didn't have much time we would just kind of see where the wind blew us that day.  Being completely unfamiliar with Paris it just seemed best to wander.  

I will try not to write much because this post is so photo heavy but I did want to say a few words about our adventure.  First -- 3 Putt is extremely well traveled.  It usually seems like he has been everywhere but he actually had not been to Paris to sight see.  So it was really special for me that we were able to share the experience together.  That being said -- I was also excited to have him there because he is so well traveled.  I was really kind of stressed about the language barrier, trying out public transportation, getting lost, mean French people, etc. but 3 Putt is good with these situations.

So, as far as our day -- we landed from our 9ish hour flight and after we checked in for our connecting flight I went to freshen up in the restroom for about 30 minutes.  Our layover was 12 hours and I definitely didn't want to be rushed so that we would have more fun so we took our time exiting the airport.  We found the train station easily on our own and a lady working a ticket booth was very helpful in the ticket purchasing process.  We bought from a kiosk and went on our way.  There are a lot of hat pics in here as the weather was about 40 degrees with 80% chance of rain all day while we were there. 

pretty much stopped to eat breakfast at the first place we 
saw off the train as we were starving! seriously, I 
couldn't even tell you the name of this place but the coffee was good
and the food was hot. 

restaurant guy was very nice and gladly spoke a bit of English with us to 
ensure we were on the right track to find the big sights! turned out we
actually hopped off the train at the right spot on our first try.  

//arc de triomphe du carrousel//

//one of the million gratuitous louvre photos//

the line to get in here is very long.  so we just took pics outside and instead we ended up walking over to the Musée d'Orsay after walking around Jardin de Tuileries for a while to get out of the gloom and see some art.  There are two great looking restaurants in this museum. I think next time I would like to eat there! So beautiful! 


Mainly I wore this hat because I had a blowout at Dry Bar before we left and I didn't want it to go to waste.  So I wore this a lot due to the rainy weather but it worked! Hair saved! 

I didn't realize this until we were crossing over, but I think we were on the bridge over the Pont des Arts where they place the love locks in Paris!  I'm a cheeseball so this was very thrilling to me especially since there was a gentleman there selling locks.  Obviously I made 3 Putt put a love lock on the bridge with me.  He is such a good sport. 

This was actually before we went to the museum.  We had a lovely afternoon wandering around (minus our only encounter with a ridiculously rude and outrageous French man that worked at the museum who yelled at us about a photo -- even though everyone in there was taking lobby pics and we were not inside an exhibit) and looking at art and then took the long walk to the Eiffel Tower.  The walk was actually lovely as I believe we were in the St. Germain area, but we didn't go too far into the park as we had been up walking for several hours and I was getting really tired and hungry. 

//almost there//

//eiffel tower selfie//

After we finally saw the tower we pretty much immediately ran back out into town looking for a place to lunch.  A lot of the little cafes look the same so we just dipped into one to take a seat for a long meal.  Food was just okay but people working there were very nice and the wine was good. 

I know I need to wrap this up.  All in all -- the day was magical.  Paris is just as beautiful as any picture I've seen and just as romantic as everyone says.  Overall we actually had an excellent experience and found people to be very nice and helpful and the trains pretty easy to use.  I did download an app called "Pocket Paris" to my phone that gave maps and info offline so that we could use my phone and not be on celluar data.  I found this app very helpful and very worth the $3.  The most expensive part of our day was lunch but overall the rest was very affordable.  I was also in disbelief at how close most of the big sights are to each other! I felt like I saw SO much and we were only there a short time.  We actually ended up heading back to the airport early since we felt pretty tired and wanted to make sure we didn' t miss our connection.  Ending the day with 3 Putt, a delicious cappucino and some macaroons (okay we ate some Pringles too) was just perfect. 

~the single gal~