Sunday, May 15, 2011

Incommunicado. And is it Holy Water or Holy Sh*t?

That's right. The Single Gal is out of the country and in essence we are incommunicado. This is a rare occurrence for us. It's not that we have to see each other everyday but we email constantly and could potentially have up to three phone calls on any given day. I miss her; perhaps it's just our "twin-ness" which renders each of us like this. She's the Lavern to my Shirley, the Monica to my Rachel....we're our own wolf pack. She did email me from a potentially shady internet cafe on Thursday of this week and all is well with the beach bum.

She is a bum because I told her she left me in my time of need. My need for having to shop for an outfit for #1's baptism next weekend by myself. I don't really HAVE to have her with me. I mean, I'm perfectly capable of shopping on my own but her opinion and assistance is appreciated. She certainly shops a lot more than me. (We'll address her internet shopping addiction habit one day.) I just had to settle for the opinion of the LOFT associate in the dressing room. Hopefully she told me the truth. The Turtle took over wrangling #1 yesterday morning so I could go out and browse the bookstore with a coffee and then get a new outfit and some espadrilles. I mean wrangle literally because she is crawling and pulling up constantly now. There is no more sitting contently and playing with surrounding toys. Bottom line is she can no longer be trusted.

This kind of outing is just usually something the Single Gal and I do together. A chance to browse the bookstore, catch up on the girl talk and find something cute to add to our closets. I'm definitely ready for her to be home again........or at least in a place where we can be "communicado" again. (That's the opposite of incommunicado, right? Ok, ok, so I made up a word. I'm allowed.)

I need her back to keep my sanity in line for this circus, I mean the baptism. This event looked really good on paper and now that it's about to come to fruition the Turtle and I are not sure what the heck we were thinking. Simple logistics were probably not thought about in any serious detail. Like trying to decide where 50 adults would even fit at the same time in our house much less have a place to sit down and eat. But we're trying to be creative and here's hoping it's successful and there is not a drop of rain next Sunday.

So if you need me I'll be chasing around Godzilla baby and trying not to drive myself crazy about the masses of people coming to my house next week.

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