Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday List

As The Housewife and I approach the big 28 (read: inch that much closer to death thirty) I thought I would do the world a favor and post some prezzies I'm very intersested in receiving for my birthday.  I know times are tough and the economy is a real bitch, so I will of course be accepting love and undying admiration from my family and the general public as well.  We all know I will probably buy these fun items for myself eventually anyway...

1. The Longchamp - I've wanted one for so long! This one is my current favorite - the large Le pliage. 

2. The Kindle -- I finally gave into technology, even though I will always love the feel of a real book.  These are just too cool and instant tolive without! Even more awesome--the new price of $114! 

3. All gift cards to the make-up mecca, Sephora will gladly be accepted. 

A few other things on my wish list--to see all my loves ones, have a fabulous brunch sometime in June, a fabulous dinner in the city, all the fro-yo my heart desires, and to celebrate the entire month of June without judgement. 

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