Sunday, June 28, 2015

Checking In

It has really not my intention to be so far away from this little place of the internet that I do really like  -- but it's kind of the busiest time of year other than December at the office.  I worked just about 50 hours this past week.  It doesn't seem like that much more than a regular 40 hour work week but trust me when I say that it's really kind of crazy.  I almost logged in today but I decided that all can wait until Monday -- I am working towards not overdoing it with ALL THE THINGS since my husband will tell you I cried ALL THE TEARS the weekend before this one.  I'm not a machine.  So I'm doing ALL THE THINGS I LIKE this weekend and also checking in here. 

  • I am still really into barre workouts lately - this video is a killer for your legs and I've also had a lot of fun with Jessica Smith TV on You Tube.  Are we not all thankful for free things like this on the internet? It's amazing to me. 
  • Ever since starting to eat according to Macros I've become addicted to finding protein sources -- Quest Bars are my jam forever. Thanks Amazon Prime for mailing them all so quickly! 
  • The Housewife has been feeding me books lately and we really loved this one from Melanie Shankle who write the Big Mama blog. Great book about friendship and I think you would all love it. Ok, Ok -- the dudes may not be up for this one but STILL. 
  • I also need to let you know that I'm like one summer away from being a master gardener because I have managed to keep a ton of plants alive so far this year on my porch and back patio -- aka rosebushes and ferns aka things that are pretty much impossible to kill if you just keep watering them. (We won't talk about my little lavender plant that is struggling and the shrub by the front door that has been here since I moved in and is suddenly dead all over in a matter of one day...)
  • JCrew is having a sale so awesome I actually strayed from eBay.  Super surprised at how far my $57 took me! I got a bathing suit for $12! It's bright orange but I thought it would be fun when we go to Vegas.  
  • The first half of this year I have been working to better my soul and give it more Jesus -- I have been going to Revolution Church  (ok I was streaming the service a lot but now I really do get up and get my behind out there Sunday mornings) with The Housewife and I have found such a good home there. 
Ok...I swore I was going to work out now. Hope we haven't dissolved our lovely little following with lack of posts! 

~the married gal~

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