Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taking Care of Business

This is really a post about taking care of yourself and how it's big business. I generally consider myself someone who exercises, eats somewhat decently and tries to wear sunscreen 24/7 even in the winter (at least on my face). But the older I get I realize it is really important to take care of yourself. Women don't age well like least not without some beauty rituals. I'm not talking about going under the knife. It's really not fair that men are like bottles of wine and we are like cheese or crackers. We get stale.

I've been trying to get more sleep, use more moisturizer/sunscreen, take my vitamins, eat better, drink more water and less alcohol and exercise. Do any of you have any rituals to stay young and healthy? I don't know but I'm terrified of looking like Marysol's mother from Real Housewives of Miami.

If you think that's scary here mug shot is below:

This housewife does not want to end up looking like that. I wish I could also find a picture of her wearing floral socks with her peep toe heels. Bizarre.

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