Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's the Final Countdown

No. It's not really the finally countdown but the Single Gal and I are in the final throws of marathon training. It's not pretty. We are whiny bitches at this point, seriously. In reality since we only run 3 days a week and occasionally 2 days depending on how far our long run is for the week there are only maybe 10 running days left in the plan. But it's almost 10 runs too much. We started base training in June. (That's the training you do BEFORE the "real" training.) Not that it wasn't great for the Housewife because I'm pretty sure I've lost some mad inches. I haven't weighed myself in forever and I'm okay with that because I have some slouchy jeans that basically fall off of me. Sometimes I'm afraid if I wear them in public I might be ticketed for them being too low off my waist. Like this. 
Yo Dog! Was up?

I found a really funny picture of a girl with her jeans hanging off but it was borderline pornographic in my opinion and we don't totally support that here. A little too much plumber butt for my taste. I got my new pair of marathon shoes to break in before the big day and some new running socks. I'm not sure if we covered the socks in our gear post but dry fit socks are a must have. 

The Single Gal and I are also on the detox train pre-race day. (Except for coffee.....that would just be dumb. Obvi.) We are off the drinking train until race day. (Only I cheated and had one glass of wine last night. Ugh......confession. Maybe the Single Gal won't read this.) So I'm starting over again today. The Turtle peer pressured me. I'm weak. And it really sucks that detox is during football season....especially when Alabama is going to play LSU next week. Only I won't be able to stay awake after running our last 20 miler and attending something for 4 hours immediately after that. 

PS.- Anyone else panicking about Holiday shopping yet? (I'm raising my hand.)

The Housewife

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