Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Review

I kept telling myself I would blog this week but things got kind of crazy when my sweet neighbor went into labor early Wednesday morning.  This matters because both her and her husband don't have family close by and they asked me to let the dogs out when her time came.  Cue me being pretty late leaving for work through Friday morning. Thankfully we are still in summer traffic season here in Atlanta so I wasn't actually late for work any day.   Had a pretty chill work week but felt stressed and irritable for some reason so that will explain the giant photo of Pinkberry lunch below.  It just seemed totally necessary for survival by Friday afternoon. 

Gus and Gizmo.  My babies for the week! I pretty much want to steal that little black pug.  Not even going to lie. 

Originally planned for a Saturday lunch with Elise but after looking at the rain report we decided to run up to JCT Bar after work Friday night for some angry mussels and fries.  We had long chats over rosé and walked around Westside Provisions and even had our first Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams treat.  

We walked around Star Provisions to window shop and peeked into that pesky Bacchanalia which killed me a lot inside because GOOD LORD I want to eat there so badly! It was a super nice evening and not too crowded I think because there was a 30% chance of rain -- which of course meant a nice breeze on the patio.  It did rain but we were there early enough to get one of the tables under cover on the back patio of the bar.  It was a super night with my wonderful friend.  She makes me laugh hysterically on the reg.  I only wish my wit were as sharp as hers. 

I'm still really trying to save money but finally gave in to replacing two of my throw pillows because the yellow and gray silky ones from Target were full of coffee/drink spills and dog drool.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I kind of feel like Chevron is played out but these were pretty much my only option after several trips to Homegoods the last few weeks.  It's not like Domino Mag is coming to shoot my town home anytime soon so I just bit the bullet in the name of cleanliness.  Also - don't look too closely at the Ikea sofa that so clearly needs to be replaced judging from the ALL THE STAINS on the cushions.  Le sigh. 

This morning Matt and I actually slept until 7:30.  I walked the dogs and then got back in bed to watch The Open with him under the covers until we dragged ourselves downstairs around 9 to make breakfast and coffee.  This NEVER happens.  It was soooooo nice.  I never allow myself to lay in bed -- there just always seems like there is too much on my list to complete before heading back to work. 

As far as the photo -- I know you like that butter wrapper in the pic right? It's Sunday -- my preferred cooking/baking day of the week so I jumped up and made some blackberry scones this morning.  Wow.  I could sit down and slowly eat through all of them today alone.  Grabbed the recipe here -- note I cook everything with almond milk these days so I subbed that in where the recipe called for regular milk.  Also, don't freak out about smushed blackberries because hey -- what can you really do about that when trying to roll out your dough? 

Happy Sunday! What are you up to? Baking? Reading? Nothing? 

~the engaged gal~

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