Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a jam-packed 3 day weekend for this Single Gal--what about y'all?!

To start, it was totally worth every little bit of sleep I lost to get up early and watch the Royal Wedding with The Housewife and Little Ashlie! It was amazing.  The Housewife was very well researched and fed us tons of stats during the initial viewing.  You would have thought she worked for CNN Friday morning.  Also, if I am being honest, I have probably watched a few re-runs of the entire event at some point this weekend.

The dress was perfect.  The kiss was perfect. 

I don't know how Kate looked so relaxed.  Cheers to the Duke and Duchess!

I got to see one of my best, most fabulous, and funny friends Elise later that night for patio drinks at a lovely place in Atlanta--JCT Kitchen.  The upstairs bar menu is different than the dinner menu I usually partake in downstairs which was a nice change. (Check out our Tumblr for obsessive photos of Royal Wedding stuff and a great hispstamatic of Friday night's patio view!) We also enjoyed steak tartar with my old roomie Chip who stopped by.  The weather was perfect and Elise seriously stalked a great patio table for us. I was a bit late due to the round of golf I played with Big J and P after the Royal Wedding viewing but I rallied and had a great evening full of laughter.

I stayed close to home on Saturday--except for a trip to the vet and a visit with The Housewife and #1.  I am trying to learn to relax and just go with the flow of things and Saturday was an exercise in this area for sure.   It's just so hard for me to not want to know the next step of everything in my life and to not plan every minute out.  I am trying to work more for living in the moment, but find this makes me nervous--in a good and a bad way. Great BBQ,  great company, and fro-yo were Saturday highlights!

Sunday Funday consisted of brunch at a very quaint cottage off of Peachtree and Piedmont in the city.  Except we had seriously terrible service!!!! I will never go back--which is sad, because their quaint little house and patio for this restaurant were so beautiful!!!!  Y'all--we sat at our table for probably 40 minutes before anyone finally made an effort to bring us the drinks we ordered.  Drinks. Not food.

Browsed a Borders going out of business in Atlanta and bought more books which was super fun.  This makes a grand total of 3 books purchased this weekend making my "to read" pile on my nightstand ridiculously tall. I need to get to work so I can conquer the totem poll of books sitting beside me. Like, tonight. Like, right now...

Love you. Mean it.

~the single gal~

p.s. Vacay is in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!! So. Ready. For. Punta. Cana.

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