Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Year Down...

One day we will update our blog header because it's really misleading now since we are 32...oops! (Who has the time?) I promise we aren't trying to play tricks on people.  We rang in 32 a week ago today.  Many things have changed, but some things stay the same.  Like your best girls making a trip to hang at the pool.  The Housewife (can't wait to share many more birthdays with you!).  I hosted our small birthday cookout with friends and family last Saturday -- it made the day a little hectic but I have been trying my hand at entertaining a little more this year especially since I'm devoting so much of my time to sprucing up the backyard.  I even allowed myself to buy groceries (sans any coupons) at Whole Foods because I wanted everything to be just right for our pizza cookout and it was my birthday.  It proved to be expensive but exhilarating.  It doesn't hurt that Matt is super into the Big Green Egg and we are having a lot of fun cooking. I have to thank Matt and his Dad for putting up with me and moving our kitchen table out into the back yard and back into the house when it started to rain a bit late into the evening.  

I don't think 32 looks all that different from 31 (Except coming into it with a new last name!).  I will say that post-marriage Matt and I have been doing all the grown up things lately.  Talking and working more with retirement goals. Purchasing life insurance.  Having "Make a Will" on your To Do List seems kind of crazy! My head is filled with thoughts of re-financing the Tiny Affordable Town Home (TATH). Adulting.  It's a thing. 

If you told me I would be obsessed with trying to keep my few outdoor plants alive and spending a lot of time and energy staying healthy 10 years ago I really would have laughed.  There is so much to enjoy about being young and in your twenties, but I have to say that things get better with age.  There is so much comfort to just being myself that I did not have at that time in my life.  I don't really see this part of my life as "settling down" so much as settling into myself.  There is definitely a great happiness and security here. 

~the married gal~

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