Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quick Check in + Beach Pics

I think everyone is getting consumed with finalizing the start of fall schedules and school related activities, at least for us. A quick weekend getaway with my best girls (and my littlest girls) was just what the doctor ordered. I taped up my wounds with a dozen water resistant patches and bandaids and we went to the beach despite a rainy forecast. The weather was wonderful. 

While we were gone No. 1 and Turtle had a super fun filled weekend...which also included No. 1 playing and breaking two fingers on her left hand. Someone was obviously jealous of all the time Mom and Dad (two stress fractures) have spent with orthopedics this year. We had a temporary cast for a week until we could see the doctor. I'm absolutely sure with the way the physicians assistant, resident and orthopedic were enamored with No. 1's personality that she was a highlight of their day Monday. We opted for a cast for two weeks which had to be red and glitter. She could have worn a splint but they said she would have to be diligent about keeping it on. Naturally, the cast was the better option. 

The Housewife 

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