Thursday, May 19, 2011

Neil Diamond knows best, for the Monkees and for me.

I thought it was time for a cloth diaper update. You know, for all of our Internet stalkers. (Only kidding and by that I mean we WISH we had stalkers.) I'll put it in the words of Neil; "I'm in love, I'm a believer." I have seriously been converted into a cloth diaper obsessive compulsive freak. If you don't believe me just ask my husband (the Turtle).

We have not had any blowouts or leaks with these diapers and so far I've found they don't make #1 sleep any worse than putting a 12 hour Pampers Baby Dry diaper on her. She can absolutely make it 12 hours in a cloth diaper that I double the inserts in. The one thing I did do is beg the Turtle to get me a hybrid diaper as a Mother's Day gift. It doesn't really bother me to go out with the FuzziBunz pocket diapers. If there's a dirty diaper I just bag it up like I would a wet diaper and take it home and rinse it later. No big deal. But I do take #1 to the gym a good bit during the week and this child loves to do it up right in the car on the way over. Doesn't matter if she just had the biggest dirty diaper on the planet before we leave. So I got a GroVia Hybrid One Size diaper cover and some chlorine-free biodegradable inserts that you just stick inside. When the diaper needs to be changed you just unstick the insert, put another one in and throw it away. (I feel better knowing this insert will actually biodegrade by the end of this year....unlike a regular disposable diaper.) I just wash the diaper cover with all the other diapers when I do a load. Perfect. You can also get some snap in cotton inserts for these as well (which I plan on getting).


I can absolutely tell a difference in the amount of trash our household produces. It is significantly less and that makes me happy. I do not mind the extra laundry load every other day for the diapers. (If you have more diapers then you don't have to do it as often but I only have 12.) Also, my wet bag has never smelled as bad as my diaper pail. Not even close. The Turtle has not had any trouble transitioning and he also prefers cloth to disposables as well. He even went with me to a hippie event. We participated in The Great Cloth Diaper Change around Earth Day. It was interesting to say the least. I'll save that story for another day.

I know Neil intended for the secret meaning of these lyrics to be: "Cloth rules and disposables drool Housewife. Be a believer."

PS- I seem to have a iMac handicap so humor me and click on the links until the Single Gal can tutor me in her wizard ways of making photo magic happen on this blog. I'm 50/50 in this department.

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