Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We're Like the Kardashians....only with less money and no Louboutins.

It pretty much happens everywhere we go…you will stare at us for a bit and then ask: “Are you twins?”
Yes, we are twins.
Yes, we know we look a lot alike.
Yes, we LOVE being twins. (It’s super fun and awesome!)
No, we don’t care if you call us by the wrong name. No need to be embarrassed or to apologize.
I will wrap up life for you in a nutshell (Is that one word? Two? Talk amongst yourselves.)
S is married with children (MWC) and I am single and alone (SAA). I am slowly grasping the fact that I am not S’s #1 anymore (S’s husband, Turtle, thinks we have been fighting a tie-break for the #1 position for 7 years at this point, but we all know who wins. S is just too politically correct to say it. And I get that because she lives with the Turtle, not me.). S and I used to spend every waking minute together—like the Kardashians. We have basically worked in the same office since 2007, live 15 minutes away from each other, are members of the same gym, etc. Nonetheless, the arrival of (the new) #1 has really put a damper on life (well, MY life) thus far and S has been married so long that I can’t get a lot of dating advice out of her because she has been out of The Game for nigh on a decade (Damn her for know exactly what she wants. All.The.Time.).
Consider this blog to be like Hannah Montana—the best of both worlds.
Love you. Mean it.
~the single gal~
The single gal is embellishing—except about me not being able to give sufficient dating advice to her. Now that I’m MWC I’ve decided to quit my glamorous (is it bad I just sang the Fergie song in my head to make sure I spelled that correctly?) job as an auto claims adjuster and stay home with #1. I’m still slowly navigating parenthood and I’m sure I will figure it out one day—like when #1 is 30 years old or something. But, just because I’m a housewife and have a child now does not mean I no longer remember to have fun, especially with the single gal. You better believe I got us tickets for the NKOTBSB concert in June for our fabulous 28th birthday celebration. The Turtle will be on single dad duty that night. What what?
The single gal and I really enjoy our crazy family even though they are just that- crazy with a capital C! The single gal and I love hanging out together and laugh when we watch people process us and then finally realize we’re probably twins. People still think twins are a complete freak of nature.
And, you know what? We really might be a freak of nature. But in a cool “Planet Earth”-HD kind of way.
~the housewife~
So…follow us, laugh with us, and feel free to share your comments. Seriously, our only hope is that we really are as funny as we think we are (and if you don’t think we are funny or you don’t like us, then you can keep that between yourself and Little Baby Jesus) and that we can one day have our own Louboutins like Kortney, Kim, and Khloe.

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