Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday

{ Not really five because blogger does not work well with the iPad. It won't allow me to place my cursor below the sunscreen. It's attitude is iWont. }

I pulled the trigger on the Uber Clutch from GiGi New York with my birthday money. They are having some specials right now if you have been eyeing them. (Just search any fashion blog and I'm sure you can find the code. I think it's FRIENDS15 and no I don't get anything from links.) Also, might be free customization this weekend but I'm not sure when the Friends and Family ends. I chose the black pebble leather and added my monogram. 
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This article on happiness. 

Any Moms out there looking for a decent show their kids can watch check out Amazon Prime's original series Tumble Leaf. It's more on the educational side, with the characters figuring things out on their own and then discussing what worked and what didn't when problem solving. I know, television is the devil, but this Mom needs to get dinner on the table and potty trained twins. 

This sunscreen is my go-to during the summer. It's not greasy, provides good coverage and seems to last while the kids swim. I get mine off Amazon, however, my Dad found this at a Publix in Florida. It's the only thing that keeps my kids faces from burning. I picked up some Honest Company sunscreen from Costco a few weeks ago and it is just okay. I mainly dislike that the formula is so greasy. It feels like I have just slathered lard on my kids.

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