Monday, May 2, 2011

Rocky didn't have a gym in Russia. He just had snow, a big log, a dog sled and some boulders.

The Single Gal and I are big Rocky fans by the way. You heard me.

I feel like I might as well be a contestant for the Biggest Loser right now. It seems like each time I get into a  good rhythm of working out then I have a week where I can't get anything in at all. I need to get my big  ass into gear. The Single Gal and I have signed up to run the Las Vegas Marathon on December 4th. I have run two marathons and several half marathons but I was in the best running shape I've been in prior to getting pregnant with #1. Now it feels like I'm having to make a come back from the dead. You heard me, the living dead. I have lost almost all of those pesky pregnancy pounds but lets face it......everything has shifted and is mushy. I could shove a burrito down Miranda Kerr's throat.....miss "three months post birth and I'm back on the runway for Victoria Secret." Vomit. Double Vomit for good measure.

So I got outside yesterday and pounded pavement for an almost 4 mile run from my house yesterday. I wanted to cop out and go to the gym and use the treadmill to be truthful. However, I can basically be done with a workout by the time I get to the gym and get halfway through the run on a wimpy treadmill if I just run from home. It was hot. It's hilly. I have to dodge cars and run by some pretty scary Rottweiler pooches. The Rottweiler's are in a fence but I'm still not very comfortable about my ability to out run them should the situation arise. Oh, and did I mention I'm a little wary of snakes this time a year? I ran by a dead one in the road. Great.

I'm glad I ran outside even though it was tough and about the hottest part of the day. I'm glad because that's what separates me from the couch potatoes. That's what gets me one step closer to being tough like Mirinda Carfrae. (I could leave her hair style but her body..........yes, please.) But I'm guessing she works pretty hard at that, like it's her job........wait, it really is her job.

If you need me I'll be trying to channel Rocky.....maybe I'll be using an ax to cut some more trees in the yard down.

The Housewife

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