Friday, August 1, 2014


Housewife reporting in post surgery. I had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel release on my right hand/arm last Thursday. I absolutely feel that I'm recovering well at this point, however, I really miss being able to pick up the twins. I've found two girls, "nannies" if you will, to help me during the week while Turtle is at work. It's super weird, in case you were wondering. I guess because I don't have anything to do?!? The girls love them. Essentially, I've become a true real housewife. I hate it. Glad I have found some good day time sitters for now though. 

I had a lot of insomnia and anxiety pre-surgery. Funnily enough, once surgery was over it was as if I had taken a permanent Xanax or something. I am still doing what I can around the house. I'm not completely helpless. I can't get my stitches out until Monday. Ermegahd my elbow is so very itchy. I only took three hydro codon pills the day of surgery (one the morning after). That stuff was starting to make me hallucinate. Flushing those crazy things. 

Things were relatively relaxed until yesterday morning when No. 1 woke up with a sore throat and vomiting. Since I have the "nanny" I was able to quickly whisk her out the door to the doctor and we received a negative strep culture test and a prescription for Zofran. Seriously? Zofran for a three year old. Even though we were vomit free for the rest of the day any medication that "May cause drowsiness" actually causes the opposite in No. 1. Leading me to believe next time my day would be better spent cleaning up vomit than dealing with a human pinball. Cross your fingers my favorite nanny will actually come back next week. 

True to my normal self I will be possibly violating doctors orders and taking a girls trip, with the twins, to Savannah. Yes, we are going to attempt to camp out at the beach Saturday.....with the twins. Good thing we are visiting Little A, the pharmacist, because she is bringing me cast covers to swelter in. Maybe it will shrink my arm? Single Gal was not sure she could come but 3 Putt said she she go because he was just going to have to take her out to dinner Saturday night and she might as well spend that in gas to come with us. Em is going to drive us in my van so I can rest my arm. I'm so excited this is happening. 

I should be a little more chin up next week after my post-op appointment with my doctor. Anxious to get back to the gym and start my PT. Sorry this was so long....starved for adult interaction this week maybe? I'm thankful we were able to find great help this week, our kids have been well taken care of and we have been well fed. I'm extremely thankful to have friends in my life who put up with me dragging my children on our girls weekends, even more so because I'm injured and can't fully care for them so they will. 

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