Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Morning/ Pre-Vacation

I'm having some early Sunday morning quiet time before church and trying to prep for vacation. Friday we are off to Beaver Creek in CO for my cousin's wedding and then Vegas before we head home.  I'm super excited as this is our only big trip for the year  but does anyone run into pre-vacation stress? It is real! The house is a small disaster in our high traffic areas, organizing pet sitters, library trips, trying to pack and make sure everything is taken care of before we go so we don't come back and are miserable...I'm hoping big lists will help! If you could tell me why I thought it would be a great idea to go through refinancing our home right now I'd be grateful.  

I'm hoping that a great sermon today at Revolution, lots of coffee and a pedicure this evening with The Housewife will smooth everything out.  Matt is off pretty early today for a weekend so I'm sure we will have some quality time tonight too.  

  • In other news...I'm really enjoying a blonde moment in my life.  I really have bumped up the brightness in this mane for a much needed hair change.  I'm really feeling it. 
  • I read this book but it was just okay....but have this and "Girl on the Train" coming from the library today. 
  • The Housewife has me addicted to Podcasts and I seriously enjoyed some back episodes of Call Your Girlfriend while I was in the office for a bit yesterday catching up on some items. 
  • The JCrew sale did not hurt my feelings the last few weeks.  I'm having a moment with basics lately.  The sale is good people - this comes from a girl that normally buys all her J. Crew on Ebay.  I have the following en route to my house: 

J.Crew Amalia High Heel Sandals

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Tidewater

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