Friday, February 25, 2011

Hair,Tourniquets and Tears....oh my. I don't think were in Kansas anymore.

The Single Gal got me thinking with her comments about Tom Brady’s new do. I have realized over the last week that according to the state of my bathroom vanity and shower drain, I am currently losing hair faster than Chewbacca. For those of you who don’t know, pregnancy hair is glorious. It’s super thick and with a little argan hair oil it’s the closest you will ever get to movie star hair. Seriously. It’s that great.
Like any other normal person, of course I have to google “hair loss post pregnancy” to check out what’s going on. I mean, it’s a jungle in my bathroom right now after brushing, blow drying, and curling. My google search returned some interesting information. One article explained about the percentage of hair that is usually in a “resting” state on your head. (I want #1 to be in a resting state on a consistent basis—not my hair.) The hairs “rest” and then those are the hairs that fall out. You have less hair in a resting state when you are pregnant which is why it’s thicker.
I also discovered this gem during my research which I will share with you here courtesy of
A note to new moms with long hair: Strands of hair can end up tightly wrapped around your baby’s tiny appendages, including his fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, and penis. This is called a hair tourniquet, and it can be quite painful for your little one. If you find him crying for no apparent reason, check carefully for tight bands of hair.
I have long hair. So if you need me, the Turtle will be snaking our bathroom drain and I will be checking #1 for tourniquets when she is seemingly crying for no apparent reason. And as all new mothers know— EVER.
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