Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buckhead Betty

Whew. I think I am finally recovering from the weekend--yes, I know it’s Wednesday. You will all be excited to know that it was full of fun stuff for The Housewife AND The Single Gal.  I was a great little Buckhead Betty--I practically lived right in the middle of the lovely city of Atlanta this weekend. 

Let’s start off with tons of well wishes and a big “Congratulations” to our sweet, beautiful cousin and her new husband on their marriage! The whole family got together for the big celebration.  I stayed at the Four Seasons in Atlanta for the first time and it was beautiful.  Great service and great rooms--and everything right at our fingertips. Rehearsal dinner at The Capital City Club, ceremony at Peachtree Christian Church, and reception at Ansley Golf Club. Then I topped off my classiness with a trip to Phillips to see Britney Spears for good measure. You know, to bring me back to real life. 

I thought I’d share some fun tidbits about the evening with you--you know, things I found to be humorous.  And some pictures! 

(From Left to Right: Baby, Me, P, and The Housewife)

-First--my parents just booked one room for us which I requested so we could share the cost.  They book the one type of room The Four Seasons gave you the wedding rate for--so what do I see when I roll in? One king size bed. And a chaise lounge.  I ask my parents about this--Dad says he will sleep on the chaise (all 6 feet and 4 inches of the man).  Really? I tell Dad I will take the floor and that they are fired from any future planning of acommodations. 

-As I am exiting the giant bus that was our mode of transportation to the church and to the reception in my heels and dress that would have exposed some part of my body were the wind to blow in the right direction, I jokingly tell P not to laugh if I fall out of the bus. Except--I pretty much did.  Large bruise on my forearm and boy would I have had the sads if I fell out and crushed the 5-piece Kate Spade place setting that was LB’s wedding gift. 

-Much to my parents delight some stranger asked me to dance at the wedding (because that means we will be BF and GF from one dance...wait...).  I was a few adult bevs into the night and no one else asked except Big J (Dad) so I conceded.  He was okay and almost tall. I specifically ask said guy that we dance deep in the middle of the crowd to get away from my parents.  He didn’t really listen.  So we dance a bit. Then he says, “Um...was that your mom that just took a picture of us?”.  Yeah.  Yeah that’s her.  (I mean, that’s not embarrassing at all, right?)

-Reception was wonderful! Lots of dancing with the Sissies and all around great quality time with all my cousins, aunts, and uncles.

(Big J and P. They clean up nice!)

-So, after the bus takes us back some of my cousin’s and I go out on the town.  We hit up an Irish Pub place (why are these everywhere now?) and then we head back to hang out at the hotel.  When we were in my cousin’s suite I discover he has a sofa bed that will pull out--awesome sauce.  I found a bed.  I trot up to the 12th floor to give Big J the good news.  

Big J is sleeping on the chaise, has the desk chair placed at the end as an extension because his legs are so long, and is covered up with his tuxedo bag. I wake him up to tell him that I am going to sleep in my cousin’s room and that he can get into bed.  This is when he says to me, “You don’t have to tell me where you’re going. I will see you tomorrow.” I don’t know what is more disturbing, that Dad thinks I would shack instead of stay with them or that he was seemingly giving me his blessing to do so. 

I had a definite hangover and only got 5 hours of sleep at the most Saturday night.  Brunch at Buckhead Diner didn’t do much to help me feel better, but the fried chicken/biscuits/gravy were still amazing.  AND....Then I was back in the city again to meet some of the girls for dinner and drinks before the Britney Spears concert.  I mustered the energy for one beer and part of a vodka tonic. It just wasn’t happening.  But the show was super fun and the whole weekend was perfect which meant I was positively glowing on Monday morning despite being so tired I could have slept at my desk.

~the single gal~

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