Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gear Up

Our weekly mileage is really creeping up into serious double digits these days. We will probably be looking at 30-40ish miles per week until a few weeks before the marathon. It's only right that we share some of the things we love that help us through those long (and sometimes short) workouts. I'm not going to post our specific running shoes for one reason; you need to be fit for the shoe that is good for YOU (no more picking shoes because they're pretty). We recommend going to a local running store that specializes in this and they can hook you up with shoes that are like running on clouds.

shoe that fits you

Again, everyone is different but if you're going long you need fuel. This would include a fuel belt and getting calories back into your body. I prefer a larger water bottle instead of four little tiny ones. That little bottle attached to it is to fill with gel (see below) so you don't have 400 gel packs and trash to get rid of while you are running. We certainly don't condone littering on this blog people. Save the planet. 
Nathan Elite Plus Fuel Belt

Power Bar Gel Strawberry Banana
This is our flavor of preference because I can't seem to stomach the Vanilla flavored ones at all.......or anything chocolate for that matter either. This flavor also has caffeine in it.........and who wouldn't like a hit of caffeine when you're running insane amounts of miles??? Also, when you buy these at the grocery store it never fails that the cashier will question what they are and what the heck they are for. 

Last but not least the infamous Nike Tempo Track Shorts are the go-to for us when we are out sweating to the oldies.  It's hot in Georgia most of the time and hey, you really need something that dries out fast if you sweat like we do!  These are awesome and worth the money.

And here's the PS for you. I won't explain it; I'll just let you figure it out. This is a must have product though. Trust me. 

Happy Running! What products do you love? Can't live without something? Let us know! Also, anyone know much or tried these Sweaty Bands headbands? We have read great reviews but still don't believe there is a headband out there this cute that doesn't slip!

~The Single Gal and The Housewife~

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