Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it! I'll try to keep it short and sweet with the Friday Five today. 

1. I'm going through a true revolution mentally with my time.  About two weeks ago I got tired of hearing myself say "I'm so busy" or "This week is just really busy".   How am I almost 32 years old and realized this is just life?  All these things I am categorizing as "keeping me busy" or tied down were just part of life.  Then it sort of hit me that I don't want to refer to all the stuff I do daily or weekly to be busy items.  And you guys -- I'm not even lying or trying to hard to be cool when I say that it has really changed me and my daily outlook.  It is a lot more positive and for someone who gets stressed out really easily removing "the busy" has gained me an incredible amount of freedom.  This week has been a little harder than the last due to a full calendar but I am stopping myself from using the B word when it pops into my brain.  My world is new.  TRY IT. 

2. Matt and I went to The Masters on Wednesday.  It is so rare that we get a day together like this with no other obligations, neither one of us is at work, etc.  We had an amazing day. This was me before my makeup melted off.

p.s. they will not allow cell phones in Augusta National and the only allow pictures Monday - Wednesday.  We had quite a laugh digging out my actual digital camera and I forgot how good the pictures can be! 

3.  Last week I had Craigslist success stalking a mid-century dresser.  Paid a little more for it than I wanted (still less than asking) but the guy was literally only 10 minutes from my house and I have searched Goodwill and the list for what seems like eternity to find a dresser in this condition.  I was just ready to commit.  Note this is my "under construction/storage area" guest room. Don't look for many updates anytime soon. :/

4. I'm finally forming my vision for the guest room and these euro shams are speaking to me. Too bad it may be a while before I can splurge.  They are of course, out of stock (and freaking $75 each) right now -- which is pretty true for most things I find that I actually like.  Sad face. 

5.  I get so many audio books at the library now for my commute -- but then I get really into them and want to listen at the gym, at home, etc.  Of course I can put them in my DVD player at home but what about the gym? I could kill some cardio with them.  

Y'all -- I am really considering bringing back the Discman. They legit still sell them and I could Amazon Prime that little guy right to my house by Monday.  Matt has basically told me he is completely ashamed to be seen with me for even thinking about this. 

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