Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dress to Impress. And eat some protein for goodness sake.

Hi. I hope the Single Gal kept you entertained while the Housewife family was on vacation. Everything was wonderful with a few minor annoying details. Good news is #1 started walking while we were away. I mean, I guess it's good news. Someone asked me about it and I said, "Well either she's chasing me around the house or I'm chasing her."

We vacationed with Turtle's entire family and we had decent weather for most of the week. The only storm cloud seemed to be that certain family members didn't think we feed #1 enough protein and her pajamas were too small. I JUST bought her new 9 month pajamas people. I can't help that she is a little long for them in the feet and legs. I will take you to the baby store and show you the 12 month size that frankly looks like it's meant for a small giant. They are way too long for #1 right now. While I realize these comments were meant with love in their hearts I did get tired of the protein question by the 5th time it was mentioned. AGAIN. Over and over. Then the comment "I guess there are vegetarian babies out there" comes out.  Look, #1 just won't eat a lot of meat right now and generally the pediatricians say they get most of their proteins from the formula/milk. I'm not worried about it. Peace protein.

LOVED the beach. LOVED it. 

Back to the point of this post. The first birthday party is quickly approaching and I promised a sneak peak of the birthday girls attire. Again, it's not perfect but it's not too shabby for someone who didn't know how to sew a button on anything before making it. For real. Before I started sewing I mentally made a list of all the things I knew how to do. I can cut the grass, blow the driveway off, weed eat, and drive a five speed. (Obviously I can do more than that but I was thinking more of the "life skills" that I have.) I figured I was more suited to learn how to run a tractor than figure out how to use a sewing machine. But now I can sew. I clearly need to acquire more "housewife" like skills.

Ignore my dirty front door. 

There you have it. And can I get any shout outs for it not being pink??? I think the birds are darling. It reverses to polk a dots. She will probably have to wear some little white bloomers under it because the hem is a little shorter than I would like in the back but that's okay.

The sewing machine repair man called yesterday. Looks like it will cost more than what my vintage machine is worth to get it in good working order. Please send donations for a new sewing machine.

The Housewife

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