Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Fridays

I don't know about everyone else but I'm really enjoying the return of college football, cooler weather and seem to have a hankering to bake bake bake! I was very disappointed to discover that the grocery store wasn't stocking any canned pumpkin yet. I've been waiting to make some fabulous pumpkin bread but had to settle for banana bread.

Pumpkin Bread Courtesy of Simply Recipes 

I forgot how September is almost sports "overload" with the start of football, trying to keep up with the potential wild card teams for baseball and the US Open. I think my head was spinning from all of the activity last weekend. I know I should watch the news in the morning but it's just so depressing I have now defaulted to Mike and Mike on ESPN (Greene is so cute). 

I promise to put up #1's handmade dress soon. It's almost done. We've had some factory mechanical issues over here in the Housewife household but I'm holding strong on the winning end of them. I will be sending my beloved vintage girl off for some servicing TLC next week so she can be in tip top shape. Besides I am also itching to do a fall applique for her like this:

We need something cute to go to the pumpkin patch this year. We didn't make it last year since she was about two weeks old. I will preface this by the fact that I may have my friend help me who actually has an embroidery machine but my machine can applique too. I'm in love with my new hobby in case you didn't notice.

What's everyone else been up to? Are you enjoying the temperature dips and tailgating? Anyone running  more like the Single Gal and myself? We will be the first to tell you we are SO very glad about these awesome running temps for our early morning Saturday runs (followed by an iced coffee from Starbucks of course). I hope they stick around.

The Housewife


  1. Pumpkin anything rocks and anything to remind me that this hellish houston heat is almost over!!! YAY for fall and YAY for pumpkin.


  2. Also my blog is similar to yours only my BFF and I have two that are kind of meshed together. I am the married chick with no kids and she is the mom with another on the way. Total opposites. Makes blogs interesting. :)


  3. It does make blogs interesting JJ. Hope you are getting some heat relief like us.