Friday, December 2, 2011

Random Pre-Race/Travel Ruminations

I'm trying not to freak out right now. Poor Single Gal. I mean, I've done two of these before and I'm just a step below a serious panic attack. I just now got on the computer to check in for my flight and successfully secured the last aisle seat available. Karma speaking already? Perhaps. Or is it fake out Karma like "ha ha, you think things are going well but they aren't." Only time will tell.

Did I mention that I have not even packed my suitcase yet? Nothing in it. I still need to shower and have not even settled on my "airport chic" look. Serious white girl problems going on here.

The good news is, The Single Gal and I love Las Vegas. Who doesn't get excited when all those damn strip lights come on? And they stay on until the sun comes up. Which is good because we are usually out until the sun comes up. Except for this trip. The partying happens after the race.

Oh, and I've never been away from #1 for this long before. I'm sure I can find some distractions though.

Can we talk about how much it's costing me to keep #1 in nice shoes? Even the ugly ones are $30 a piece.

I'm signing off for us until we get back. The Single Gal may be reporting from a far if she has time. You can always follow us on twitter @housewifeblogr  and @the_single_gal too.

Love to all who read (which is nobody but our stepmom probably) and wish us luck!!

The Housewife

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