Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coming Up for Air

It feels so good to have a little breathing room at work right now.  Not a lot but hopefully the rest of the year will be easier and I can catch up.  My desk looks like a paper tornado went through so I'm trying to organize one thing a day in that area because I may disappear soon and I'd like them to know I'm there and still pay me.   We actually have a half day tomorrow before leaving for a volunteer event at the Atlanta Food Bank and then a happy hour so I'm pretty excited about that. This week was so calm I actually made it to the gym instead of working out at home.  Snaps for me. 


  • Because you care so much so far I have changed my name with the Social Security Office, the DMV, sent off my Passport, gone to the bank to change my accounts, the gym, and put in the request at work (thank goodness they handle my licenses!). I still have my bills, the library, and any other cards I hold let alone all my shopping accounts.  It may never end. 
  • Since I love bandwagons and being late to parties I finally ordered this face mask to try when I had my last Amazon Prime haul. I read where a girl that lives in Chicago was getting facials prepping for her wedding and her girl swore by this. She looks fancy people.  Her facial routine probably cost as much as my wedding. I was extra excited about this because I usually don't do masks and they remind me of my childhood and having beauty night with Mom. Clearly I will wake up and not need wrinkle cream anymore...or maybe still...

  • It was Arnie's Gotcha Day anniversary yesterday.  Matt bought him a gigantic bone and to say thank you he threw up everywhere in the middle of the night.  I was against the bone so that meant I got out of carpet cleaning.
  • Read this and this last week while it rained. 

Happy Wednesday! I'll work on some more interesting musings. 

the married gal

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