Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Registry

I had to get my life together the last few weeks and get some wedding stuff done.  The florist has been paid in full, I finally got my last few Save the Date cards out, an address list out to my sister for our Friday night event pre-wedding, set a shower date, and I started our registry.  First -- let me say how much I love the age of the internet.  I set up a Macy's registry and linked it with the My Registry website without even getting up from the kitchen table. Amazing.  I think that it made it enjoyable.   I did decide to go with the "My Registry" website because I could pick and choose from a lot of different places and they all go to one main registry.  I like that a lot better than trying to find EVERYTHING at two stores.  

As far as the registry goes -- does anyone have any suggestions/things the wish they had registered for but they didn't? I am wanting to put some small home decor items on my list, fine china, and don't need a ton of kitchen/bar/glasses.  But then again maybe we should replace some things.  I'm just trying to really streamline this into stuff we really need and also want.  

I was agonizing over a china pattern for what seemed like forever but finally settled on Kate Spade Parker Place.  I really am into black and white and think it will allow me to just change out some salad and app plates later on if I feel bored with it or need a change. It's really hard to see in the pic but the accent color is mint for this set.    

We also made a cash fund because Matt cannot stop talking about wanting a Big Green Egg for the back yard to grill with.  

Even though our event is small it's exciting to think that people love you enough to get you a few nice things for the house.  

~the engaged gal~


  1. So fun! I vote replace a few things-- it took us years to finally replace the pots and pans that I bought when I was 23. And I might be waaaaay behind (very likely), but you called him Matt! He has a name!

  2. Our nice pots and pans were an amazing gift - def throw those on there!