Monday, July 14, 2014

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Right?

I'm back and interrupting regularly scheduled programming -- oh wait -- that would mean we have been blogging regularly.  (Jokes. I got 'em.)  Lucky for y'all I'm nursing a weird summer cold and decided to skip the gym since I sat at my desk with a hacking cough all day.  Clearly, the main reason for our scheduled interruption is to introduce you to our new family member and get you up to speed on my ever dwindling last year officially filing taxes as "single".  How is it that we are 5 months away from wedding day?! I need to register!!! 

Ok. Without further adieu I give you Arnold "Arnie" Palmer.  

Matt and I had a lot of discussions about another dog.  How long we should wait, what kind; etc.  Long talks at night.  Sometimes hard talks.  Clearly we can't bring back our beloved Hogan.  But after a lot of discussion and looking around we did decide that when we got another dog we would be adopting another boxer.  We have just had such a wonderful, wonderful experience with the breed.  We did go through Atlanta Boxer Rescue and we were really pleased with their organization and happy to contribute our adoption fee.  Many thanks to Arnie's foster mom -- she was completely amazing.  Note if you are interested in a boxer also check out their facebook page - it gets updated much more often and has lots of great info! 

I'm not going to mention any names...but someone has been a little bit sad about not being an only dog child anymore.  But it's only been a week and we have high hopes for our boys.  Arnie is incredibly sweet and well mannered.  Always a nice contrast to our loving yet sometimes high strung Rocky. 

In case you miss all my instagrams.  Trying to spice up office wear.  Mainly wondering if I could pass for a carnival worker or make it into an office meeting with this one? We have all the colors. 

We had a lovely 4th of July weekend and spent Sunday morning at E's house with babies for champagne and Wimbledon.  Housewife is the ultimate multi-tasker, no? 

Who can resist a baby in a bubble dress with a stuffed animal? 

After a super serious nap 4th of July weekend Matt and I managed to rouse ourselves, shower and get our asses out for dinner.  We had a fabulous dinner at our fave Vin 25 and the weather was just so perfect we walked down to Roswell Provisions for a tiny dessert. 

I've also been working super hard to make a neighborhood friend! The sweet girl down the street also has a pug -- Gizmo and we went on a double date to the food truck alley in Alpharetta last Thursday! 

Sad face because I vacuumed a lot on Saturday.  Apparently someone does not appreciate that since he got scared and had his first accident in the house on my watch.  

Made my first quiche this weekend! I loved it. I had 3 pieces today. 

We ended Sunday with a lot of patio hanging and grilling up some chicken as weekday dinner prep. 

I know that was a lot.  I'll try not to be gone so long. I think I'm finally getting a bit used to my new schedule, am a full-fledged audio book addict, got my last few save the date cards mailed and I've managed to get the house back under control and cleaned up.  July has been a success so far.  

Love you. Mean it! 

the engaged gal

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