Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I Want for Christmas- Housewife Edition

Christmas feels like it came too fast this year. I blame most of that on marathon tunnel vision and then post marathon blues. Really all I want for Christmas is for someone else to wipe off the high chair and highchair mat. To be able to go get my eyebrows threaded and get a mani/pedi. To go to Barnes and Nobel and walk around for an hour plus. I don't even care if I buy anything. I'll just get a coffee and go read magazines off the rack and put them back. I want to spend time with family and have mimosas for breakfast. But should you be looking for any last minute gifts I will give you my materialistic list. And was my best friend for toys and a few gifts. I don't know why anyone would want to go to Toys/BabiesRUs. I usually find better deals on toys on Amazon and we are Prime members- that means free two day shipping on almost any damn thing.

HD MakeUp Forever Foundation. Let's face it ladies. You get what you pay for in the makeup department. I want my foundation to last all day with minor powder touch up. I feel like I found my best color match with this line too. I ran out like a month ago.

If you're looking for any last minute gifts for the gal who loves make up in your life try You can sign someone up to receive great makeup samples once a month. You can do three months all the way up to a year. (I just think this is a good idea. I can assure you no one is sponsoring anything on this blog.)

I would love to find this book in my stocking. I've been resisting the purchase because it's something I want to start in January with the beginning of the new year. Anyone else intrigued? You can also check out the blog and follow the author on twitter- 

I could really use a nice pair of flats. I'm loving the look of these Marc Fischer Leopard ones.

I'm sure I will be getting some money for Christmas as well and I will be heading to Loft or J.Crew to purchase some much needed clothes. I have 6 pairs of jeans and hardly any tops to wear with them. I told the Turtle not to get me anything because I got my sewing machine a few months ago. But I am excited about what I got him this year. I think he might actually keep it and not return it. I'll fill you in later.

Hope y'all are done with your shopping and just have a heap to wrap like myself.

The Housewife

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