Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whoa Baby(Lock)!

Christmas came early at the Housewife household this year! Well, for the Housewife at least. I have really been down since I took my sewing machine to the repair man and he did not deliver the best news. There was no point in repairing her. (Sigh.) So bless the Turtle he told me I could go ahead and get a sewing machine. He must have been tired of seeing me have the sads. In the world of sewing many of the machines go on sale in the fall because they are trying to make room for the new models. So I took #1 over to K-Woww's one day and ran some errands and was able to stop by the sewing place where a sweet old lady helped me find a machine. I introduce you to my BabyLock Grace........

Nickname: Stitch

She is a computerized baby and I love her. She is certainly not the top of the line but she is the middle of the pack. The great thing about where I purchased Stitch from is that if I decide to upgrade next year for any reason they will give me a credit for my trade in. It's very similar to car dealings. Who knew? Unfortunately for the Turtle I will now be unstoppable in my desire to buy patterns and fabric. I will get #1 in some things so you can see that I have some sewing skills. Well, at least some skills for someone who never took Home Ec and has mostly self-taught herself ("taught" equals experimenting and praying I don't make too huge of a mistake).

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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